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by les818
customer number loop
I need to create a loop that will make the starting customer number 0 and increase by 1 each loop.
[1 reply] : for(int customer_number = 0; customer_number < 100000; customer_number... (by jonnin)
Lexical analyzer c++
calling signature: Token getNextToken(istream *in, int *linenumber); Anybody familiar with Lexic...
[2 replies] Last: Remember that a TOKEN and a LEXEME are two different things  • A ... (by Duthomhas)
by Usm6rn
Best Selling Items Program/ Need Help finding the Top and second top selling items
I am Having trouble finding the 1st and 2nd top selling items and i just need it to print in the con...
[1 reply] : You are making this a little bit harder than it needs to be. First of... (by doug4)
C++ from scratch till end
I don't have previous knowledge or experience of programming. Kindly tell me that which courses i sh...
[3 replies] Last: Trust me, if you have never programmed before and you want a solid wel... (by fewdiefie)
Exception Issue
I am having an exception Issue and I can't seem to find it and how to fix it. #include "myDate...
[9 replies] Last: Just add 1 to jd then (in parenthesis before the modulus operator). E... (by poteto)
how to do it?
Hii can anyone explain to me how to do it? write a program that prompts the user to enter the...
[3 replies] Last: Hint: What is 12345 % 1000 ? Try making a program and writing std::co... (by Ganado)
by ebojo
I need help for a program
Hello I’m wondering how to make his program.Can you help me?Also I’m new at programming.The prog...
[3 replies] Last: I have begin making it but i get so much errors. Please post the cod... (by dhayden)
Vector of vectors or different types
I would like to make a vector of vectors of different types. Suppose I have 4 classes; Dog, Cat, Pig...
[3 replies] Last: Like the others, I think you need to explain your goal, but I want to ... (by mbozzi)
by Fortem
C++ Beginner
HI guys! I need a lil help. Im new at C++ Programming and Im stuck at creating a simple program that...
[6 replies] Last: Agreed. (by Fortem)
C++ program Flow chart
Helllo my dear Friend i am Software engineering Student i have a question to ask the question is "...
[1 reply] : Without seeing your flow chart, how can we help you? (by MikeyBoy)
C12-Class BankAccount
Hello everyone. I'm confused on how to create an interest rate and a saving/checking account into th...
[1 reply] : It's not clear what you mean by " I'm confused on how to create ... a ... (by kbw)
having trouble with selection control operators if and if else
I'm trying to write a program that calculates BMI and the math checks out for the equation. My probl...
[3 replies] Last: Note that setprecision only affects how things are printed, it doesn't... (by Ganado)
Recursion programme not working
I wrote the following code to reverse a number using recursion. #include<iostream> int reve...
[2 replies] Last: The problem is that you shouldn't have a while loop. The recursion rep... (by tpb)
by a00
undefined reference to `function name'
i write a function, the purpose is to get the positive number, even if the value is smaller than zer...
[3 replies] Last: i know what wrong is thanks (by a00)
How to create processes and use them with fork() and pipe() (1,2)
I am trying to figure out how to use fork() to create a process and then pipe() to communicate betwe...
[24 replies] Last: Part 3/3 //---------------------------------------------------------... (by Duthomhas)
Help Please!!
I need help on writing a program that it will compute and display the angel of equation L1 and L2. ...
[1 reply] : I think you need to show some effort in code before anyone will help y... (by lastchance)
c++ Using map or vector to fix the Case tests.
I have below code and i would like to finish the remaining part of project.. 1) Processing all fi...
[1 reply] : I don't see a question. (by helios)
by JM567
Using enum in if statement
Hello. The assignment I have to do is to create the beginning parts of the code for a checkers game....
[4 replies] Last: EMPTY as you defined it IS zero. Think of "EMPTY" as a const int of v... (by jonnin)
c++17 example
I have read an example from the book 《c++17 STL cookbook》. But I can not compile it under g++8....
[1 reply] : It looks like you have mixed up the syntax for deduction guides and co... (by Peter87)
by yagami
Need HELP! C++, displaying NAME already and to get input form user, like registration
*/ am new to programming, mark me where am doing wrong, its to ask user to input FIRST NAME, SECOND ...
[2 replies] Last: Also never use a function that doesn't limit the number of characters ... (by jlb)
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