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Problem about getting the number greater than the average
#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int k,num,sum=0,GreaterNO=0; double average;...
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Testing auto feature on C++11
Hi friends, Am trying to test this new 'auto' feature on C++11 version. Here is my problem: ...
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Multi Tasking
Windows can keep track of multiple programs at once. How can you emulate something like this in C++?...
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by gudeh
Sites communication, Sockets and Win32 API
Hi there, I saw a post here from 2008 where a guy asked: "how to get data from internet?".(http://ww...
[1 reply] : Should I use sockets or this thing about API? Use sockets. But you d... (by kbw)
Int, long int, and string
I have a simple question that im not sure of. When do we know when to use int, long int, and string....
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by Niven
A* Search keeps crashing
I'm attempting to implement A* search in one of my programs, but everytime I run it, it crashes. Rel...
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Access Reading Violation
Im working on a BST homework, and I have been doing alright, but I keep running into this error that...
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for loop help
I have this for loop that does this: let say n = 8 and node = 4 n: id: 0 1 2 3 0 ...
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Calculate variance in C++?
I am using the valarray function to take the numbers in myarray, and subtract them from the mean to ...
[1 reply] : Why can't you just myarray -= mean; ? Then print it, and then use it ... (by Duoas)
How to read files inside a folder using the value from another input file
Hi. I am currently doing my assignment and it requires me to open a folder, read a file, and then op...
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Puzzled about virtual function using in pthread
Hello. I write a job class base to do some background work using pthread, but I encounter some stran...
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Rehashing the Matrix
Hey guys, I'm new here so forgive me if I'm doing this wrong. I have this assignment where I hav...
[1 reply] : Here is the source code for the class #ifndef SPARSEMATRIX_H #define... (by theguy920)
by tcmn
returning the number of elements in a list
I am given an array with n elements but need to write a function where it returns n-1 elements. Do I...
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Need help with age finding program.
The problem is that I need to figure out the user's birthday in months, days, hours, and minutes fro...
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confusion about reference and pointer
int myvar = 5; int * ptr = & myvar; int & rfr = myvar; void funS(int Spar){}; void funP(int * ...
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Assigning Random Value
Hey guys, here is my issue. As shown in the code below, I'm using getline, and stringstream to assig...
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Interesting use of auto to make a foreach macro
I thought I'd display my fun use of the new C++11 auto keyword to create a compile time foreach. I...
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by bw119
outputting a partially filled array onto a text file
I have a partially filled array and I want to put that into a text file. Say I don't know how partia...
[1 reply] : You're going to have to determine how many entries are in the array. ... (by AbstractionAnon)
Initializing static member just once throughout
Here I'm trying to initialize PersonFactory::ethnicSurnames just once for the entire run of the prog...
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Need better understanding + need to solve an error.
I'm learning C++ off of this very website, and i'm up to this section :
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