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Code which join words
Hi, I need to write code which input txt file join three words then makes an extra space and again ...
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Guessing Game
Somehow I still haven't been able to get this code to do what I want it to do. Seems like I cant get...
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Plz Help!
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by pww71
The core of the core of the big data solutions -- Map
Title: The core of the core of the big data solutions -- Map Author: pengwenwei Email: ...
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meaning of some functions ?? plzz
It's not a long time that i'm started to learn C++ language and i need some help .. I want to know t...
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calloc error: Not enough space
The program goes wrong when it runs for a about one day,the perror shows the message"Not enough spac...
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How to make it efficient :
I have an object that may have N components of different types. Each type of component has its uniqu...
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by Aceix
to use multi threading in one's programme, is it necessary that the target computer's processor shou...
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Class segmentation fault
Hello lads, I get a segmentation fault when I put "you" as input. Sorry for the messy code. #inclu...
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Getting Strange Output Results Depending on std::endl;
Hey All, If I read a .vcf file, line by line, and output that line after each read without a std:...
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how to read data in txt file
I generate a data set and saved in txt file. I am wondering how to read those data in c++? They are ...
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How to know if std::cin is blocking a thread?
Hello, I want to synchronize 2 differents processes by using cin has a synchroniser. one proccess ...
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Comparing a string in input to a dictionary file
Hi all guys! I will explain better myself. What I would like to do is: - input a string (char as ...
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Hi Im not sure how to do this, may someone explain me how?
The value of sin(x) can be approximated by using the formula: sin(x) = x −x3/3!+x5/5!−x7/7!+...
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code for inserting element from end in a linked list ( not working!!)
This is the code The program executes but as soon as i enter the first element it doesnt respond...
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What's the best library for handling MySQL databases?
Hi, I'm looking for the best C++ library to insert,update and delete entries in a MySQL database. I...
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functions for linklist dont work
this are two functions that are for adding and removing and item on links list that im using in a no...
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Need fixing and refining
Create a program that lets the user enroll a college student. Discounts are given for the in percent...
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pointer memory allocation
Hey guys. I am back. My semi starts soon. I wanted to know one essential thing. How is memory alloca...
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Nim 2 player?
This is the code that I have created for the game Nim. So far my code works perfectly fine (or at le...
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