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VS 2012 Lib and DLL File Exported in Different Directories
Okay, so I have a program where I want to export the .lib file in a "Lib" folder, and the .dll file ...
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by quayda
Need to place nested loop where nested isn't necessary
I wrote this code, and everything was working well, but part of the assignment is that it must inclu...
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File Handling
Hello all, I am writing a string of characters using character arrays only . For instance, it a...
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by franko
strange getopt_long problem: additional parameter gets stored only when other parameter is no integer
Hi, in my test program below i use the getopt_long function for argument handling. i have a long op...
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by patieB
using functions
Im getting this error when i try to run this program . "92 error a function-definition is not allowe...
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by jay101
please help me correct this...
i'm trying to write a program that reads numbers from a text file( 21 12 44 21 -5 63 0 ) to an arra...
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Program that checks SQL Create Tables and Insert.
This program should read the SQL Statement Create and Insert Statements. Once statements are validat...
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Help with Homework, functions, precision, outputs
Here is my question... Write a program which prompts the user to enter the principal, annual i...
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need help with a program
i am currently in a c++ class and i am new to all this for some reason i do not get this math for th...
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Diff: new int [] & new int [2]
Quote: int * foo; foo = new int ; Alright, the above is taken from cplusplus tutorial, it show...
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Hello, i am beginner in C++. i want to add 10 different values as input and make summation of that. ...
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Reversing words
This is a google code jam question. The input consist of 1st line:integer tells you how many cases t...
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by Argy
ERROR on compiling
Hi.I made some header files with their cpp.Everything was fine but when i made a function on one of ...
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by Nik94
[QT] Segmentation fault by using QList
Hello, I have a little problem wioth my Qt-5 Program by using a QList-Object. If I call QList::isEm...
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Student Linked list 2
So I decided to start again with the linked student list again. I have to use linked list to display...
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by gkropp
Linked List code not compiling
I've inherited some legacy code that I need to modify. The code that needs to be modified uses Link...
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by bgmnk
Problems with simple program
I am currently learning C++ on my own and the best way I learn is hands-on. This lead me to attempt...
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Stacks and Queues
So I was wondering if I were to empty the elements of a stack into a queue, but i only wanted to emp...
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by mfooo
Changing my program to use functions.
I am very new to programming and I am not sure if this is right. Can anyone help me out and tell me ...
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How to make an image popup?
Hello, I have a School project that I need some help with. Our teacher wants us to make a timeline ...
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