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by lsosa
cant seem to get this war program to repeat if a tie. Need to give each player one more card if tie.
I created this war game and I need it to repeat if a tie. Any help appreciated. int main() { ...
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by code14
Pong Game
I need help with the code for my pong game. I need to modify the code to catch the bluetooth command...
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Cloud storage for source code (c/c++) files?
I'm wondering which cloud storage is the best when working with source code files (c/c++) and devkit...
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Advice on good C++ courses
Good evening, I'm working in London as an experienced python developer and Linux systems adminis...
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funtion help
I am needing help on a problem I have for school. I am not asking anyone to do this for me but help ...
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C++ LaTex binding
Hi everyone, I am a researcher and I wrote a C++ program to run simulations. My simulations gives...
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Rebinding the allocator for the Nodes of a LinkedList?
I am coding a singly-linked list container. Of course, internally it uses Node<T> . Question: w...
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Initializing a generic cost matrix
Hey guys, I'm working on a piece of code where there are several cost matrices, with different co...
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#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main(){ int N,icount,sum_odd,sum_even,max_half,m...
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by jfoom
Class A type in Class B's private?
I'm currently planning a game that involves a deck of cards that are placed in a game board, which i...
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by owj549
Compute the value of a polynomial
Hi,I am new to c programming. This program is supposed to find the value of a polynomial with ...
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by LB
Calling the destructor + placement new
Besides being just generally frightening, does this program contain any undefined, implementation-de...
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Median number?
How do I get the median (middle) number of three numbers? (C++) For example; - User enters the f...
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vector<u16string>, cout, ostringstream not working together
vector<u16string>, cout, ostringstream not working together. see!...
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streambuf for socket
Hello, I am trying to make a streambuf for a socket, which will use either WinSock or POSIX sockets ...
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I need some help revising.
I need to make this code more user friendly for school. It needs to go to enter the initial gas quan...
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How would you design the data structure under this circumstance?
Suppose, I have point_c, line_c and block_c three classes: class point_c { public: double x,...
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Select a field using conio
Hi, I am trying to create a Sudoku game. I need to use conio.h to select a field and move the cursor...
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please help me
I have some problem with this program I cant understand the idea!!!!! A bank in your city updates ...
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classes help Please!
Example 10- 10 defined a class personType to store the name of a person. The member functions that w...
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