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Why and how to make your own library?
I've learned C++ for some time now, and I've nearly finished my sensei test in the language. Rummagi...
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by tdk93
What does qualified/unqualified type mean?
I'm reading a book on C and it has the following text there The Constraints portion of Section...
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Operating System Help
I was wondering if I could make an operating system with Visual Studio 2013 with C++. I was thinking...
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Auto Wifi Manger
I know there lots of wifi mangers out there but since Easy Wifi is no longer up and running id like ...
[1 reply] : I have intermediate-expert knowledge and I don't mind creating a datab... (by iQChange)
SFML Array of Sprites
So I am writing a map generation algorithm (with SFML), and it seems the problem is in here: Spr...
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How to get the length of a passed in linked list?
I fixed it on my own. Nevermind.
[1 reply] : You will have to show more code. (by abhishekm71)
Problem calling functions??
This program in not completed. I am creating a large program in order to calculate a company's weekl...
[1 reply] : Line 77: you are not calling function here. You are declaring function... (by MiiNiPaa)
How to error check letters?
How do I error check if the user is inputting letters and not numbers? For example, if the user inp...
[1 reply] : You are looking for a string. In C++, you can use an std::string for ... (by firedraco)
Cmd closes after user input
i'm a newbie to c++ and i'm trying to make a simple program that accepts user input, simple stuff. W...
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pls help with PRODUCT RATING calculator
The input is X ( X is a decimal number ,which is belongs to {0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, .., MAX}) The out...
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OOP & Linked List Mini-Project
Hi, I have an assignment which must be handed over this Friday next week. I have to make a min...
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how convert and return a C format string to string?
heres the function: string ToString ( const char * format, ... ) { char buffer ; va_list ar...
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R6025 - pure virtual function call
Hi, I have a very annoying issue. I have made a little Space Invaders clone. I have a vector of ene...
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GLUT (and probably GLEW) not working (followed install instructions)
Sorry for new thread but other thread was getting off topic.... I installed glut as like the read...
[3 replies] Last: As long as you're getting "undefined reference" errors, it means somet... (by xismn)
Returning a specific value
How do I return a specific value from a function in order for me to cout it in my int main? In th...
[5 replies] Last: Ok i have fixed the issue i was computing the function twice and thats... (by sidthekid2014)
Making walls for a c++ maze game
Hey all, this is my first post so I apologize in advance if I mess up formatting. I am making a maze...
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Creating a Map
Hi guys, I have a question, how can I create a Map in the Console, like : You start on field 53 then...
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CodeBlocks lib
Anyone with experience using codeblocks.Can u tell me how to use lib files.All i have is a CMUgraphi...
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by lcsgz
C++ Help
Help.. The problem is commented there in lines .. If you don't understand, warn me and I'll try to e...
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by N10
borland c++ :-tic tac toe game
hi tried to make tic tac toe check this out BORLAND C++ not other...
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