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Not averaging correctly?
My program isnt averaging correctly. #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <iomanip...
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Compile program from c++
I'm trying to compile an external program from c++ using system, but its not working. It says "Undef...
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Embedding an EXE into my C++ compiled EXE
I was wondering if there is a way to to embed a program (say a game window) inside another. What I ...
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Help calculating High, Low, Average for grades
The bottom three functions do not work. Nor are the finished to the extent. I do not know how the ...
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by MTorp
Strategy Pattern paradox
I've reached some sort of paradox while writing my small game. I need an algorithm to decide the win...
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Linked LIsts
I was to create a linkedlist template class to be able to learn the basic functions of the linked li...
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need help
I need help with my code.. I can't seem to analyze this problem.. need help.. thanks!! :D #...
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MIDI bank select effect on channel 10 and default bank?
According to what I've read MIDI channel 10 is reserved for percussion. The soundfont 2.4 spec says ...
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Can you guys help me understand this, please?
I am new to this website, this is my second post and I was wondering if I could have some help with ...
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Day of Week Program
I need to write a program that tells the day of the week, month, day, year, and whether it is a leap...
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by xlnwel
why should we define a specialization std::swap?
according to item 25 in effective C++ 3rd. we should define a nonmember swap in the same namespace a...
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rfind function with files help
I'm having trouble taking a students name from a file putting it into a string and cutting the strin...
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SDL 2| Error 3221225477
Hello, I'm trying to learn SDL 2.0. I understand that the error has to do with trying to access memo...
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by rocapp
Using Polyline() to draw line segments from a loop.
Hi all, I'm trying to use Polyline() to draw lines to the screen. So far I have done my best to do ...
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by doug4
Template Specialization and Libraries
Here's my code: read.h: #include "parse.h" #include <string> template<typename T> void r...
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by Zyl
Intentional template redundancy possible?
Hello, I'm writing a class Vector3<T> to represent a threedimensional vector with elements of type ...
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trouble passing vector to function by refrence
i need to sort the function and to do that i have to pass it by reference however i keep getting an ...
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Switches with variables
Switches have never been a thing for me but my instructor assigned my class some programs that we ha...
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by Jt253
Car Instrument Simulator
I'm also working on this problem: For this assignment you will design a set of classes that work ...
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by Sobo
Can you explain this please..
please explain that why this program will give output of 2...According to me, it should give 0 #i...
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