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by Sh0es
Sorting with Parameter Options
I'm trying to implement a quicksort algorithm that can sort objects of the same class by one of seve...
[1 reply] : It's probably not the best way from your point of view given your ques... (by kemort)
Assistance with Data Validation in Character Arrays
Hello! I need some assistance with a somewhat complex code of mine. Here's the scenario: The progra...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you both so much for your help! I realized what I had to do, and... (by universal constant)
by roarkr
Code to change text format in text file
Hi, Is there someone who could help me with this issue. I have several hundred c++ code lines ...
[8 replies] Last: Update, Hi Roarkr, I have downloaded a light IOCP client using winso... (by Possum)
by Egomar
Trying to get code to work for my guessing game. Please Help!
I keep getting stuck trying to get a the portion with a return variable to work. Not sure if I am d...
[6 replies] Last: Show your latest code at the EXACT error messages. (by AbstractionAnon)
Phone Number List C++
Write a simple telephone directory program in C++ that looks up phone numbers in a file containing a...
[5 replies] Last: I 'm trying.. (by Ericool)
by OJ123
im a little stuck
i cant find the problem #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> #include <iomanip> using...
[10 replies] Last: all working now cheers for the help (by OJ123)
Could someone explain this program?
The following is a homework assignment. There are certain functions in this program that I don't ful...
[5 replies] Last: Have you take a look in the memcpy implementation ? (by Ericool)
I'm a
ok guys i'm new in this world of programming and this is one of my first programms is ever did so pl...
[2 replies] Last: Please edit your post and make sure your code is [co de]between cod... (by LB)
Compare Errors in Microsoft Maths
I have a library function RoundDouble() which takes a double value and rounds to 2DP. This is mostly...
[3 replies] Last: Casting away the decimal places is definitely not ideal. There are exi... (by LB)
threads programming
goodafternoon everybody.i am trying to create threads with Pthread library.i wrote my code and compl...
[3 replies] Last: Unless low-level, platform-specific functionality is required (for ins... (by JLBorges)
Finding the shortest path with possibility of removing an edge
I was wondering if I can modify Dijkstra’a Alghorithm in this way: Let’s say there are 2 paths b...
[3 replies] Last: let me see if understand. you've got a teletransporter that would make... (by ne555)
[5 replies] Last: Good point about the ceiling :-} (by kemort)
int not converting to char
Hi! Can somebody tell me how to cast an int as a char so that 6 give '6' instead of '\x6' I c...
[2 replies] Last: The trick is to add '0'. int num = 6; char ch = num + '0'; // ch = ... (by dhayden)
Insert in tree problem.
So I'm trying to insert an object into a tree, the object contains a string that I will be using to ...
[6 replies] Last: hmm I think a better question to ask is how would I be able to insert... (by dhayden)
by Stuni
Selection Sort two stacks without arrays
Hello guys i have a course work where i have to sort two stacks with Selection Sort, but it's forbid...
[3 replies] Last: You may count the frequency of the minValue, then push it that many ti... (by ne555)
Code::blocks compiling issue: error: call of overloaded `pow(int, int)' is ambiguous|
Hi Guys, I am trying to solve euler problem 184 for 2 weeks now. I was fisrt started to develop the...
[8 replies] Last: How would we know that since you did not show the declaration of them? (by AbstractionAnon)
Not returning how many days are in the month
When I use my switch function to try and return the number of days in a given month I don't see anyt...
[3 replies] Last: A few items: 1. What is the point of having the days member in yo... (by Alrededor)
by isanh
Strange coding error
Hello, I am coding a program that reads from a text file of multiple rows of numbers made up of 4 co...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much! It works just fine now. I guess sometimes it's the ... (by isanh)
File I/O
Somebody help me with my project. All of the options work except for the "delete" book option. Whe...
[2 replies] Last: How are you compiling this script? (by ochoaj)
by ochoaj
Iterators for a quadruply linked list
Hello so I am working on implementing a list which would fall under the category of a quadruply link...
[3 replies] Last: No. It might make sense to want to iterate over every node in a graph... (by LB)
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