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vector and initializer_list reference
there is a problem with the vector and initializer_list docs regarding size_type. in gcc at least (m...
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by Ikarus
ifstream input to different file types
Hello, so firstly let me present my objective. I want to create a function with a return type. Ho...
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How often do you make syntax errors?
Sorry there is no polling option, so you can just type your number without comment (but it won't be ...
[10 replies] Last: 4-5 if it is a simple concept. 6-7 for new concepts that I'm testing o... (by jazpen)
by soori
diff bw initializing static int and static const int
class Stat { private: int s; static int num=2; //why is this a error static c...
[1 reply] : Because in case of in-class initialization of mutable variable, there ... (by MiiNiPaa)
Writing a Function Template With Template Template Arguments?
I have a function: template<class Iterator, class T> void a(Iterator, Iterator, const T&); ...
[7 replies] Last: Cubbi, I must admit I think I had a typo when I tested Your method. Th... (by xuinkrbin)
by xorkon
"Flappy Bird"-like game
Hey, I'm new to this forum and Im not sure if this is the right place to ask. I'm programming a gam...
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A segmentation Fault Problem
Hello guys,hope you're all fine. I'm trying to make a list of elements, each element is a list. i.e....
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Help understanding a program - NOT ASKING ANYONE TO DO IT
Hi Everyone, I've recently been assigned a program due this coming week on hash tables. However,...
[1 reply] : It looks like you need to store Symbol objects in your hash table us... (by MiiNiPaa)
Resizable Array Class (Not Vector)?
I am looking to create an object which, generally speaking, behaves like ' std::array ' in the sense...
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Null pointer
struct mystruct{ int n; }; class mscope{ public: std::vector<mystruct> mv; ...
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by Lzh
怎么办? I'm a Chinese, hard to read English. So I want to make a foregin friend to connect ...
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help me with health
how i can make if healt 0 game end??? #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> #include <B...
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Debug assertion failed
Why do i keep getting that error? Every time I run my program, it runs for a while and then it just ...
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by kuhai
Ordered Pair to Matrix Problem
Good day! So I have this code that creates matrices when ordered pairs are entered. #include<ios...
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How to read integer values from csv file
Hello, I read one csv file in which it contains different types of data like string, integer etc.I ...
[1 reply] : That input file seems is nearly impossible to read without some heuris... (by kbw)
Completed program: keep getting error message "...was not declared in this scope"
Hey guys. So I wrote this program. What I've done here is made a class and struct in one file that...
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Ceasar Cipher
All I want to do at this point is output the letter used most. I can output a-z and how many thimes ...
[1 reply] : outtext << "The most large number = " << maxIndex << endl; ugh... ... (by giblit)
by bioit
Big issue with all permutations...
Hello I've a big problem. I'd like to generate of all permutations of objects present on my list and...
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implementation of a multithreaded version of mergesort.
Hello, Im working on making a multithreaded version of mergesort. [The // Perform "cleanup" w...
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