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by bm2112
"Class" does not name a type error
I am creating a templated ArrayList class and I have the functions written but I cannot get it to co...
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Getting Adress of variable in another process
hello i can simply handle process by using HANDLE hProcess = OpenProcess(stuffhere); how can i basi...
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by plexus
Pronunciation of data types
I recently heard Brian Kernighan pronounce the type char as if you would say the word "character" ...
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linked list within another linked list
I want to create a linked list of musical genres where each node is one genre of music (i.e. reggae,...
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by new1
file modification in c / c++
Hello , i want to modify the file contents using C++ here is the below sample prog. #include <s...
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Help with Airplane Reservation Project
Hello everyone, I'm currently working a project for class and I am stuck. I am a complete newbie...
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cout.rdbuf() and printf()
I assigned a char buffer to cout in order to speed things up. And as expected it was extremely effic...
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Help with implementing 3 functions for a problem that can be solved with just 1
Hi all, I'm new to the forum! I was wondering if someone could point me out with the logic my code. ...
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Help with a for loop segmentation fault in my code.
Write your question here. I'm writing a program in c++ which reads an outside weather file with 365...
[1 reply] : Line 25: hottest_index is not initialized. Hint: It contains garbag... (by AbstractionAnon)
by belop
help with myn program!!!
Write a program in C++ which adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides and perform exponentiation on two ...
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Having some difficulty understanding file io
An interactive C++ program whose input is a series of 12 temperatures from the user. It should write...
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by css416
Functions with Arrays
SAMPLE DIALOGUE: Type a string: abcde ojkl Encrypted: *bcd# +jkl Task is to replace all lette...
[3 replies] Last: What about arrays? Have you discussed arrays yet? Some professors talk... (by YFGHNG)
C++ "compiler" speed enhancements
Hi, it would be great to have a tool that enhances C++ compilation time, breaking it down to funct...
[2 replies] Last: interesting. Did not know about Ch. It seems to be a good tool to get ... (by gregorsch)
by JLGo
Matrix 2D array
Hi all, I have trouble in display my matrix program. All the data entry are displayed in line.. ...
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Needs help with validation
Hi guys, I need help with this programming assignment!! #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> #i...
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help with importing into multiple arrays
I'm working on creating a program that will read a file with three lines of data. The lines are a st...
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error C2678
[6 replies] Last: Why did you delete your post? You've basically destroyed any possibil... (by MikeyBoy)
When there is nothing to return from a value-returning function!
Consider this, guys.
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Hey y'all, I need some help I am supposed to count the number of words and letter in the array and...
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by BH11
Storing user input
I understand the concept to make a code to ask a user to input variables, but how would i go about t...
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