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Bubble sort strings from a 2D array.
Hello, I have a project where I have to create a Bubble sort that will ask the user to input name...
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Returning a template pack nested N-dimensionally in another pack
To explain this question, let me jump straight to main() and my current output: struct Base {}; ...
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C++/CLI Separating .h and .cpp files
Hi I need to develop a GUI application using c++. My knowledge in c++ is good but I never used GUIs...
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by Kauto
Union Find trouble
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <cassert> using namespace std; void main ()...
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Homework question regarding Time
I am making a class called Time in C++ and the class has 3 integers as private member variables. I a...
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std::vector? updated
Since you have a running program, you only need to change the private variables in the header files ...
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DispatchMessage taking frames away while moving window
Hi everyone! lets start with the code: while(run) { if (PeekMessage(&msg, win->win_h...
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Hi, I do not want the user to be prompted to key in the first number and second number when the u...
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problem with recursive definitions
Hello wise C++ forum, I'm aware that "ordinary" recursive definitions are allowed in C++, the mos...
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Class constructors and data member initialization
I recently discovered the new - new to me anyway! - feature of modern C++ that allows you to set the...
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Problem with Strings
I am supposed to be writing a program for class, but I am having trouble with a string. Here is the...
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Running C++ Program on C# Tool
Hi, There's a tool (with GUI) which was built in C#. Additionally, I have a C++ script. Is it...
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by yo2xia
P value from lffff function in C++
I am beginner of C++, any help will be appreciated. #include "stdio.h" #include "lffff.c" #inclu...
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by yo2xia
P-value calculation is not exact via F distribution in C++
New code in C++, no precision error. share it with you! //*---*---*---*---*---*---*---*---*---*-...
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Zlib outputting blank file
Hello, I wrote a program to compress a file with gzip, which works fine. I also wrote a program to d...
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Function stuck
I've written some code to randomly generate probabilities: int Queue::car_per_hr() { sran...
[3 replies] Last: Ye used srand in my int main instead of calling it everytime car_per_h... (by JudyFaye)
by yo2xia
how do I find the pivots of my matrix
I want to get non-singular matrix with the C++ linear algebra library eigen, but I do not know which...
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by NQS
Problem with server in client-server program
I am doing a server-client program in C++ and am having trouble figuring out how to do a couple of t...
[4 replies] Last: I am still at a loss on how I can send the results that I need to sen... (by kbw)
Linked list remove node...I am banging my head!!
pls help me. how to remove node from linked list. I am trying to implement this in a file record to ...
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by roarkr
Timer Callback
Hi, I hope someone can help me out here. Either with a correction to existing code or a new way o...
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