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Help with hexadecimal math (1,2)
I'm working on a personal project where I have 2 bytes in hexadecimal code (25B0) representing anima...
[21 replies] Last: << and >> is the same as multiply/divide by 2? yes. lets take a... (by jonnin)
Cross-platform CMAKE project for old VESA/SVGA DOS Graphics
Hello everyone, I've a lot of old code that I used to do in my school days. Those code maily used T...
[2 replies] Last: I want to port them to modern OS Very good learning experience, porti... (by Furry Guy)
Confused on Lock-Free Stack (Linked List) implementation
In C++ Concurrency in Action, 2e, The author describes a lock-free thread safe linked list implement...
[15 replies] Last: In order for a use-after free No, it doesnt have to be used within t... (by TheToaster)
Migrate C ++ application from jsoncpp to rapidjson.
I have to modify a linux C ++ application developed some time ago, which use the jsoncpp library so...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks. I have to study the operation of jsoncpp and rapidjson in two... (by jstechg)
#include <iostream> #include <list> using namespace std; template <typename T> class Set { private:...
[3 replies] Last: If you need fast random-access you could use std::vector instead of st... (by Peter87)
by F8Code
Cout's don't appear after adding a loop
Hello, this is my first post on I'm making my first ever game, and I have a problem wi...
[3 replies] Last: Your score decoration loops are messy one-liners, hiding a bug. #inc... (by salem c)
Purge and preset over again a static variable
How to purge and preset again a static local variable in function from an initiative outside of it?
[1 reply] : I don't know what you think "purging" a variable is, but maybe this: ... (by dutch)
intersection of two circular lists
Hello everyone! Please help with writing a program. It's Very necessary. Write a program Intersectio...
[4 replies] Last: if the lists are massive, you need to make one of them easy to search ... (by jonnin)
by Argi
Instantiating derived class causes crash?
Hello, I'm facing a rather strange problem that I need help on solving... So when I instantiate a de...
[5 replies] Last: Yep, I get it now guys. Honestly I never would have noticed that on my... (by Argi)
File operations (1,2)
Hi friends, my problem is only about file operations. When i type any file operation code, it doesn'...
[36 replies] Last: Okay. Did you try starting Windows in safe mode and then running the p... (by Ganado)
by frek
My vector "myVec"
Would you, please, review my class myVec (to its point here), and tell my why I get the error:" ty...
[4 replies] Last: [quote=TheToaster]1.) Yes. Assuming of course that the class is defaul... (by MikeyBoy)
How to do it?
The function reads text from words from a file and returns a two-level dynamic array of pointers to ...
[1 reply] : Break it down into tasks: 1) Create a "two-level dynamic array" of p... (by MikeyBoy)
Constructor Destructor
My code is: #include <iostream> #include <random> #include <functional> template <typename Key> st...
[8 replies] Last: [code firstline=23] treap() { treap<int> my_tree = {1,2,3,4... (by MikeyBoy)
C++20: The Unspoken Features
The article on C++20 features that you probably haven't heard of. Highly recommended!:) https://...
[1 reply] : I had heard about most of them but interesting features nevertheless. ... (by Peter87)
Track memory on heap (Garbage Collection)
how to trace memory leak in c++? Suggest some method to individually trace memory taken by objects i...
[5 replies] Last: I personally think implementing garbage collection in C++ in counter p... (by malibor)
by frek
Copy assignment definition (1,2,3)
Hello all, Please take a look at this class, Vector: class Vector { private: double* elem; // elem...
[50 replies] Last: Thanks to all so much. :) (by frek)
Hello! I am trying to embed QuickJS into my Visual Studio 2019 project. It works fine except it cann...
[4 replies] Last: Right, I will check it out. Appreciate the help :) (by hassanAman)
crossword puzzle generator (1,2)
Yes, there at time still a thread open at this topic, opened by @Merari
[21 replies] Last: Here is another try, my goal was, to generate a completely closed cros... (by nuderobmonkey)
sorting with pair
H I am trying to sort a text file either based on the first or second. So I would ask the user wheth...
[9 replies] Last: You can indeed sort descending by switching < to >. @andywestken is r... (by lastchance)
How do we have extern for a member of enum
how to have extern for a member of enum tried int type of it failed as it's used in a cpp including...
[4 replies] Last: Any enum can be forward-declared when its underlying type is specifi... (by mbozzi)
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