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SMTP error with data command
Hello :) I work currently on the program and I need send a mail. I have a problem with a data SMT...
[11 replies] Last: Solve :D The problem was that I store the mails data in one cell inst... (by blabla32)
Why infinite loop?
Hello. I appear to have fallen into an infinite loop.Why is it? int main() { char buffer ...
[10 replies] Last: Ahh cout << pc1++; Will print out characters until it finds '\0' So ... (by Lachlan Easton)
by xismn
Exceptions thrown during initialization
Hello, It's embarrassing how little I know about exceptions - in an attempt to get smart, I pose th...
[8 replies] Last: @Cubbi, that changes my perception of exceptions entirely, which is ex... (by xismn)
by manojg
returning address of a local variable
Hi, I know that this code is wrong because it returns the address of local variable which no longer...
[6 replies] Last: When a function returns a value, it is not related to memory: it has n... (by Cubbi)
by vlucaj
Iterating enum and matrix issue
Hello I'm very new to arrays and matrices, I really don't know how they work just yet. Here I hav...
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3D Array as 1D array?
How would I go about creating a 3D array using the "new" operator? I noticed that I could do: in...
[12 replies] Last: What you've created isn't a 3D array. Ah i... (by spectral)
if statements
I am writing some code. I need an if statement that basically states if a digit does not appear in t...
[1 reply] : Please don't crosspost the same message to multiple forums. http://ww... (by cire)
My program crashes at times
My program is crashing here is some debugger information. I have highlited in bold where it crashes....
[1 reply] : Fixed the issue it turns out if you click on a listbox it will still c... (by danielmccarthy)
helloo...actualy I am trying to code this thing...will anyone help me..?? But, it failed..Where can...
[15 replies] Last: You could do something like: unsigned powerOfTwo = 1; unsigned deci... (by giblit)
what is the error in this c++ code?
#include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; class personType{ public: void print()...
[2 replies] Last: Do not double-post. (by mutexe)
Error when looping
Hello, When I run my code and it loops with the do-while loop because the user decided that the i...
[2 replies] Last: That worked great! Thank you. (by MANxBEARxxPIG)
by judo11
How this C++ program works and how to trace it?
Guys I really want to know how this program works. Please explain this program to me because I don't...
[2 replies] Last: this whole code has two parts to it. it only executes one of them. T... (by cire)
Initialization of maps
Hi. How are map variables initialized?cOULD SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING CODE TO ME? ...
[2 replies] Last: mymap["ali"] returns a reference to the mapped_type (the second argu... (by dhayden)
by danzal
If i ask user to input how do i remove the command ?
#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int main () { int md, age, ctr ;...
[1 reply] : You are using cout for two purposes: (1) to prompt the user for input ... (by dhayden)
Hello, I wanted to ask a question? Is the symbol "^" or caret is a valid operator in c++? Reason? A...
[3 replies] Last: The ^ is the bitwise XOR operator (exclusive OR) . A bitwise operator ... (by IceStorm)
Class and operator
Hello everyone I need a help to write some codes. I need to create program which counts am...
[1 reply] : Start from Remember: ... (by keskiverto)
How can I transfer selected values from an inFile into an outFile?
Hi. My assignment asks me to read inputs from a certain file which has data as shown below: D...
[1 reply] : I didn't read your code, but from what you output is and is supposed t... (by Yay295)
by twesna
Looping Program Help
I've been having some problems with my program. Basically it is a bank menu where the persons balanc...
[3 replies] Last: I think of a bank balance as more of a running total of how much money... (by wildblue)
Undefined Reference to Header Functions For Hardware Programming
Hi, I am looking to program a digital to analog converter to output voltage on 12 of the available a...
[1 reply] : > Why is this section ... (by ne555)
by TRH123
Bubble sorting help
i have this program as an assignment for a class, and i need help with the bubble sorting, and the d...
[1 reply] : Should make your question more precise, no one is going to want to rea... (by spectral)
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