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Writing a plugin framework
So I'm trying to accomplish something that right seems to hard for it to be worth it. I'm trying to ...
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fraction class assignment, help please!
posted this in beginner, got no answer, could really use some help, having trouble understanding all...
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GUI , Family tree
hi , i have a very simple Family tree project using GUI..... and i have two forms ! ...
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Balancing AVL tree
HI All, I am going through insert operation in AVL tress and balancing them later and I put in l...
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Structs and Arrays to program a menu
Entire code so far provided but I need help with the showmenu function. Once it's established that a...
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How to check equivalent of randomly generated alphabets?
//This code gives randomly generated alphabets and if equal will //cout the alphabet which is equal...
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Can someone help me write this C++ program?
Write a C++ program that asks the user to enter an even number only. If the user enters an odd numbe...
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malloc problems, but no errors.
Hi I have written function readFile bool readFile(char* infile_name, char* file_content) { FILE...
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by eastw
Compile error
Hello guys, I'm currently having problem to have a proper output. I should have gotten names inste...
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by edo
Determinant Of Matrix 3x3
i need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Write a program that finds the inverse matrix to the given matrix ...
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vector of classes and how to access them properly
So far I got how to create the classes ok today but I would like a vector of classes(I think). im tr...
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by stdeez
dynamic function calls (hard to title the problem)
First of all: Sorry for the really bad title I wasn't sure what to title it as. I could've named it...
[5 replies] Last: class Foo { int x_; public: Foo( ) x_( 0 ) {} // ctor 1 Foo( i... (by keskiverto)
Segmentation Fault
SEE MOST RECENT POST OF MINE FOR UP TO DATE ISSUES! #include <string> #include <sstream> #include ...
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how could i edit a text file using f stream
i have a assignment which sayswrite a c++ program that converts each charecter afteer a period '.' t...
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Input to a structure array not working?
I wrote this program to help me create a list of medical resources and their attributes, a task I ha...
[1 reply] : at the bottom, you're using i as the index instead of what it should b... (by zsteve)
Cannot load OpenCV library
Hi, I am trying to run a console program but for any reason it displays an error on the cv.h line. ...
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by leo255
C Program: Trying to use getchar/putchar exclusively to build a simple calculator
Hi guys, I'm trying to build a basic calculator using only getchar and putchar (printf is fine fo...
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what exactly is stdin?
I know that the definition of stdin is the standard input stream where you can write data to. Howeve...
[1 reply] : #include <stdio.h> extern FILE *stderr, *stdin, *stdout; http://pub... (by JLBorges)
Threads and pointers
Hi, In my code originally I did if (player != 0) { delete player ; pla...
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add digits
hi everyone , the following paragraph is a programming practice that i'm trying to solve but still ...
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