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Spoj problem 2 but it says TLE.. help me out,.....
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Funny C++ Thing,
Hey, I'm new to c++ and this forum, but I was messing around with c++ yesterday and I managed to cre...
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by ochi12
how to create a makefile with bin src and inc subdirectories?
Hi everyone, I'm just learning to use makefiles, i read a few tutorials but i have no idea of how t...
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wxDev compiler
Am using wxDev compiler, I tried to use system ("pause") ; a code line I always use at the end of ma...
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General Question
Hello everyone, I am a senior studying computer science. I have a minor in Applied Mathematics an...
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Returning the node->info of a binary search tree
I am learning how to use a binary search tree. The code for the binary search tree is as follows: ...
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"Registering" types to be used at run-time
I'm writing a program that needs to parse executable files. I've got an "executable" base-class, and...
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making a windowed program
I did a little game coding with my compiler, but it only runs on console, how do I make it a window ...
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Problem with auto c++11 feature
Hi friends, Whilst trying auto feature, am hitting this following issue: My code: #include <i...
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parse a text file
Hello guys im trying to parse a text file that contains information and i cant seem to get started, ...
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by nmarsh
How do you code in c++ a circle with a dial for example like a music knob? And to adjust the size of...
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Object Oriented Design
I think I understand the spirit of OOP, but when it comes to the actual implentation, things get fuz...
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Network streaming
So, I wanted to learn about data streams to/from a network... Providing I already have a server set ...
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