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by ms79ms
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I can't compile this
#include<iostream> #include<cstdlib> #include<ctime> using namespace std; void dividir(); int ...
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I got everything in this code running except for my remove function. What the project does is adds o...
[12 replies] Last: You have changed copyArray and removeNumber and say that addition malf... (by keskiverto)
Question about sorting a user input for array
Hello, I need help with my code. Were supposed to be able to sort an array which is user input, but ...
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by LB
Wide strings vs UTF-16 strings
I've been needing to deal with the world of Unicode recently and am confused about a few things. For...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks guys, that clears things up very nicely. (by LB)
by mbw290
Help with card game war
I am working on the card game war. I have setup three linked lists, one for each player's hand and ...
[5 replies] Last: Link *lastItem = new Link; // lastItem points to a ... (by cire)
Templatized Member Function Of Non-templatized Class
Hello, this is my first time posting on these forums and my first time working with Templates so I d...
[2 replies] Last: That did the trick thank you! (by Kyle Klouzal)
Linked List Class node
Hello. I am studying this sample code for linked list class node implementation. I've studied this ...
[8 replies] Last: Okay, everything makes sense now. Thanks for helping (by jshm415)
fizz buzz
So this is a question from codeeval. which is fizz buzz. The link is here(
[2 replies] Last: cool got it. thank you. (by generic2709)
Tile Replacement and Collisions in SDL
Hello people, I'm quite new to SDL and I need this game to be finished VERY soon for the TSA state c...
[1 reply] : void Tile::show() { //If the tile is on screen if( check_col... (by fine858)
the sieve of erastosthenes
Can someone help me get this code to run PLEASE? #include <iostream> using namespace std; ...
[8 replies] Last: @ kbw THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! I have fixed everything. (by dadapro)
by IsaacD
The size of my disk?
I'm trying to write a program that without caring about the file system writes bytes to a disk. Here...
[5 replies] Last: hmmm that might be a good idea. it might be worth it to see the source (by Little Bobby Tables)
Problems with Doubly Linked List
Hello, im new to this forum and C++. I am doing c++ program to read coordinates from text file into ...
[2 replies] Last: thank you for your respond. I sorted problem out (by marijus5012)
Making a class 3D vector on C++.
I want to define a class Vector, representing a 3D vector with the following methods: display - to ...
[2 replies] Last: First of all, do you understand what a vector is? To put it simply, it... (by NT3)
by KQ5
Error: expression must have (pointer-to-) function type)
On line 7 of my code I declared a constant in the global scope called pi. I then later tried to use...
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output numbers from a set of list that weren't used
This is one part of my program, I need a loop that checks through the input(specifically the agent n...
[1 reply] : _ indent your code _ (by ne555)
by Wake
ifstream file path
Hi, need some help, I am using the code below to read a file, but I can not enter the file pat...
[3 replies] Last: thanks for help! I use \\ (by Wake)
What do "new int[2][3]" ?
What do and what data type return this expresion ? new int I have tried this: in...
[8 replies] Last: Here is the solution: // m is a matrix of 2 dimensions whose dimens... (by DavidIRE)
by AceK
Program to run my webcam
Hi everyone, I want to write a program that is going to turn on my webcam and then display whatever ...
[1 reply] : This is kind of complicated for a forum. You could check out OpenCV an... (by ac517)
by Kap
segmentation fault.memory error when looping over the function
Dear all, It is been several days that I am stucked with the segmentation error and I do not know a...
[4 replies] Last: OK, double* p is a local variable to the solvep function. So every tim... (by ac517)
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