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Trouble in study time program
the question is Write a program that computes the average number of hours a student spends on prog...
[1 reply] : design from beginning: you have many days many students and two subjec... (by Calcushtag)
Do while loop
I'm trying to make a do while loop so if the user enters y or Y the program repeats from the begging...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, that solved it. (by overlord49)
by shalin
char to byte
Hi Guys, How to convert Char to byte in C++?
[4 replies] Last: thanqqq friends (by shalin)
by mkb555
Accessing a vector of nodes in a node
[3 replies] Last: `a' is a pointer, you need to derefence it to work with the object tha... (by ne555)
by Ferris
Reading data from a file
Hello! So I have a file created named "inputs.dat", and inside that file, I have coordinates entere...
[3 replies] Last: Hi, and is a keyword, means the same as && . There are a bunch of... (by TheIdeasMan)
What Compiler do you use?
[4 replies] Last: For IDE: QtCreator, KDevelop Qt is a large GUI frame work KDevelop ... (by TheIdeasMan)
Bubble sorting error
Hi! I am trying to sort an array with Bubble shorting technique. it works fine until last value. whe...
[1 reply] : you are stepping out of bounds. for(j=0;j<=4;j++) { if(arr >arr[j+... (by ne555)
Adding/Subtracting Limit
Hello ! I am new to C++ and I currently have a project that needs to calculate a number. My program ...
[5 replies] Last: No problem, glad to help:D. (by McNo)
Trouble with std::out << std::string
Hi, The strangest thing: I am having the following code giving me compilation problems: std::stri...
[2 replies] Last: Got it, thanks!! (by JUAN DENT)
initialize a new pointer to an existing array
Please tell me how to initialize a new pointer to an array after the array has already been created:...
[3 replies] Last: I thought that as well. This was a posted example of using a pointer t... (by technologist)
How to Implement List of Lists
So I'm trying to create a list of lists where basically in the main list, each node represents a lin...
[3 replies] Last: I would recommend to make the nodes to have a list instead of a pointe... (by ne555)
by nvurdi
Should I use a map, 3D array, or stick with a stack?
So far I can get this to work perfectly for every case except when there are more open braces than c...
[1 reply] : what if: Instead of storing braces in vector, you should just count th... (by Gyiove)
casting char ptr to int ptr...big number output
Why my value for *p is a huge number? #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> using namespace...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks, :) well I was looking at c code for printf but ya thought f u... (by csstudent123)
by KMagic
Removing records in the middle of the file
I have a binary file which contains a number of records. What is the best way to remove a record i...
[1 reply] : One way to it is copy the remaining records to a new file, delete the ... (by Thomas1965)
Inheriting constructors
When we inherit base class constructors in a derived class using 'using' doesn't that inherit every ...
[2 replies] Last: Aye, aye. Got it. So copy/move constructors, copy/move assignments(fro... (by ajith mk)
Slicing problem when copying derived class
A pointer to a derived class implicitly converts to a pointer to its public base class. When applied...
[no replies]
c++ A program that delete comments from fstream file
write a program that: a)if we encounter '//' we will ignore it and also ignore '\0'(end of the li...
[no replies]
C++ for loop problem, last value negative Help
This program randomly generates a number between 1 to 10. These numbers will be added to 100, 200, ...
[3 replies] Last: first loop starts at 0 and stops at 9 second loop starts at 1 and stop... (by ne555)
Professor's code not compiling (#include cannot find file in the same directory as main.cpp)
My professor gave us the solution to the assignment after we did it but I can't compile it (Running ...
[15 replies] Last: Yup, turns out installing MinGW's 64-bit variant (the provider of this... (by immortal192)
Can someone help me?
I try to use function to find out how many negative numbers in three numbers, but I don't have any i...
[1 reply] : Instead of int howmanynegs (int x, int y, int z) try making a functi... (by McNo)
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