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Im not sure where to even start with this assignemnt could someone help me?
Write a program quiz generator program to help students study for quizzes and exams. The program mus...
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Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong. It will run but when it does they all say incorrect and 0%.
I have to write a program helps your instructor grade quizzes. The program will read a file containi...
[1 reply] : Reading a whole line (needed for student names) from an ifstream and ... (by nuderobmonkey)
Breaking up a struct
I need to somehow get the individual x and individual y value from a struct named Point. There are t...
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Please help with this code
input: - First line:number of row and number of column. - Line 2 to n: 2 dimensional array. output: ...
[5 replies] Last: Lets ignore the 1-D array. How do you describe the ordering within the... (by keskiverto)
Is hacking that easy?
I've been dealing with computer science fields (including operating systems, programming, software, ...
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Running an underground UNIX program from c++ code and then terminating it.
Hi all, im designing a QT program in C++ that needs to interact with an underlying server software i...
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List<> in C++
Hi guys, Consider we have a list as follows: list<char> lch = { 'H', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o' }; Ho...
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Hey guys, im a newbie and im having problems with my first assignment in school . my professor wants...
[1 reply] : Well, reading your teacher's instructions we can see that he wants you... (by rabster)
by md1364
HELP with Input/Output file
Hello all! I have recently begun practicing programming using c++ for my classes in computer program...
[7 replies] Last: SamuelAdams and Chervil. Thank you for your help. I determined the iss... (by md1364)
by mvgnum
Simpliying function
I'm trying to write a function that accepts 2 integers, simplify them and return it as a fraction. ...
[3 replies] Last: @Arslan7041 if (positive ^ negative) I think the OP meant this : ... (by SakurasouBusters)
Compiling with obvious errors
So I am coding and obviously I build occasionally to make sure my program runs. I got suspicious sin...
[2 replies] Last: Without an example of what you are doing it is impossible to comment i... (by Duoas)
Help with class array output
Here's what i got main file #include<iostream> #include "elements.h" using namespace std; ...
[3 replies] Last: How did you used the setprecision() ? (by shadder)
User Changing Char Values in a 2D Array
I really would only like help on my last function in this program, I can handle the rest on my own, ...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you very much, but yes I know that I have yet to use my function... (by juiceyjuicekid)
compartor function in sort
Can someone please help me with the sort comparator function? I am getting below error: In file i...
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I need help for this!
how to create for example enter your name: Charlie and when press enter in the program see: C Ch ...
[1 reply] : Why not start doing your code? If you get stuck in some section, feel ... (by Omni)
detect if user input is a number or no
Hey everyone, I was recently making a project that requires user input some numbers, however if you ...
[13 replies] Last: your example is too complicated, and it is too long. Why do you think ... (by WheatFieldOnFire)
by Tarbal
TNT library cannot multiply matrix times vector. Please Help
I figured out a workaround
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by Faz777
Then, I delete the pointer to get the second element in the line where I put it in the pointer. My ...
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HELP with Structs and arrays
I am new to structs and I am a bit confused. what I am trying to do is pass values from a txt file i...
[17 replies] Last: The txt looks something like this 02 3 2004 Paul 4 1 22 I'm guessing... (by Chervil)
how to use this C / C++ source?
I use a bruteforcer (ncrack + visual c++) and someone told me to use this code to open more threads,...
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