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Hi, I'm trying to determine the number of times I have to change each specific character in a str...
[1 reply] : It looks like you just want to add/subtract the character values in th... (by LB)
by Jt253
Making your Own linked list
Hey guys, I have to design my own linked link class that will hold a series of figures and this is m...
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Help w/ Homework!
So we are learning how to build different types of functions... Only problem is our teacher is conti...
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Time complexity
Hello there! Me and my friends are trying to understand an assignment about time complexity in c+...
[1 reply] : It is of course n 2 *10: #include <iostream> // provides:... (by coder777)
by Dkob1
Reading name
Not outputting right, the programs supposed to let you enter a full name then tell you the last name...
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by toast9
Mutator Not working
I'm trying to set a bool in one class to false through another class. But no matter what I do the bo...
[9 replies] Last: Ah got it. Thanks cire. I added the & in the function definition and s... (by toast9)
operator overloading help
Hi I am creating a class called time and we've had to do operator overloading for <, > , <=, >=, ==,...
[8 replies] Last: you could just convert the time back to seconds, subtract and then rec... (by Gamer2015)
Trouble with namespaces and pointers
I am trying to compile the files below. The `PosLin.cpp` contains the `SurTriAUTO` and `getSphere` f...
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Struggling with Class Inheritance.
I am having some serious issues with class inheritance. I am trying to make a MoneyBag class inherit...
[2 replies] Last: Yanson thank you for the help. That fixed it. Sorry about the format... (by emperorguam)
Hi I am creating a class called time and we've had to do operator overloading for <, > , <=, >=, ==,...
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by tmason
Class Object Initialization Question ...
Hello, I have a quick question that arouse out of curiosity. Suppose you have a class like so: ...
[7 replies] Last: Thank you for the examples! Good to know this stuff :) (by tmason)
Inheritance using Base Method with other name?
Hey guys, I have 2 classes with a Function with the same definition (both inherited from the same b...
[6 replies] Last: Thats very important to know, thank you! (by Gamer2015)
Why isn't my code working? PLEASE HELP
I am currently working on improving a simple project I did for school. This program reads data out o...
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by Gyiove
QueryPerformance like function for both linux and windows.
Hello everyone! I have been working with my game engine what must be run both in linux and window...
[1 reply] : Have you looked into the C++11 <chrono> library? http://www.cplusplu... (by LB)
Moving from one co-ordinate to another
I have a character at a co-ordinate, say (3,4) for example, and I need to get him to (10,15). I woul...
[3 replies] Last: theres no obstacles, and its a grid, so only integer x and y values. s... (by LMoroney)
by doug4
Create file with a given size
I am interested in creating a file of a given size and then randomly accessing the file to populate ...
[4 replies] Last: Although I like Disch solution for it's simplicity and OS agnostic a... (by Computergeek01)
How do Windows (or any other OS) get its label names back?
With the LoadLibrary function (followed by GetProcAddress) you can get a function or any other thing...
[3 replies] Last: Only functions marked as "exported" (by Konstantin2)
Would u like to explain it in simple words, please.
Can Push Down Automaton (PDA) with n-stacks be equally powerful to a Turing machine while dealing Co...
[1 reply] : How is this a C++ question? (by MikeyBoy)
I need answer of the below mentioned two points. Please help in this regard.
Every programming language provides different features to make coding task easy. One of the main obj...
[1 reply] : This is not a homework site. The purpose of these questions is for yo... (by MikeyBoy)
Error: Expected Primary Expression Before [ Token
Thanks for everything
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