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by piotr5
is there a simpler way to write an abs function?
first off the requirement is, my integer class has no copy-constructor, instead it's a child of: t...
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Now getting this error when compiling this macro: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: ...
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move contructor and move assignment for a union-like class
Is there a better way to write a move constructor and move assignment for the class below. // g++...
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expected class name error
Hello lads, I seem to be having an issue with a simple program. The error messages I am getting is ...
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Key Reading
I know I just posted a newby post but I have another one. I have bought c++ books and searched the w...
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by pfjf2
sfml - drawing text
Hello, I am having difficulty drawing text to a window using SFML. My code is below : #incl...
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by royeh
Not running well in writing data in a csv file in VS2013
I am trying to write data to a cvs file and is working great. There is only a problem that I have to...
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by yj1214
Using OpenGL to make GUI
Instead of using libraries like Qt, wxWidgets, GTK+ etc. is it a good idea to make GUI using only pu...
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Is this a bug ?
is this a bug in the compiler ??? this doesn't compile #include <stdio.h> typedef struct {...
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Deleting a char array from the Heap
Alright so I've written a function that returns a pointer to a char array on the heap. So my code l...
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Writing GUI Applications in C++
I am quite experienced with C++(programming for over 1 year),I know how to make CLI/Console Programs...
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by Duoas
does output_iterator_tag imply non-terminating sequence?
In other words, can I assume that an output iterator (
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by Sid123
Code compiles and starts running, then stops? no errors found though?
The code is too long to paste here but does anyone know what could cause "project.exe is not working...
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by JDev
Seeking a Mentor
I have been dabbling with C++ for a few months now having read a few books and finding resources ove...
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Big O Notation
Question: Algorithm of: for ( j = 0; j < n; j++ ) { for ( k = j; k < n; k++ ) { <so...
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Verification of code
hi can someone advise me on why my programme code cannot run properly. The program supposed to promp...
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Is it possible to do this?
Is it possible to make a program create file with certain data points, and then load the file and re...
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by leourb
Custom Iterator for list<class>
Good morning. I have a problem regarding iterators and custom classes. I confess that I am not so co...
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function to cal avg, put in performance formula and compare
Hi all, need to do a function to cal avg, put in performance formula and compare Performance = (...
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how to find the no of digits after decimal point exactly
//c++ code int nocheck1(float e) { float q; int count1=0; q=e; while(q!=(int(q))) { count1++; q=q*1...
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