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template encounter empty array
I wrote a template function which use dynamic array as parameter. But if parameter is a empty array,...
[1 reply] : Well, it is logical as zero-length arrays are illegal in C++ [quote=St... (by MiiNiPaa)
Pass Address of pointer to function
#include <iostream> using namespace std; void myfunc(int* ); // what do i put in these parameters...
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LNK2019 Error
I'm fairly new to C++ and I've been having an LNK error without knowing what to do. I've listed the...
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Chess Help needed!
some parts of this program are faulty. It runs and compiles just fine but the king can't be checkmat...
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How to see the actual size of a PTR?
How can I see the actual byte size of the pointer as output in the command prompt? #include <ios...
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by jodytj
Run time error.
//I am needing some help figuring out what I am doing wrong. //Quadratic.h //--------------------...
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Getting name of file
Just a quick question. How can I find the name of a file? like "test.txt" or "chrome.exe"
[3 replies] Last: just ask your question in the same thread next time. (by jasonwynn10)
Hello people! i'm making some tests with Box2D and ALLEGRO. but, i'm having a error, all it's ok ...
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Getting program version of google chrome
hello, I'm trying to make a program that checks if chrome is up to date. i came up with this code: ...
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program #1
Need assistance with this HW assignment. I know my code to output is incorrect Here is the progr...
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Custom Web Browser
Hi, Guys so i'm stuck in a situation. I NEED HELP . ive came up with an idea that INVOLVES me c...
[5 replies] Last: Check out WebKit for some ideas. Webkit is an engine used for render... (by Stewbond)
Logging in multiple files
Hi guys, I am working on one application that requires extensive logging so I want to create a lo...
[1 reply] : Do you mean something like this?: #ifndef EZ_LOGGING #define EZ_LOGG... (by Computergeek01)
Enum and Namespace mystery
Hi Friends, Am trying to work with enum + namespaces combined, I landed into some confusing probl...
[8 replies] Last: Omg amazing, thanks a million JLBorges... Gosh its so intimidating... ... (by sansoftaus)
Stack.h and Stack.cpp
Hi i am really struggling with this assignment and am not really sure how to begin. so we have to cr...
[15 replies] Last: That code is fine. Just remove the inline keyword and move the code f... (by kbw)
Can't figure out what to do with this code
I have to write this card game, SCAT or 51, using pointers and structs. I have to read in the deck f...
[1 reply] : What exactly is the first thing that's not working properly? (by kemort)
Why is read() not blocking or why is write() sending blanks?
**This is for HW** A little background on my project. I am writing a client/server program. My clien...
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Header file list so ugly
When loading external map files the tilemap class loads each object from a string in a ObjectFactory...
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by Chubby
I need on making a make file
I am try to make a makefile. but didnt work i type touch makefile ---> makefile create ----> in th...
[1 reply] : I don't think you can start each line with 3 spaces like you have. (by Peter87)
Does this have a mem leak?
This is some quick code I wrote for demonstrative purpose...Not for efficiency or anything like that...
[2 replies] Last: cool thanks haha crazy mem leak there! Im new to creating an array of ... (by novellof)
HELP! generating number and high or low game.
•Menu driven system to play 1 of two guessing games or exit the game all together. •In the 1st ...
[3 replies] Last: you need to start us with something to work with... And not "Hello Wor... (by jasonwynn10)
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