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static vs. dynamic binding
Static vs. dynamic binding. Which should i use, and when should I use each of these?
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regex "\\" does not match string("\\")
The title says it all. I have been trying to run this for a while and can't figure out why; r...
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by c noob
problem with class code
Undo Stack Using Circular Buffer I have to write a main program that pushes numbers on the stack an...
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trying to write to a file
I'm trying to use a function to gather all inputted data and write that data to a file. I'm having ...
[1 reply] : Near the end of the program in the saveExpense function, remove the li... (by AaronZim)
Using If-If only statement
Just a hitch up. I've been doing this already but can't seem to make it run and sorry I haven't repl...
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i++ & ++i
Can any one tell me difference between i++ and ++i. As i know i++ stands for i=i+1 but what is ++i?...
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Hello, I want to input only 4(numbers)from a .txt file like Number of Plants: 4 Now where ...
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help in string combinations
hii I have a list having m1 m2 m3........ m922 and in each there are a1 a2 a3 a4 are there lik...
[5 replies] Last: yes exactly like this Likewise, splitting a string at all possible com... (by ameetpawar00)
PortAudio input-to-output wire has too much delay
I'm trying to create a wire from input to output with near zero latency. The framesPerBuffer is almo...
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this is my program do i answer the question??
i also cannot get the sum for even and odd number, it just give me rubbish number.... #include<iost...
[1 reply] : You were not initializing the variables evenArray and oddArray to zero... (by minomic)
phone application
// error msg: expexted primary-expression int main(int argc, char** argv) { // open main string ...
[1 reply] : in function showMenu has 3 option.. 1 for contact info, 2 for message,... (by fnabila23)
by hp16
What's wrong with my merge sort code?
It's working but it's doing something funny if my input is: 1 7 4 0 9 4 8 8 2 4 my output is: ...
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Need Help, important and probably simple
I have no idea why it is doing what it is doing. I have it searching through the entire string lette...
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read file fstream
i have a file *.csv. CSV is like excel format the first line is the number of element lines after is...
[14 replies] Last: Here is my code following ur tips. thks. #include <iostream> #includ... (by nightmaregiba)
"Base class undefined"
Hi, I have an error here that's confusing me, it looks like a include-problem. I have the followin...
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linked list in C
I am trying to write a linkedlist in c, but for some reason I have run into a problem where the list...
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by iBlueZ
Need Help!!!
So i have a final project to do: ---So far i have this code: #include <iostream> #include <fst...
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infinite cout loop in else statement
I have more programming before this, but everything else works fine. My else loop has an infinite ou...
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by adam43
Adding current date to the end of a string
Write your question here. I need to add the current date to the end of a string but I only need to ...
[1 reply] : You can use functions from time.h or ctime time_t ti = time(0); ... (by tanezavm)
Replace calls to the linear algebra operations by eigen3.
static SGVector<float64_t> compute_eigenvectors(SGMatrix<float64_t> matrix); static double* compu...
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