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cin Getting Wrong user Input
So i'm writing a program that will read a text file and it will do certain "functions" the text file...
[3 replies] Last: By "inputs i give the program" your talking about the text file i assu... (by zhfmzach)
C++ Project
Hi, I am looking for a volunteer programmer to help with the following problem: We have a two year ...
[1 reply] : I think this is less about programming, and more about file management... (by Stewbond)
Nested range-for loops with multi-dimensional array
This is a test program that takes a number of arguments from the command prompt and concatenates the...
[3 replies] Last: Arrays are not CopyAssignable ; they can't be passed by value. Inste... (by JLBorges)
Is sizeof technically a function?
Hi all In pure C, Would this be valid?: char testCh[sizeof ( int )]; I saw somewhere, some...
[4 replies] Last: @ SuperStinger: don't forget about stdint.h . http://www.cplusplus.c... (by Catfish666)
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