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C++ Rest Client
Just a simple REST client for use with C++. This was a quick weekend hack to use some C++ while maki...
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by gtsiam
C++ operator types implicit conversion
I have a String class defined as: class String { public: String(); //[...] //These methods...
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Nested loops
QUESTION 3: NESTED LOOPS Company ABC employs a number of salesmen to sell a variety of items. Thes...
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by Gyiove
problems g++ (64bit) compiler ( const char * to char * etc... )
Hi everyone! All my programming time i have spent programming on windows and using microsoft visual...
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Test Data
I got a program about GPA calculator. I need to come up with 5 sets of test data. How shall I do it....
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void function
#include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; void printDescription() floa...
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Unexpected results when trying to copy an array
Hi, this is an exercise for a c++ class. I'm trying to create a shallow copy of an array. Accordin...
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by anhnha
set zero for inside of a curve (1,2)
I am doing some C++ code relating to image processing. Here is a picture of an image (let's assume ...
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Reading scores from a file
Hello :) I need someone to check my code for errors, thank you. Write a program that reads a stu...
[1 reply] : line 20: fin is not opened. line 21: A . is missing. line 24: ver... (by coder777)
by dxj
material of this site
Who have the material of the site?Please give me download addresses. Thank you
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need help with my code
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <cstring> #include <iomanip> #include <cstdlib> ...
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Binary Search Tree Help
I can't get the output right. Instructions: Given array: string Months ={"JAN","FEB",......"DEC"}...
[1 reply] : DisplaySideways(p->right, space + 6); cout << string(space, ' ') << p... (by fg109)
Operator Overloading
I have a question about overloading operators my program works like this but I was told about overlo...
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Save Chart to File
How would I syntactically create a function that asks a user for a file name, and then saves a chart...
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what could i have done differently?
Hey fellow programmers, I have started doing some problems and I feel very giddy and happy when I am...
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by Addsy
Snake Game
Hey guys, i'm wondering if anyone can help me with some code. Below i have some code for a controlla...
[4 replies] Last: The basic idea is this: Suppose your snake is moving left (Direction:... (by mgoetschius)
Determining Rows and Cols in an Array
My program is supposed to be a seat reservation system for a passenger airplane. I am having troub...
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void functions
QUESTION 4: VOID FUNCTIONS A function named printDescription (with no parameters) displays the fol...
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Difference between std::cerr and std::clog? redirecting std::clog
Hey there, So, I've worked a little bit with the std::ostream objects and I know how to redirect st...
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Display a menu and then use an option in that menu to display a text file
//I'm having trouble figuring out how to open the file "chartIn.txt" in my menu under option one. I ...
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