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by mbozzi
Iterator invalidation / Quicksort bug
I am writing a quicksort for an exercise. I gave it a shot, and it didn't work. I just spent the p...
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Help with writing/printing to and from an array in private data member
elements.cpp #include <iostream> #include "elements.h" using namespace std; int main( ) { ...
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by leon13
what to learn next in c++?
i everyone im looking for some recomendations on what i should learn next in c++. Ive been programmi...
[8 replies] Last: I think you mean performance here. If you compare raw code (switch st... (by cire)
Which zip library should I use?
Which zip library should I use? There are so many choices. I need to create new zip archives and o...
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by Kyle M
managed pointers for CC
Hi there I was making a copy constructor for a LinkedQueue class and it compiles but I think there i...
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by bp04
How to use Command line in other c program file
I have command line file which i want to use another file. Example: 1st program:\ int add(int arg...
[1 reply] : You can do it with 3 files: //add.h maybe find a more meaningful name... (by Thomas1965)
by bp04
Fatal error occurred while compiling the program.
I'm using dosbox with the borland c compiler.I was compiling a program which was already exist in my...
[3 replies] Last: Try reinstalling borland, save your project before (by shadder)
sorting word a loot
So i have this challenge atm. Write a small program that can take a string: "hi!" and print all...
[4 replies] Last: if you use the std:: , your code will be more readable and everythin... (by Farshad Aroon)
I need some help with commands
I need the user to write an input and then the console executing it like a line of code. Example: ...
[13 replies] Last: It's fairly easy to do in windows with C++ and there are lots of refer... (by kemort)
Age program HW help please
i came across this hw and completely stuck please help!! it's asking to write program to display ...
[1 reply] : int main() { int age = 0, min = 18, max = 40; cout << "Enter your age... (by Uk Marine)
averages of my arrays are not right and letter grades are not showing up
Write a program that uses an array of string objects to hold the five student names, an array of f...
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I am completely lost!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
The assignment: Single Linked List (SLL) Design and code your own single liked list to hold a list ...
[1 reply] : Thank you! Here is what I have so far: #include <iostream> using name... (by jlbrown314)
by J3mzz
Multiply variable and double
So, when I run this code, it gives me 2.96413e-307, but when I set wage to a fixed double, it gives ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much. lol Sorry, im just learning c++ and rewriting one o... (by J3mzz)
Someone please breifly explain what this assignment is asking for? Im slow
Implement a fixed size container class that encapsulates a statically sized array and test it using ...
[3 replies] Last: The first paragraph is just an overview of the assignment. It says you... (by jlb)
How to write a class library in c++ like the one we write for functions
For a library of functions, we write 1. Function Declarations in MyFuncLib.h 2. Function Defi...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks mbozzi :), this was really useful. I am now clear of why I was ... (by kapil2905)
by leon13
Need help with Programm to print next largest element in array
Hi ! everyone im a begginer c++ programmer and Im trying to make a programm that will print the next...
[3 replies] Last: Its an amazon interview question i found onlinr. So it must be complic... (by leo11313)
Trying to use 2D string array, but having compile errors
I am trying to use a 2D array and pass it through to a function that will let me print the array to ...
[1 reply] : Please copy and paste the exact error message and indicate which line ... (by LB)
Hey everyone! I am working on an RAM optimizer in C++, And i know that it it possible to execute co...
[2 replies] Last: Look at powershell if your using windows 7 or newer. (by SamuelAdams)
by Frenzy
G++ is deleting my Source Code
I normally compile my source code using "g++ name.cpp -o name". Recently, I tried using "g++ -o name...
[3 replies] Last: GCC tutorial (by FurryGuy)
pointer in for auto for vector of poitners causes fatal error
As title says i got fatal error from for (auto object : Object::getObjects()) when the std::cout << ...
[5 replies] Last: would need to see `getName()' code. (by ne555)
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