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Reference to lambda function output
In Scott Meyers' "Overview of the new C++11/14", he shows #include <iostream> #include <numeric>...
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Program with two functions
Please help!! I have to write a c++ program with 2 functions findmax() and getavg(). The function...
[5 replies] Last: Well yeh, thats becuase its written in python and not c++. @yj1214 is ... (by TarikNeaj)
Map - Unhandled Exception: std::out_of_range
Hi, I'm trying to implement a function that keeps track of recently used addresses. I've created ...
[5 replies] Last: Nevermind, its working. Turns out that was the initialized value befor... (by gradstud)
std::function as member, take functions to either member- or global functions
hey guys, I have a class called Button which has a function pointer i want to replace with std::fu...
[4 replies] Last: I confirm, you should use std::ref(a) or std::cref(a). "The arguments... (by S G H)
Purpose of the function?
Have worked with this project sometime, and im kinda getting 'blind' on the code. As os know, the pr...
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Alternatives for goto statement
I have a been in a bad programming practice. Could you guys tell me alternatives for goto statement.
[4 replies] Last: I'll just make 1 block so you get an Idea what you could do // repl... (by Gamer2015)
Inserting a loop in a switch statement
I am making a payroll system and i want to make sure that the persons option is well used in this sw...
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arrays and median functions problem
Hello guys ! thanks alot for this website it helped me alot...I have a problem with making a median ...
[7 replies] Last: Yeah, just follow the same pattern you used for median. Good luck. (by tipaye)
Infinite Loop when using ifstream::seekg()
I'm writing a program where ifstream reads some characters from file, and skips some. However, when ...
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Need help ending my maze game
Hi, I need help with trying to end my maze game so that when the character "@" reaches next to F (Fi...
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Tokenizing a string
Hi, Say the input has two lines, both of which are "Hello world". This is the output: Hello: 6 wor...
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by yj1214
Few questions about header file...
I'm still learning C++ and there are things that I don't understand about header file... 1. I h...
[1 reply] : #1) I answered a very similar question to this in this thread: http:... (by Disch)
by mexbax
How to initialize a defined variable with a type of _IO_FILE?
I want to use _IO_FILE and initialize it by a file path. I defined f: _IO_FILE f; but I ca...
[10 replies] Last: I need to add new codes to provided function. Is anyone has a suggesti... (by mexbax)
"Discovery Dust" item locating function, how could I improve???
So I'm making my very first game, I've done decent architecture designing so far or at least I hope....
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payroll system
Please Help me !!! i been making a payroll system in class but their is a problem that i can't solve...
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I have a problem about spawn of objects every 2 seconds
//I have a problem about spawn of objects every 2 seconds, in my code, it shows //the sprite by blin...
[5 replies] Last: @Gamer2015 I tried that, but still its like blinking. for every 2 seco... (by jb31313)
x86 Assembler stdcall/cdecl
hi, here is the program i have so far. i need to implement an stdcall/cdecl subroutine call conventi...
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arrays with ints and chars
i've been asked to make make a game and it includes printing game board as nxn array and upon user ...
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by yj1214
Python vs C++ speed
I'm not asking which language is faster. Recently, I made two 'printing' programs with Python and C...
[12 replies] Last: The GCC and Clang have a large selection of options for both optimiza... (by Disch)
by jeyes
[2 replies] Last: we dont do homework for you. show us what you have and what you dont u... (by Little Bobby Tables)
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