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string help
hello lets say we have string x = "abcdefgh"; what i want to do is to remove letters for example i ...
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Hello, I want my program to be like this: so what should I add? o...
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Dont know if I did it right
This is a variation of the program shown in Figure 6.12. The change from the original is noted below...
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Where are parameters of main() used (1,2)
I have heard people say that you can do the following int main(char a,int b) So my question ...
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libCURL library: Unresolved Externals
I am trying to use the libcurl library, and did all the necessary things I could think of: In the p...
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by SaifN
time complexity
Hi, Can you help me figure out time complicity of this code: func(n) s←0; for i←n to n^3 ...
[1 reply] : Outer loop runs n 3 times. Each iteration of outer loop results in i ... (by Smac89)
Unused functions
Are unused functions (declared in h and defined in cpp) actually included in the final build?
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is it bad to copy out of other source code until I 'get it'?
I dont mean straight up steal the code completely, its just that even after reading books upon books...
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Commercial programming
Hello. How do I know if I'm ready to search for a first job? What's the required knowledge? Could so...
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Trying to use C++11
I've been trying to use the stoi (String to Integer) command, which is part of C++11, but I can't se...
[11 replies] Last: Use .c_str() instead of evil character arrays. (by LB)
fatal error C1075: end of file found before the left brace '{'!!!!
I really don't know what the problems occurs inside this coding. I do not have any idea what this er...
[2 replies] Last: You have a rather large number of errors in your code. Picking one of... (by cire)
by yj1214
Can you run .a in Windows?
I downloaded SDL2 library but I noticed that even though I downloaded Windows version, all my dll an...
[8 replies] Last: Yes, you can use those .a files on Windows provided you're using MinGW... (by Avilius)
Circular Linked List
Is it possible for someone to draw me this code line by line? I tried drawing numerous amount of tim...
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by yj1214
if statement condition.
I've noticed that in many programming languages including C++, whenever you put a function as a cond...
[8 replies] Last: Also, comparison operators for basic types are very different from fun... (by TheRabbitologist)
Need advice on Payroll program it does not complie
// This is the Error I receive when I attempt to compile it I don't // understand the error could s...
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[C++/SDL2] Inheritance
Hi guys After taking a break for several weeks I have to hurry and hand in my work in a few days ^^...
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Generating subets of limited cardinality and presence of an element required...
Hi, I have a set of 100 integers. For each one of these integers there is a subset N i that conta...
[3 replies] Last: > Ni that contains each i and 9 others integers so 2 9 subsets... (by ne555)
Problem in linked stack(Dynamic Stack)
when the program is executed there are 4 options a: push b: pop c: view stack d: exit all of...
[4 replies] Last: woo hoo now its working fine. satck instead of stack was the problem.... (by amarjit86255)
by oseri
Returning pointer to derived form a base class function
Is that posibble with covariant return types ? Namely that code : class Derived; class Base ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, it works now. Sometimes it seems that I lack such basic knowle... (by oseri)
by yj1214
g++ what warning is this?
Warning: corrupt .drectve at the end of def file. I tried to compile my main.cpp which includes...
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