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Hello Looking for some help to solve a problem I can't figure out. For example I'm given a command (...
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Guys help!! Im fairly new to the c++ game and was wondering if someone could explain parameters to ...
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function output 2
Would myint be 40 and my float be 4.8? Come up with anything different? Consider the function de...
[1 reply] : Hi, Why don't you compile it and find out for yourself? Should only ... (by TheIdeasMan)
Adding two arrays, beginner program!
// The program below should add two matrices using function. // I have problem in the third functi...
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Function output
The output I got was 1, 14, 9 Anybody get a different answer from this problem? Given the functi...
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How do I ouput strings based on input when branching with if
How do I output strings when branching with if ? For example with numbers you can do this i...
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Big numbers in Arrays
i have to create three arrays. my first array is going to be a 20 digit number if not less. this als...
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int to fixed size char array
Hello, I'm writting program and need to convert int ot char array without \0 simbol. I have tryed s...
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how can i cin.ignore() only a selected variable?
how can i stop a loop if continue == 'n' || coninue == 'N' i need to keep my continue cha...
[4 replies] Last: The ignore should occur after line 43. The condition on line 46 is no... (by cire)
Federal Tax Calculator Program
I am doing an assignment that is to calculate the federal tax based on the users input. I am not ent...
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Error when comparing special charracters like "č"
Hello, how can I compare strings, so the function will return special characters, such as "č" t...
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Getting a value from object passing it to an array
I am writing a program for a poker game.. I created a class to get cards and create deck.. the probl...
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working with Excel file in C++
I have an excel file (.csv) like that: Student ID | Average mark 1 | 8 2 |...
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Dynamic memory allocation in a class
Hello, I'm having problems with this code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; cl...
[2 replies] Last: There is a rule known as the "rule of 3". It says that if you need to... (by Disch)
How to redeffine operator ->
How i have to redefine the operator -> on my own class? Thanks in advance
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by birbal
How to assign char array as user define string object
STRING s1 = “FOOBAR” Here STRING is a user defined class. how to assign a constant char array...
[2 replies] Last: SomeType SomeName = SomeExpression; //initialization -> constructor c... (by LB)
Writing a derived class from a given base class
C++ Programming Topic Using the following Counter class as your Base class, explain (and show) ho...
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about delete keyword
Hello , I just wonder how I can delete a parameter in a function . As below ; int *buildTrail(in...
[4 replies] Last: std::vector<int> buildTrail(int antIndex, int start, double *pheromon... (by ne555)
by Subo93
In labsht.txt I have save 1d222bb433gf445dfd448dfdfdf4 which I input using this program #includ...
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Converting string to integer array in C++
For Example, it the entered string is: 0324152397 I want it to get stored in an array like- ......
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> using names... (by Duoas)
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