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Static linking the boost library
I have written a program that uses boost in visual studio 2012. The only boost library I used is fil...
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by rko786
it will not open text file help
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how to display structure content ?
i need help to display all the content of the ( codedParams & modeParam ) in the next piece of cod...
[1 reply] : use cout to display something. you can use the . operator to a struct ... (by tanezavm)
Having problems reading in from/writing to files in C++
I am writing a program that reads in a list of pilots' names followed by a set of coordinates for ea...
[1 reply] : I found some problem in read function below: void read(static ifstre... (by tanezavm)
Value returning function question
How is the definition of the term "expression" affected by value returning functions, and why?
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by Ploppz
[Solved] Can't figure out how to include a simple library!
Hi. I've spent days trying to figure out this, searching the web and everything. I want to include S...
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If statements
Hi I'm having some problems with my conditions. No matter what number I type the second condition al...
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MPU-401 ammount of voices?
Anyone knows how many voices (or voices per channel) are available with a MPU-401 or a modern MPU? I...
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by extra1
How to delete a line from a text file using fstream
I'm trying to make a simple phonebook app that can show contacts, add, and delete. I'm pretty new to...
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by poteto
Most efficient way for a udp server to find which client it received from?
I'm using boost asio, but all networking api's are practically the same. I looked everywhere for ...
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About the constness of a class
Hi guys, I have a question about the constness of a class. If I declare a class to be const, can I ...
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Need help with space shooter game
Hello everyone, I need some help with my game, after I shoot once the main character can't move anym...
[7 replies] Last: I f you continue pressing the space bar, the entire game breaks (by jasonwynn10)
Grade 11 C++ Programming
Hi I am a Grade 11 student who needs help on a program for my computer science class. Here is the qu...
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Sorting pairs of numbers using AMP
I need numbers next to each other to be sorted (in increasing order). On the CPU I'd do something l...
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2D Graphics
Hellolo! I've started with making games in C++, and it's fun as fluff. Anyways, I've only made a s...
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splaying elements to the root..
I am having some difficulties splaying this element to the root.. considering i have this splay tre...
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by tmason
Multiple default constructors specified...
Hello, I have an inherited class that essentially manages a Qt Window. It is as follows (proto...
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Binary file exemple
// Ce programme lit séquentiellement un fichier à accès direct, // met à jour des données dé...
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Having issue with PrintDialog Sending All Pages to Printer
I'm not new to C++ programming but I'm not an expert either. I'm using Borland C++ builder 5. I kn...
[1 reply] : The issue turned about to be something with the TQuery supplying data ... (by wltscollins)
Need help with a program
The professor at my college has once again assigned something he did not teach to us. If he did we c...
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