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More Looping?
Sorry to bring up looping again, but I've got a random number generator in my program. with the prog...
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Im trying to do line 92 with the overloaded operator << on line 69. I dont think i did it right. Can...
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I/O Redirect Unix/C++
Looking to use C++ to take input from a file in Unix. Filename could be any name at any address suc...
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Lost with Looping
I'm trying to create a program that loops "x" number of times, where "x" is going to be a user-input...
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how to make a tile map?
Hello! I'm making a 2D rpg game. Right now am I using one large background image that I move around...
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by doug4
Char stream
I have a project where I need to process large chunks of data that can be coming either from a file ...
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selective runtime check
Hi everyone, I'm working on comparing different sorting algorithms' efficiency and wondering, is ...
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Need help finishing code
ASAP if possible class SadPirate : public Pirate { public: SadPirate(string n, int numP) { fav...
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Convert image to 8bitmime
Hi, I'm trying to write a rest sdk client for Facebook integration. But I stuck at upload user photo...
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by mutexe
unique_ptr and error 'deleting function'.
Hello, Been away from c++ for a few months now (apart from answering a few questions on this site)....
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parse a string contains number and characters in c++ from file
hello!! I have a text file which contains many sentences. I am trying to extract only the numerical...
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default parameter
I make a function void fun1(int x=10, int y=20, int z=30){ // code } int main(){ fun1(,y,)// I w...
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std::ifstream eclipse and Win32
Hi, I'm using eclipse + boost + mode -std = c ++ 11, but the compiler gives me error, this progr...
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file i/o nightmare using fstream
Hi there! I've been trying to implement a database for a game I'm making, and I have a big problem. ...
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Conway's Game of Life Code
Hey guys, I have this project as an assignment and I've run into a problem I just can't seem to solv...
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Reading and Writing files
I have to write a program that sorts names and grades from a file and output them to another. For...
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inheritance in classes, im not shur how to do this, please help.
here is what I did so far #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Adress { protected: stri...
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please help with class(.h) file
\\I have no idea what I'm doing wrong #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Address{ ...
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using decrement operator in recursive function argument list
Im using a recursive function to sort array. The decrement operator is used to eventually get to bas...
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C++ for Rockstar Games' Social Club?
Hello there. I have a question regarding a certain job. If you look at the following link: ht...
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