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by nyvrem
BitVector Expand function: 'BitVector out of range' error
My task requirement to implement an 'Expand' function of a bit vector in the BitVector class is as f...
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The program should ask the user about the continuation of executing a program and the answer should ...
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please help me how to make a money changer using DEV C++.. thank you in advance guyss!! i really ...
[1 reply] : First, I strongly recommend that you use an up-to-date compiler. Thi... (by mbozzi)
Need Help with Answer Counter and Unlock
So I'm trying to create a script that will unlock a physical box after a series of 3 simple math que...
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Arrays and functions
I have a similar problem as GIZMO928 did in FEB 2015 The problem is: Write a program that lets t...
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Help Duplicating Array
ok so here it is. Here is my code to read my file 'CSC1244N.txt' and sort the integer values and flo...
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by Frenzy
Algorithim help. Struct in Dbl. Linked List
Hello, first I am not asking for help with writing my code, but just thinking through the steps requ...
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by elsa
how to instantiate control statement inside virtual function (1,2)
I'm trying to instantiate a control statement inside my virtual function program, but I'm hitting a ...
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by Borneq
In memory compression
I search easy sources of fast (but not must be snappy) compression memory streams without process fi...
[1 reply] : zlib can compress in-memory buffers. Is that not fast enough for you? (by helios)
I need help with a function that cleans char
the function cleans the any extracharacters before the word but i dont know what to do for character...
[1 reply] : Maybe: while (inputstr.find_last_of(extrachar)!=string::npos) ... (by Chervil)
I have been asked to create a stack without the use of libraries. I have began the code but having d...
[1 reply] : Don't use a linked structure for a stack. It's much easier to use an ... (by mbozzi)
Comaparison of char array element at specific index
{int counter=0; char arrar ={221,254,254,0,0,0,254,222}; for(int l=0; l<10; l++) //This loops on...
[2 replies] Last: This is a problem with signed/unsigned. See: // numeric_limits examp... (by coder777)
Linked list
So recent, I started to learn linked list in class and I am confused. She did a whole explanation an...
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Support needed with my assignment
Hi, I'm doing a Business Management course & for some reason I have to complete a C++ Module which I...
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Help with add function
Hello everyone, my professor gave us a project to do and I'm stuck on one of my functions He gives ...
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What's missing?
I was making a program that should replace a letter or two(or more) or a phrase when you enter a re...
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by ecka1
I am trying to crete a file of telephone subscribers, where you enter name ,lastname and the phone ...
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Stack and queues without libraries
I have been asked to develop a stack and a queue for their main flagship OS, Windowless 9. No libr...
[1 reply] : About stacks About ... (by Thomas1965)
by arceus
I need help with an error.
I don't know what I did or haven't done but this error, "no match for 'operator==' in 'std::getline...
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