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Good evening everyone is there anyone who can help me correct the errors of this program. #inclu...
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Guys , i have a question . Can we compare 2 numbers without using while, for, if, else, etc. It is p...
[1 reply] : The short answer is yes. However, it depends what you want to do nex... (by Chervil)
Hi all, I'm taking programming lessons and was tasked to write a program which splits a string based...
[2 replies] Last: split out the first letter, check a lookup table of the patterns for ... (by Civer1999)
Error in pointer function
The below function is showing an error : C:\Users\my pc\Documents\C++\Slide7Pointer.cpp invalid c...
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How Should I Combine One-Per-Row Entries
I have a set of data like this: A B Mon Tue ... _________________ 1|c d 2 0 ... 2|c d...
[2 replies] Last: Brute force: #include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <string>... (by JLBorges)
How to use void_t like in is_default_constructible
Hello everyone. I wanted to understand how is_default_constructible works, so with some research I ...
[8 replies] Last: might these, in turn, be in line with what Cubbi's saying?: If you l... (by Cubbi)
Making n nodes in linked list using loop.
I just want to create the linked list of n nodes using a is the code it will works as a in...
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by subba
Calling multiple webservice calls using gsoap
Hi, we are using gsoap tools to generate stub from wsdl. Please provide sample to call two webse...
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Default Constructors and Class
My programs ask for the user input, if it does not meet the criteria it sets its default to 1/1/1500...
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delete object take time
Hello folks, I have a strange problem. While timing where the bottlenecks are in a big program I ...
[10 replies] Last: > Since the allocation, usage and freeing of the object is within a fe... (by ne555)
SafeArray Template
i having a trouble to run this program because it come up C4716 error msg please help with this th...
[1 reply] : friend ostream& operator<<(ostream &output, const SA &ob) You need t... (by Thomas1965)
by jlin55
New help with compiler errors-Adjacency Matrix
Errors: So I have errors that I need help fixing for c++11. This deals with undirected graph in the...
[8 replies] Last: Ok it compiles correctly now. Did I do my main program right? Write a... (by jlin55)
wxWidget(gui) and Thread
function_a and function_b main gui thread: Call function_a in a child thread, post a message(t...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks! (by Wu zhen hai)
by MegsD
Invalid Input not applying to all statements
Hello Im a few days into learning C++ and was doing an assignment for a class. but when I type (a le...
[1 reply] : When you enter an invalid character x is not modified. In your case ... (by coder777)
Help me fix my code ?
I'm desperate since I've literally tried everything else with no luck :l Here are the instructions:...
[2 replies] Last: > If I put 5, -7, 9, then it still gives me the S & area even when it'... (by JLBorges)
by bonho
send / receive generic object using boost::async_read/write
I have been implementing a client/server program sending back and forth generic object by the slow a...
[1 reply] : Plain text is really the best thing to send. What is the bottleneck fo... (by Cubbi)
Unable to run executable generated after compilation
Hi, I am new to C++. There is an application developed by my peers using Microsoft Visual Studio ...
[1 reply] : You didn't read the manual. You can read the manual by typing % man... (by mbozzi)
fabonacii series
[10 replies] Last: if you want to optimize it, its hard to beat a lookup table. The seri... (by jonnin)
Help please! No idea where to start
I'm not sure where to start, please help. Implement a program that: Get the following from t...
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by ynwa
Problem regarding the output of the sum of rows in a matrix
Hey so my code reads a text file and then prints the sum of the columns. I am just trying it to get ...
[1 reply] : Hello @ynwa, I think you would guess that, since it is the row sums t... (by lastchance)
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