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function template throws errors on <
(g++)error: expected initializer before '<' token namespace str { template<class S> S s...
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by mvgnum
Help to finish my code
Hello guys, I found this exercise online and i need to do it for my class. Write a program that im...
[2 replies] Last: kemort it's a link to our c++ online class. Only the student of the cl... (by mvgnum)
is this possible?
Hi I don't know if this is possible but if you enter something like /23, Will you be able to ONLY ...
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Count first digit on each line of a text file
My project takes a filename and opens it. I need to read each line of a .txt file until the first di...
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Two interger adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying program
I am having trouble figuring out how to go about adding the math operators to this code. #inclu...
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Comparing strings always returning false
I'm trying to compare a substring to a string that I have written, like below, but the if statement ...
[3 replies] Last: substr() (sometimes called mid()) is a common string operation in many... (by helios)
by Orrin
Made 4 function calculator using if and else will not work right
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int num1, num2, result, function, add, subtract, mult...
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could anyone help me about this task?
Please help me how could I do this task. I'm a beginner in C++ Programming and very interested to le...
[1 reply] : @gentleguy, pretty sure his task is to learn the C++ programming langu... (by Uk Marine)
How to insert a variable in a « ifstream » line
Hi ; It seems incredible ifstream does not accept a variable (name of the file) that i get with a c...
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End user software for Siemens RCU Connect Remote control
This is a BlueTooth device which both sends and receives. I have plugged the unit into my usb. It...
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by Byteen
Banners with C++ for console app
Banners Hi everyone! I've developed a simple code for printing banners in console using C++, very...
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Trouble with while(getline(file, str))
void parseFile(std::ifstream &file, std::string &string){ std::ifstream file;"t...
[2 replies] Last: I actually sort of answered it myself. Since I had already parsed the ... (by wh1t3crayon)
by mkb555
Accessing data in structs
I haven't coded in awhile, and apparently I'm REALLY rusty because I seem to have forgotten somethin...
[2 replies] Last: Uuuuugh, I'm such an idiot. Thank you. (by mkb555)
Five Grades of a Student
so my professor wanted us to create a program that accepts five grades of a student, then compute it...
[3 replies] Last: Well. It depends, how much points does the user have to get to get a p... (by TarikNeaj)
Fix coding
This is assignment congkak(mancala) game.Hope someone can fix and improve this code. #include<ios...
[1 reply] : Line 5: This is a bool function. Line 14: You're trying to return su... (by AbstractionAnon)
by np1984
const qualifier with function overloading
#include<iostream> using namespace std; class A{ public: void fun(char *a) const ...
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by kusace
pls help with assignment
Ackermann Function The Ackermann function is the simplest example of a well­defined total function ...
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Problem with Trap moving
void Draw() { system("cls"); for(int z = 0; z < 5; z++) { trapX = rand...
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A networking program
Hello guys, I need a reference how to start writing a program of list all networking configuration ...
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by PacR
How to efficiently compare list elements against themselves?
For example my list consists of 4 integers : 1,2,3,4. Program flow sould go like this: 1 < 2 = t...
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