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Characters on the heap
So I'm doing a bit of experimenting to see just how memory is arranged on the heap. However, when I...
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BattleShip - Fill Board with Ships
Hello there. I'm making the BattleShip game and I'm having some problems to fill the board with ship...
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i am trying to make a a small program get from the user the type and print the data of the type like...
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Nothing is printed on running my program
Here is the link to the program Kindly let me know the issue.
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I need a Open cv program, I pay for it
Open Cv 2410+ Visual Studio 2010 Theme: Camera image acquisition and 3D processing I need a progr...
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by kkk2
Question about stringstream
Hi everyone, An exercise's example says: int sum_int(string cmd){ stringstream ss (cmd); ...
[1 reply] : It creates a stringstream variable (object) named ss , and the string... (by Peter87)
please help, someone please help me develop this assignment please!
Develop a top-down design and write a program utilizing at least three functions to calculate payrol...
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different kind of void parameters
Can somebody list and explain the different kinds of declaring formal parameters using const and/or ...
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multiple errors
I'm receiving a list of errors that is preventing me from running my program 138 F:\Access\Progr...
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Coin Counter
Program that reads a set of integer values entered on the keyboard, counts them like a coin counting...
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Make constant and convert 2d
I have a long random static alphameric. I want to put into constant arr const randomNumber [ ] =...
[1 reply] : I believe this is a matrix type algorithm that you will need. Arrays o... (by nadurraXII)
by Ozzy69
How put string with spaces in a array?
Hi, i'm difficults in put strings with spaces in arrays. Look my code: #include <iostream> #incl...
[4 replies] Last: you can add an escape sequence... replace getline(cin, aux2); with g... (by nadurraXII)
Beginner array with square root
Write a program that declares an array squares of 50 components of type double. Initialize the array...
[3 replies] Last: ahh, i get it you can't use the index variable for the the array and y... (by nadurraXII)
I opened c:b but cant find any subject for coding can you suggest some?
[1 reply] : c:b , what are you looking for?? (by nadurraXII)
Please help!
It’s your first day of work at Minnesota Ore Mining, Incorporated (MOM, Inc.) and you have been a...
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Need Help with Tower of Hanoi
Hi I am a new programmer in C++, and i am working with the recursion in Tower of Hanoi. May somebody...
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what is wrong for one line it works for array it doesnt
#include<iostream> #include<fstream> #include<string> using namespace std; const int max = 100...
[2 replies] Last: also max can't be an array of a string and an int. (by nadurraXII)
Errors setting up DirectX SDK into Visual Studio
Hey guys, I've been trying to set up DirectX into visual studio 2013, and my instructor informed us ...
[1 reply] : msdn website. (by nadurraXII)
I'm getting an error saying "LINK : fatal error LNK1561: entry point must be defined"
What should I do? Here's my code: #include<iostream> using namespace std; void pattern(int n...
[2 replies] Last: Is that your full code? If so, then that's probably because you don't ... (by closed account 2LzbRXSz)
by LuSkar
OpenMP in Gauss-Jordan
How to parallelize Gauss-Jordan Method with OpenMP? #pragma warning(disable : 4996) #include...
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