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URGENT: C++ program can't read text file/text file content of user-defined file name
Need help with our final program for the semester. If I create a student record and open it in t...
[17 replies] Last: Thanks for correcting me jlb. Guess I was too tired to give some quali... (by kenrim626)
Windows 95 simplest network card to emulate?
I'm planning to include some network support for my emulator (running DOS/Win95). Anyone knows what ...
[1 reply] : Without knowing your requirements I'd recommend the Ne2000 as a starti... (by jlb)
developing a programming language
Good morning everybody. I´ll ask a question that I don´t know if it sounds a rude or an arrogant o...
[2 replies] Last: A good place to start is the Bison manual: (by helios)
Virtual Pet Game Feed-Back
I made the following game. If your pet is older than 10 years old he will die because of his age an...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for the idea. Yes, that will make the game less predictable ... (by Victor89)
Program Help. Flag controlled loop.
I've been struggling with this and can't seem to figure it out. I'm supposed to use a flag controlle...
[1 reply] : It seems that you need to set your flag to false when your hours value... (by mutexe)
Multiplying Binary
[2 replies] Last: Original post: I am trying to implement an algorithm for multiplying... (by iHutch105)
by iver1
file i/o
Hi All, I am trying to make a program that will convert a list of binary numbers from a file into ...
[4 replies] Last: What do you mean by differentiate? Just read into a variable called, s... (by Zhuge)
[2 replies] Last: Really bugs me when people delete original posts. Original post: I ... (by iHutch105)
Beginner Exercise Code Help
I'm trying to complete this exercise: Requires: variables, data types, and numerical operator...
[2 replies] Last: Your loop is messed up. for (count= 0; count < numPeople; count++) /... (by fabtasticwill)
m_sName-- character array shall be 128 bytes How do i create a character array that has 128 byte...
[1 reply] : char m_sName ; // Don't forget the terminating 0 (maybe +1) ... (by coder777)
I have been struggling to read a certificate in windows store from C++ DLL, but its not happening. f...
[1 reply] : One rough idea would be that the dll doesn't have the same level of se... (by coder777)
Help with a function that brings in a stream object
Hey everyone, I need help with a program I'm writing for my C++ class and I'm totally stuck. I'm s...
[5 replies] Last: Yes, exactly that. (by maeriden)
VGA vs MDA/CGA/EGA I/O compatibility?
How compatible is the VGA with the older cards, when looking at I/O ports (Looking at the different ...
[3 replies] Last: The older software, if it is supposed to work for an CGA, EGA, or MDA-... (by Duoas)
C++ Proxy
Hi. I would like to make a c++ proxy, but I have no idea where to start. I know most web browsers us...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks. (by fabtasticwill)
do while/looping help!
Im having trouble adding the looping in my program. I have here like an MRT ticketing machine but I ...
[2 replies] Last: Filipino. :) :) :) yohohohoho.. Read a lot about do-while loop, or ... (by jemeripol)
[HELP] Parsing string to recognize Trigo Functions
Hi guys, I need your help badly. how do I create a function that can understand trigonometric...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks for the reply Spectral.. :) Appreciated your help. although I'... (by jemeripol)
Need Help
ok so i did a program that will take the number of hours worked in a week annd the number of depende...
[1 reply] : What are the errors? also, please use code tags. (by fabtasticwill)
trying to type a loop
I'm pretty new to programming, so any help or advice I can get is awesome. I have an assignment to ...
[4 replies] Last: I think that's whats messing up the program. (by fabtasticwill)
Help me with something
I was asked: Write a program that calculates the cost of painting a room. Ask the user for the num...
[1 reply] : you initialized paint area after you did the math. It executes from to... (by fabtasticwill)
Insane Amount of Class/Header File Related Errors
I can't figure this out. Here's my class/header, and Visual studio Output. Injection point/i...
[2 replies] Last: Oh! For goodness sake! Thank you. It's running great now. :D (by SeeRizzle)
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