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by nte40
Turning user input into an array
Hi everyone , I am learning c++ by myself and just entered the topic of arrays . I have a ques...
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how to add multiple entries without predesignated names to a class
so Basically I know how to use classes to create an item system for my game, but im struggling with...
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Double hashing question
Hello there, I'm writing double hash table and have some question about it. This is my hash func...
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by Market
Work Problem
Hello, I am fairly new at C++ and I need to write a program in C++ that opens a csv file, parse th...
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Bigint Operations
Here I've got 2 classes, one is finished(a safeArray that I use for the second class which is what I...
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class Complex{ public: Complex(double r=0.0 , double i = 0.0 ) : _r(r) , _i(i){} void set(dou...
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array histogram random number
why wont this execute. i keeping getting { undeclared and old-style format error #include <iostream...
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by Market
Covert Java to C++
Can someone please help convert the following code to C++. I am trying to read a csv file and parse...
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BST tree
#include "BST_CLAS.h" template<class type> BST_CLAS<type>::BST_CLAS() { root=NULL; curren...
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Linked List Operations
So I've got a linked list data base using templates which compiles fine and lets me print out a list...
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Birthday Paradox
Hi, I am new to C++ and I am trying to teach myself. I am currently working on the Birthday Paradox....
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by nad1
how to return a value from a function as enum? typedef enum { MALE, FEMALE } Gender; for this ...
[3 replies] Last: enum class is a single keyword that just happens to contain a space.... (by LB)
connecting with socket
hey there I programmed a socket code that binds to a port with port forwarding. when i open the pr...
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1st memory allocation bug - can anyone help me find it?
I'm sure I did something n00bish here. I must have. I finally got that inventory system almost worki...
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by Armaan
Math Game
Trying to make a Math Game Called “22” by programming. Two players will be able to play the game...
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by saisr8
How do visibility modes affect inheritance? Explain with examples.
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Stuck, Need Help!
I am trying to make my code analyze the data and then output the info, but I am doing so with arrays...
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by Addsy
Snake Game
Hi guys. I am creating a snake game for a project and am massively stuck on something. I'm trying ...
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by saisr8
please define the following and give suitable examples (i)Abstract class (ii)Virtual base cla...
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by saisr8
simply Define inheritance and a few needs. of it
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