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by c1885
string to int
I am trying to convert a string to a signed int from a file: -1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Trying to ...
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sorting a dynamic 2d array?
Hello, so I have a code to finally create a user designated dynamic 2d array that is filled with ran...
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Pass vector element as a function parameter
I have a global vector of structs that is dynamically resized, and the way I use it is by push_back ...
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Exe error.
I am writing a simple program (more of a template for later programs, really) to quickly program qui...
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Any standard on how to define operator overloading type
Is there any standard or guidelines which say when to declare an operator overloading function as fr...
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PPV Pacquiao Live Stream
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by saisr8
please help me with the following question class Parent { char name ; protected : int so...
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Putting a save game feature in a game
hello peoples, so i have a question i am making a game that will be similar to zork and will be setu...
[1 reply] : You just need to code methods that will store the game state attribute... (by cnoeval)
Reading/Writing Files - Is this correct?
I need someone to run this code for me (or just read it if you're an expert) and tell me if it is sy...
[1 reply] : You forgot to post your source file OP, how can we know if this is rig... (by Computergeek01)
I need to add an exception in this code, not sure how to do it.
This code works fine, it allows me to convert a hexadecimal to a decimal. I used the ascii chart. ...
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by Flippy
Please assist me make a simple and easy text-based minesweeper game!
Hi Guys! I am a noob in C++ programming. I have lots of ideas and stuff in my mind limited however o...
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some problems with cout vector<vec>
hello can someone fix my problems. i have no idea what is not working. i got this code with a vec...
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by ahcfan
I need a simple data compression/encryption library
One that's well documented and fairly quick to pick up and use(i.e., I don't have to be familiar wit...
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by fjr
Discrete Event Simulation Library
Hye, I am developing a hierarchical task scheduling model. Can anyone suggest me a library that can ...
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by shyjuu
what does this line of code means
Scheduler::instance().clock() Can anyone explain what this line of code means Thanks in advance
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Need help with multidimensional arrays
Here is my code, I took on the project of making a text game then later adding graphics etc. but tha...
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Multiple Same highest score
I'm trying to add figure out how to put multiple names with the same highest score on the same test ...
[5 replies] Last: it it possible to only use vectors? (by bboylizard)
Need someone to create this program if able thanks!
Create a function that receives array as an argument, and displays the two dimensional array. Cr...
[1 reply] : We won't write the program for you, but we'll help you to write it you... (by dhayden)
Parallel Arrays&Files as input/output
Hey everyone! So I've mostly figured out this program and everything compiles that I have so far but...
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Function Implementation
Hello; I am having trouble Implementing this functions: 1. Cafeteria::pickTray()in cafeteria.cpp...
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