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How to read in newline without using .get()
Just wondering if there is a way to get something similar to this working without using .get(): //...
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Invalid types 'int[int]' for array subscript
Hey guys! I'm with a little problem... This code works like this (it's in portuguese and I couldn't ...
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Binary Tree Issue with Insert Function
Hi Everyone I'm losing my mind trying to find out what is wrong with my Binary Tree Class. when I go...
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by nappa
array help (1,2)
Hello Ive been working on a program that inputs vendor names into an array to be displayed later on ...
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Simplex Method Code
Hello, I have simplex method code in C form, could anyone help me about converting it to C++ form w...
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Menu driven program that allows user to maintain a collection of integer values through the following menu options
(P)rint should print the collection (A)should prompt the user for the value to add to collection (d...
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codeblocks cpp file content deleted
does codeblocks backups all your code files? when i open my codeblocks project after restarting m...
[4 replies] Last: So does that mean you have found where/how you can recover? (by kemort)
glewInit() not working
Currently I am trying to create a template project for Visual Studio but glewInit() doesn't seem to ...
[3 replies] Last: You say "but" as if the documentation linked didn't spell it out for y... (by cire)
forcing constructor to use a default parameter
Hi, I am trying to initialize the second constructor by forcing the constructor to use just 1 param...
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Generate Unique Ids
Generate Unique Ids FormStrings(unsigned int id, string bigText) { //create small strings from...
[1 reply] : When I created my pokemon game (small school project) I seriously cons... (by shadder)
by Willir
Need help with Petrol Station Program
The problem I am having is that I am finding it difficult to output Amount Dispensed & Total Cost in...
[14 replies] Last: I assumed I had to call the main function each time I was declaring n... (by MikeyBoy)
by smesj
Help with recursion and linked list
Hey guys, I'm stuck... I am trying to write a function that recursively deletes elements from a list...
[7 replies] Last: Yea Arslan its for an assignment on recursion so I'm forced to use it.... (by smesj)
Question about static, extern and #pragma once
what is the difference between #pragma once and the static keyword? aren't they both doing the ...
[2 replies] Last: static and extern define storage duration and linkage characteristics ... (by FurryGuy)
by Raizel
How do you display the month of the min value in an array?
hi there,im just wondering how do you display the month of the min value in an array. E.g: void di...
[3 replies] Last: Maybe telling the question will help ? Qn:Display 3 least minimum wate... (by Raizel)
by Aidin
Date class problem
Hello , Recently I was creating a class called date which has some function. one of these function...
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Problems with injecting a dll system-wide
[6 replies] Last: google page cache? (by Chervil)
Funtion displays nothing
I made a function to display a menu of options for a player to choose from in a console RPG, but for...
[8 replies] Last: It is NOT possible to compile the code you have posted here. It doesn'... (by kemort)
by TejaS1
Reading file to class variables
Hi I've been trying to read elements of a file to my class variables but it's giving me a read error...
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Help Please!
Indicate what relational expressions are false: "John" < "JOHN" "Tim" < "Tom" "...
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Calling a Class in Main function
I made this code in main function. #include "stdafx.h" using namespace std; int _tmain(int arg...
[3 replies] Last: Lol just Had to include <string>.... silly me. But it worked!!!!!!! Ty... (by luckytiger)
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