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Trouble with passing class objects by reference
Hi, I am working on a program to simulate a zoo, essentially there are passengers that are waiting f...
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Seek for help!! trouble with word puzzle!!
To write a complete C++ program that will find “hidden” words in a rectangle of letters. The wor...
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by sambos
help with for / function
Hi there, I have a function called fillRow(parameter1, parameter2) . The first parameter is an ...
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by depei
why virtual table matters?
To implement dynamic binding, for each class, there is a virtual table to store addr of each functio...
[1 reply] : can we just have the class directly store the ptr to the correct func... (by helios)
Another Question In c++ !!
Q3-Make a program for an array of structures that consists of three fields (the name which is a cstr...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah, I have no idea of how to start this. We need to see what YOU hav... (by CS Student)
Help with program
Hey I was working on a piece of code and I simply cannot figure out one issue. if anyone could help ...
[1 reply] : Um, I'm guessing the reason nobody has helped is because this looks li... (by CS Student)
by Immo
What should I learn after C++?
Sorry if this is a frequent question. I'd like to know what your two cents are on this. Let me pref...
[2 replies] Last: Well, after I got C++ kinda under my belt, I've moved onto Java. The n... (by CS Student)
Help with 2d Array
Hello, my homework assignment is to create a 2 dimensional array that displays in a 10x10 table-like...
[1 reply] : Well, for starters I would create five different functions (if you are... (by CS Student)
Expression creator, Please help
Please help me, I am trying to create an expression creator that prints the work out too, not just t...
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Read from file help
So I have to read from a file, and store the information in separate variables. My problem is that f...
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EOC Project
Hi all, as the end of the year approaches, so does my programing project for college. it is a 4 part...
[4 replies] Last: Close. You have the node as being part of the vendor. It is actually... (by doug4)
how to make "std_lib_facilities.h" work Programming principles and practice using C++, Stroustroup
I saw there are lots of people having difficulties getting "std_lib_facilities" header to work.I ...
[1 reply] : It's easiest to get working if before doing anything, you create the h... (by Immo)
fixing array index out of bounds problem
Hey guys, I'm stuck on this assignment and was wondering if you could give me any pointers? The dire...
[1 reply] : #ifndef H_myArray #define H_myArray #define MAX_ARRAY_SIZE 100 te... (by tanezavm)
Extracting numbers from a string
So, I have a string and I need to extract numbers from it. I've tried different things but they are ...
[10 replies] Last: to tanezavm: Hey, bud, thank you very much for your help. I kept look... (by cageybee)
Difference Between conio and conio.h
What is the difference btw #include <conio> and # include <conio.h>
[2 replies] Last: One statement includes the non-standard header file name "conio", and ... (by doug4)
type conversion during binary file read/write
Here's the code of a list of objects containing 6 sides and a reference (by ID) to the object next t...
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Why is this function not working?
I'm trying to find first non zero element in an array then replace the zero with nextCard. it just w...
[2 replies] Last: Put your whole code or at least we can see how you declare the array y... (by tanezavm)
Doubly-linked list
Hey, I need just one last program, please help me. Here is condition: Create Doubly-linked list. ...
[1 reply] : I think you should at least try to code it by yourself and let any bri... (by tanezavm)
by fafner
New language - function syntax
Based off of Jonathan Blow's ideas about a new programming language for games (check them out on yt ...
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need help with if-else statement
I working on a project where you have to write in a input for a worker at an amusment park and then ...
[5 replies] Last: loop through array and if worker ==loop : if location greater or equ... (by damianbloch49)
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