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Having Trouble with Compiling This?
I'm not sure what's wrong exactly. I keep getting different errors with different compilers and noth...
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by Ema
Please, can anyone tell me what are the smallest floating-point numbers in c++ and java?
Please, can anyone tell me what are the smallest floating-point numbers in c++ and java?
[7 replies] Last: FWIW, has_denorm_loss is pretty pointless given that it was droped fro... (by Cubbi)
Hello I heard you can simplify code by using arrays and down below I wrote code that figures out who...
[4 replies] Last: This is classwork. Where did you get this from? School? A book? It di... (by Duoas)
Does Anyone understand Psudocode and explain it to mew please????????????
[5 replies] Last: pseudocode is an outline of how you write your code. (by mjamesball9)
what am i doing wrong
Hello I have an issue, I am writing a program where I am trying to find out who ate the most pancake...
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by Htran
Need help on two dimensional character arrays
This is all I have not sure how to put 2d char array in here. Can anyone help me on how to me on thi...
[5 replies] Last: Before I offer further advice, answer me this: where did that ReadStri... (by Duoas)
Classes and Linked Lists
I'm writing a program that creates a linear linked list from information in a txt file. I won't writ...
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by soranz
string - replace all NON alpha numeric with " " spaces
I have a near identical function with erase which works fine - the erase one simply erases all nonal...
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by almica
Problem with infinite-loop
Hi there, I'm new to C++ and having some trouble with an infinite-loop i have to set up. The Progr...
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Double free or corruption faststop
type& objecttype :: operator=(object& var){ this-> //type string } getting err...
[3 replies] Last: Use your IDE's debugger to isolate which line the crash is happening o... (by LB)
error line 1:expected unqualified-id before numeric constant
I created a resource file (.rc) and a .h file. in the .h file I experienced an error on line 1: exp...
[8 replies] Last: A general addition to the comments above: You've included file a in f... (by tipaye)
Can someone tell me what's wrong with this Pointer code?
#include <iostream> #include <cstring> using namespace std; int main(){ int room; room = 12; i...
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by xystus
Some kind of auto update... type thing...
I wanted to create something that gets live score updates and refreshes the console each time there ...
[2 replies] Last: Would this be doable? As long as you have a reliable data source to... (by Z e r e o)
error in debugging in my code (Help)
this is my code for turing machine and after i make the input(s) it stop working #include <iostre...
[1 reply] : and make sure your code is [co de]between code tags [/co de] so tha... (by TarikNeaj)
About delete function,urgent!
i want to remove a specific data from a txt file, but i can't make it work ,can somebody help me? ur...
[2 replies] Last: this is my txt file Sungai Long Campus 9780132990448 Deitel, Paul J... (by freedom19943)
Finding min in stack
I need to find the minimum in a stack using constant time O(1). So for example, my current stack ...
[7 replies] Last: Your code finds the min of all the elements in the stack and has the s... (by Smac89)
Help Needed with Drill from Book
As the title says, I need some help with a Drill from the book I'm learning C++ from, Bjarne Strous...
[1 reply] : What have you written so far? Make sure your code is [co de]between... (by LB)
I create a file through c++ program. at the end of my program I have a condition check; if true -> I...
[1 reply] : Save to a std::string or std::ostringstream and then when your con... (by LB)
Birthday party management project in C++
Hello everyone i have a project in which i have to create a birthday party management program in C++...
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by Dkob1
Private, public
Need help to fix errors: #include <iostream> using namespace std; class TWO { private: int age ...
[7 replies] Last: Just try setting ageAve to = 0 in the beginning. The reason its askin... (by TarikNeaj)
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