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problem solving techniques using the concepts of linked list.
help me i want to implement this ..... Polynomial may be represented as a linked list as follow...
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Operator assignment function help!
Is it possible to create a function outside of the main, that is not part of a class, just as a solo...
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Help with Stacks!
I have to create a function which takes a string of a postfix equation, convert it into an int and p...
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Help resolve the question in C ++ (Calculator)
hey may I have some help to get solve for my problem, that you can find it in the web down? http://...
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How to write and then read structure from file?
Hey guys, I have a structure like this, but I cant find out how to write this structure record to fi...
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Double Linked List - Removing Node
Okay, So I'm having a few issues here with deleting a node in a doubly linked list. The structures a...
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please post the programfor the following output , its urgent i need to submit assignment please
Sample output: suppose input is: This class will be fun! Original Unsorted Data: This class w...
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So I have a struct called CompanyInfo. struct companyInfo{ string companyName; // Name of...
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Confused with adding scoring system
Hi, I'm a beginner with C++ and I was making a guess the number program, I wanted to add a score sys...
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Complaint: Disappointed (1,2)
This is ridiculous, I've ask one question and you guys refuse to reply? How does that help?
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i want to evaluate polynomial using linked list
int polynomial:: evaluate_polynomial() { int input=0; temp = NULL; newnode = NULL; //int ne...
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insert link in avl tree
Hey guys, i need some help with avl trees... how can i insert a link x y in these trees ?? I already...
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Cant understand the assignment!
Hello everyone, Not trying to get you to do my homework for me, But can someone explain to me what...
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Mixed double linked list?
So i have an assignment in which I have to code a list consisting of 5 nodes. First three are doubl...
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Temperature conversion program
Good day to all, I need to get this temperature conversion program working, but when I run it I g...
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Why is this so slow? Is it because of virtual functions?
void Render(const Renderable& obj) // An instance of Sprite gets passed in, which is derived fro...
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by Kyi
Bjarne Stroustrup Eg 4.6.4 A text example
Hello there, I am a newbie to c++ programming. Lately I am facing an error while doing example...
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by rb737
Rounding a double to nearest odd int
Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I am having a bit of an issue and i have been g...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <limits> int nearest_odd_integer( doubl... (by JLBorges)
random number between 0 and 1: C vs C++11, C wins?
Hey guys, I want a function to get random numbers between 0 and 1. I tried it c-style with rand ...
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help me please code is not working properly
#include<iostream> #include<conio.h> using namespace std; class polynomial { private: int...
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