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I dont know where to go from here TEMPLATES
/* Write a template that accepts an argument and returns its absolute value. The absolute ente...
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C++ Web Browser?
Iā€™m looking for a way to create a Visual Studio Form Project that can display and monitor an HTML ...
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BlackJack Scoring
A buddy and I have been working together to try and create a blackjack game for a project we are doi...
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Roots of a Polinomyal Function
So, i`ve been strugling with this program, and got it to work using this idea, but i think it takes ...
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by poteto
How would I use "strip" in code blocks.
I was trying to make boost's serialization use less bytes, and I stumbled upon this, which removes t...
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by jaymez
How to read in a txt file and Change Uppercase toLowercase
I have to read multiple text files and change all uppercase to lowercase. i also put in a little ext...
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operator overloading
I am trying to overload the << operator. Why isn't it working? void operator<<(ostream& out,Ar...
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by Millet
What is wrong with my functions?
I need this program to average everything input into the array, as well as find the highest and lowe...
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Need help with a tictactoe game
I need help with this tictactoe game that I have to write up and that is contains 3 files with it 2 ...
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expected primary-expression before ā€˜.ā€™ token C++
So i am trying to call my member function which is static from my main function. However, i get the ...
[1 reply] : `Die' is the name of a type which you're using like a name of an objec... (by tcs)
Error 'class' does not name a type.
I am trying to figure out how to fix my error listed in the title, I am getting the error on the imp...
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How to template float/double constants?
Hi, I have a templated class that can either use float or double as type. My question is now: W...
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by Millet
I'm not sure what's wrong with my functions, need assistance.
I have three functions in this code. One to return the average temperature, one to return the highes...
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[HELP] Online Shop
/*take note that this is not finish yet, so the answer are always 1 and yes as of now My problem is...
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by ma11on
Weighted line of best fit
New to programming in C++, should be relatively straightforward for most of you guys. I have a fi...
[2 replies] Last: // LineFit // Reads in a file of x, y, sigma data points from "xys_dat... (by ma11on)
Object Oriented Programming question
Hi everyone I am taking my first Object Oriented Programming class at FSU in the Spring of 2015. My ...
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ifstream into array problem
So i made a program that fills an array with random numbers and then puts those random numbers into ...
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Functions/Arrays Need help
The problem I'm dealing with is below(I have no clue where to start or what to do i need an educatio...
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Ogre on code blocks
Hey there! I just set up my code blocks and ogre. Then i followed these steps *** Compiler sett...
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set &get method
how i can do validation on this code help please #include"person.h" #include<string.h> #include<...
[1 reply] : Define "validation". And also: (by Zhuge)
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