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by isanh
Strange coding error
Hello, I am coding a program that reads from a text file of multiple rows of numbers made up of 4 co...
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File I/O
Somebody help me with my project. All of the options work except for the "delete" book option. Whe...
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by ochoaj
Iterators for a quadruply linked list
Hello so I am working on implementing a list which would fall under the category of a quadruply link...
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Call by reference or value?
I'm doing a class program and the output shows some garbage values so I figured some things needed t...
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anyone please help me simple script
What's wrong ? I:\programmer>gcc a.c -o a a.c:1:2: error: invalid preprocessing directive #Ô ...
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Name and Grade Sorted Linked List
So far, I have the program to read in the max number of points, students name, and total grade. I ha...
[1 reply] : Input: 300 Taylor 287 Thomas 197 Brown 250 Lee ... (by stratos225HO)
Click a button to create or show a second window.
I would like some help on the topic. How can I create a window when I click a button or maybe create...
[4 replies] Last: Yep, and ShowWindow() will let you hide or show windows as you pleas... (by LB)
Recursion for Hanoi
I am asked to do a exercise which is about recursion in C++ for the Hannoi Tower. The skeleton code...
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by ay2306
program errors... help
struct userdetails{ char username ; char password ; char name ; char dob ; }user1; int login...
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else statement returning bad float value
I have the following code snippet unsigned int j = level2.get_reads(); unsigned int k = l...
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by GabeJ
Write a program that gives and takes advice on program writing
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; void output_...
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by Karina
TIC-TAC-TOE Debugging
I need help debugging this code. #include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <iomanip> ...
[1 reply] : I need help debugging this code. You might start by telling us whate... (by cire)
I need help writing an implementation to the class definition. PLEASE HELP.
#ifndef COMIC_H #define COMIC_H #include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; ...
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How to display checkers board/pieces?
I am trying to develop a checkers board game as a side project while I go through my schooling, howe...
[2 replies] Last: SDL is pretty decent- I use that for my c++ game projects, QT is great... (by wizebin)
Programming Work for C++ Class
Hello everyone, I am currently working on an assignment for my C++ course, and cannot seem to get my...
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Infinite pi program
Hi! I have an assignment to write a program for the infinite series of pi: 4 - 4/3 + 4/5 - 4/7 ......
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Flowchart Help (1,2)
Hi guys, can you help me make a flow chart for these programs. Thank you!
[20 replies] Last: No that's a program. What u need is a flowchart abu... (by kemort)
overloaded assignment opperator.... WTF?!?!?
Ok, so I am in data structures class. On current program I have to "Your assignment is to build...
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by JVarns
Nim Game
After I type in a number, the program outputs the computer and then does nothing else. I am not tota...
[7 replies] Last: First of all, in the beginning, you should clarify to the player how m... (by TarikNeaj)
to get the absolute value
How can i get the absolute value of a double type value???
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