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Operator Speed
Hello. I want to make Class for 2D array. This is part of Class Definition. class CMatrix{ publi...
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How do i delete invalid input until correct input is entered
Program is to add two fractions together like so.. This program adds fractions. ‘Y’ contin...
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Need help :O
Okay so my program is suppose to have 3 lanes (Lane 1, lane 2, and street). I am suppose to push car...
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Vector Implimentation Help
Hello everyone. I am currently on vacation at the moment and am quite a distance away from any comp...
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Using Char to check whether the user inputs the right command.
I've been trying to finish this airplane seating program I've been working on for a month or two. Th...
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does function overloading work in open() using multiple ios operations?
[1 reply] : dont use fstream.h. use fstream. (by Little Bobby Tables)
Need help with this function please
I need to create a program that lists off each digit of an integer and then display the sum off all ...
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I need to some quizzes about binary numbers
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Im new to C++
Im trying to write a program that lists two Airplanes speed and distance for every second leading up...
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Help with Roullete Program
Hello all, I am working on developing this roulette program. I am trying to use dynamically allocat...
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help me
background about binary
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by DMG
C++ Linked-List Read-in errors
I have been stuck on this problem for hours will someone please help. The input is in the followi...
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Need help
Here's the question Write a program that allows the user to enter the slope and intercept, alo...
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Guys i,m new in c++ so any body help to solve my problem i want to use file in this programme to sto...
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Hi, I have a question about HGE. Does somebody know somthing abot how to install in the Compiler ...
[1 reply] : What "HGE" are you talking about? Also, concerning Dev-C++: http://ww... (by LB)
Class - functions
I have a code which says (in some part of the main): /*define mesh*/ mesh electrodeMesh(1...
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write a function that takes the array along with its size as parameters then it computes and returns...
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by DMG
Reading in data to a Linked-List
The input is in the following format 5 1 2 9.0 1 3 12.0 2 4 18.0 2 3 6.0 2 5 20.0 3 5 15.0 0 1 5 ...
[1 reply] : You seem to be doing the same thing twice. Line 41, 87, and 91 are the... (by Smac89)
Another Logic Error
I once again have a logic error. This time I am positively baffled: I am making a function that mess...
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Multiplayer Online Game (1,2)
Hi, I am just wondering what would be the best method for the networking part of an online game. ...
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