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Initializing array using default constructor
Hey guys I've recently started programming and I'm having trouble with the concept of initializing a...
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wc and reading from pipe
Hi. I want to give files and get the highest byte from the files. My code is working only for one il...
[8 replies] Last: didn't cover generic yet :(...but thanks I will keep these examples fo... (by csstudent123)
how-does-ampersand-in-the-return-type-of-a-function-declaration-work type& foo();
[3 replies] Last: thanks..what syntactical ways I can use this reference? An example wou... (by csstudent123)
I need help on my homework.
Write a program to validate a password using the following rules: • The password must be at least...
[1 reply] : check out the functions in cstring,cctype,cstdlib and string libraries... (by csstudent123)
by DLCom
Random number generation does not work although srand is initialized correctly
Hey there, yesterday I wrote this simple program: #include <math.h> #include <string> #includ...
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selection sort
So for the sake of practice I decided to code selection sort from memory and I came up with this. Am...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks for the responses I agree now that I look at it. (by cppnoob25)
Why am I getting linker errors when I split my program into separate files?
The error I'm getting: LNK2001: ' unresolved external symbol "public: __cdecl Object::Object(void)"...
[3 replies] Last: If you google unresolved external symbol c++ you might find out :p... (by TarikNeaj)
Constructor destructor invocation:-
What will be the order of constructor and destructor invocation in the following piece of code : ...
[1 reply] : Destruction is reverse. (by keskiverto)
C++ replacing part of string with a variable double
this program uses the string prompt and replaces "{0}" with 5.651 and "{1}" with 3.427 and it works ...
[1 reply] : hello? can anyone give me a hand? (by johnd55)
by c00012
My code doesn't working....
Hello Guys, I wrote following code to read data from text file into vector using structure. #d...
[1 reply] : ¡look, indentation! #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #include <iostre... (by ne555)
by davidm
my continue isnt working
void countletters(char*s) { int cword=0; int size=strlen(s)+2; for(int i=0;i<=size;i++) {...
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What's the effect of the VGA Byte/word/doubleword modes?
It seems that there's two byte/word/doubleword settings: - The CRTC Mode Control's byte/word mode...
[3 replies] Last: This is my current VGA rendering plane loader: void VGA_loadcharacter... (by superfury)
How to fix error: C3867?
hey...i have written some codes and when i debug, this error showed up, what do i have to do? me co...
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How to store by value instead of reference
Right now I am reading a XML file into a char pointer array, and storing the value in that array int...
[5 replies] Last: A std::stack<char*> ? Could you use std::stack<std::string> instead... (by keskiverto)
std::function vs functions pointer.
I'm storing a short function for later use. I'm curious, can I except better performance from a lamb...
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by OMG1
array problem
Duplicate Elimination with array) Use a one-dimensional array to solve the following problem. Read ...
[9 replies] Last: Sorry man, doesn't work, counter will go forever (by OMG1)
bigint multiplication
Here I've got a sad multiplication function that is part of a large bigint calculator class. the arr...
[17 replies] Last: I added that range check: if(size - shift - (i - size-1) >= 0) te... (by Gamer2015)
[C++/SDL2] Collision Detection is off
Sup once more Everything starts getting hasty and now I've realised that the vertical collision det...
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by yj1214
class object's function that has function.
Foo *myDevice = getDevice("hello"); Ham *myDriver = myDevice->getDriver(); ^above is what ...
[1 reply] : Your problem is that on line 13 you have to know the definition of Ham... (by keskiverto)
initializing array of char pointers
Im getting error from code thats in Deitels how to program c++. The program assignment is to change...
[4 replies] Last: Yeh sure, but he probably has to follow a university assignment, or ... (by Little Bobby Tables)
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