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by yo2xia
how do I get non-singular matrix using C++ Eigen QR decomposition
Here is the code I run in C++ using Eigen library ColPivHouseholderQR decomposition, and I have got ...
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Visual Studio 2013 - Force C89
Is there a way I can force Visual Studio 2013 to only compile C89 compliant C?
[4 replies] Last: The llvm toolchain can be used from Visual Studio; it integrates quite... (by JLBorges)
Math and caves
I need to randomly draw caves... I have written a program which does the opposite of what I need it ...
[3 replies] Last: Never mind, I don't need the solution anymore, I'll draw something els... (by RealGiganitris)
Newton Raphson for finding square roots
I am trying to use the newton raphson method for finding square roots. Considering the function f(x)...
[1 reply] : That isn't the Newton-Raphson formula for finding roots. Step 1: take... (by Duoas)
help with function
My cdrw_terminate () function is not working properly. So the arrival() function generates process a...
[7 replies] Last: I'm having issues with crdw_terminate() function, the problem is after... (by Stephanie)
string functions
need help implementing these duties : s – search This option will allow the user to search for...
[5 replies] Last: for this assignment i have to stick to c strings. here is what i hav... (by NicoFlowProductions)
Dice Game help
I have a really simple issue and I can't seem to get it. My only issue is getting it to print out a...
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please anyone just tell me how to right this litttle function??!!
function next_garde to generates 20 random exam grades (between 20 and 100 , and 60 is the passing ...
[8 replies] Last: When there is an operating system (which is most cases), where does a ... (by pheininger)
Using virtual functions in base classes
I recall when I first started playing with C++ I was told that you should never use virtual function...
[9 replies] Last: By the way, another thing that changed since the 90s is the amount of ... (by Cubbi)
basic polymorphism help
I am making a very basic parent/child class based program that shows polymorphism. It does not compi...
[4 replies] Last: Pretty much sums it all up. Thanks poteto. (by dub1987)
Please help me with this function!!!!
I've been trying to make a sorted list with x random numbers (the user chooses how many random numbe...
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Best up to date C++ compiler
What are a few. I am currently using a very outdated version called dev c++
[5 replies] Last: giblit , I assumed he was talking about ide's, since he mentioned dev... (by zoran404)
question went to another post
i moved the question to another post with the same code...
[8 replies] Last: yeah i know ... but we didn`t learn that yet!! i`m still a beginner !!... (by deepestblue)
Posting parts of a code on vectors. Cant understand whats going on.
#include <iostream> 9 #include <vector> 10 class A { 11 public: 12 A(); // Default constructor ...
[1 reply] : And what your question is? Note: ~A() NOT called. Why not? Because a... (by MiiNiPaa)
new programmer
I have an assignment to create a code in my programming class. I will try to explain it the best tha...
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by mmess
Invalid conversion from int* to int
I keep getting this error! int *newarr(int, int, int&); //prototype // initializing argumen...
[4 replies] Last: Your prototype did not match your function definition int *newarr(in... (by Esslercuffi)
function calls ,functions prototype
so this is my question.>> Write program that uses a function digit that generates a random number ...
[7 replies] Last: so here is the solution code for the questio,, sorry for being late:) ... (by deepestblue)
please help... i`m new with some of c++ programs
i need to evaluate y= 1 - x + (x^2/2)- (x^3/6) + (x^4/24)+...+(-1)^n.x^n/n! to put in my fun...
[5 replies] Last: so here is the solution to my question,, thanks to whom helped!!:) an... (by deepestblue)
by tmason
Sort in Decending Order using Lambda + std::sort ...
Hello, So I have the following code snippet; what I want to do is sort the std::vector using a cu...
[2 replies] Last: > I would like the sorting algorithm to set up the vector such that >... (by JLBorges)
by yo2xia
Image of singular matrix in C++ Eigen using FullPivLU
here is the code I run in C++ using Eigen library FullPivLU decomposition, and I want to get the ima...
[6 replies] Last: @Ispil Anyway, thanks for your help. (by yo2xia)
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