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Why doesn't this compilation end?
Hi, I am sharing this code below. The question is, it counts what I want correctly end stops countin...
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can someone tell me the reasons for declaring inc () as a private method in circular queues.
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Null Cypher
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by BK0523
Need Help Please
Hi, could anyone help me with this please? I am trying to add to my current program that as...
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by vinny1
My Program will not compile
I have been assigned to create a program for a mini casino where the user start with twenty dollars ...
[6 replies] Last: std::vector<std::string> suits { "C", "D", "H", "S" }; Which compil... (by TheIdeasMan)
by vinny1
This was a mistake
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Remove if, all but one instance
Is it possible implement a "remove_if" statement so that it can delete duplicates in a map, but leav...
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by Bwoods
My code thus far prints out an entire chessboard w/ pieces. Each piece has been given their own algo...
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I'm really confused with the program
The professor already has given us the main.cpp file all I need to do is write the implementation fi...
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Using Visual Studio as an IDE without making a solution?
I have been following a long Handmade Hero's tutorial series and I have been using vs 2015 enterpris...
[1 reply] : A project has to have a parent solution file, but you can just make in... (by LB)
Scott Meyers' quote.
Hello all , I was watching a talk by one of the famous people in C++ world by Scott Meyers, the aut...
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"Delete[]" creates an infinite loop
int main() { int * major = new int ; major = 9; major = 12; major = 15; for (in...
[1 reply] : You have several places with undefined behavior: 1) You are creating ... (by MiiNiPaa)
add to enum items
[11 replies] Last: You can't change that at runtime. Thank you now it makes sense to m... (by technologist)
Accessing database from client using C++
say I want to access a record in DB and another person in other place wants to do the same, how can ...
[1 reply] : The database manages concurrent access for you. Look up "transactions"... (by LB)
by ay2306
directory for exe file.
Hello guys.. I want to create a program which runs another program and save .exe file of in-called p...
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SDL with Visual Studio Community 2015
I have been trying to set up SDL2 to work with VS Community 2015 for the last two days. I have been ...
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Arrays (Unlimited Input)
What I am trying to do, is allow the user to input any number of variables (for ex: 1 6 945 fhds)and...
[1 reply] : Arrays cannot be resized - once they are created they are stuck with t... (by LB)
by Suar
Writing a function problem..
Hello everyone, I came across this question and it's driving me crazy that I don't seem to know how ...
[2 replies] Last: void DIYPrint(char c, int nteeth, int amp=5) { int i,j,k; for (i=1;i... (by hdj)
problem in receiving a data within a socket
Hello. I am using UDP protocol to receive a data from another computer in win32 API. For receiving ...
[8 replies] Last: One more thing since I am receiving a data from remote computer so I h... (by mandar678)
Arrays question
I have a question that made me crazy : My question might not be doable. if i have an int array of...
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