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binary search tree countnodes
Ok so i have this function countnodes that calculates height and number of nodes in tree. I just don...
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finding whats wrong with c++ program
#include <cstdlib> #include <cctype> //Required for toupper() #include <string> //Required fo...
[4 replies] Last: You have unmatched closing bracked on that line. delete it. (by MiiNiPaa)
Trouble reinitializing values with subprograms
Hi, I'm trying to make a cash register program, but first I need to reinitialize ones, fives, tens, ...
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Genome Work
Hello all, I have been working on this for awhile and cannot seem to get the program to work. In sho...
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end of file found befor braces
Help.. I have counted my braces and it look to be correct but I am seeing double.. I am getting the...
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How to use a structure pointer through a structure public member definition
Why doesn't this compile? struct hi(){ void other(); }histructure; void hi::other(){ std::cout...
[3 replies] Last: histructure *stuff; <-- histructure isn't a type - I think you mean t... (by wildblue)
question about my implementation function
my project is about loading the text file and record the information about selling chocolate and 3 t...
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I have @ question In C++ I Can't Solve !
Q2- Write a program that takes an array of strings from user and have a function named “deleteNocc...
[1 reply] : You say you "can't" solve it, yet I see that you tried anything. All I... (by giblit)
by eak13d
Converting a double to a string
I'm trying to find a way to accuratley convert a double in the form of a bank account number stored ...
[1 reply] : Why are the bank account numbers stored as doubles and not strings in ... (by giblit)
by eak13d
Line duplication in project.
I am having a problem with the duplication of a line I'm outputting from a file. Whenever I run the ...
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Hypotenuse for ONE side and ONE angle?
On a right angled triangle, if the user inputs only ONE side length (not the hypotenuse) and only ON...
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by wuubb
program skips over user input?
G'day all, I am so close to finishing this program of games, but I'm running into some issues whi...
[2 replies] Last: anytime you use a getline(cin,strName) ... put a cin.ignore(80,'\n');... (by wuubb)
Program Help
I am asked to make the following program: Write a program in C++: {a}That asks user to enter a parag...
[2 replies] Last: What about the part (b) any hints? I have made the part (a). Any hint... (by MustafaJaff13)
by vegon
2 queue with linked list
hi guys ... :D can any one tell me what's the problem in my prog. !! while the prog. running co...
[2 replies] Last: popa6200 at first ... i am really so sorry about this mistake :) an... (by vegon)
I'm only posting my entire program so that you can try it and see my issue. My problem lies with l...
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2D Vectors: How do I push_back to a specific row/column?
I am trying to push_back my first value in column 0 and my second value in column 1, however I do no...
[1 reply] : So... What's your problem? I don't see a question... Maybe I'm missing... (by Brenn)
by tanfa1
error about abort()
when i run this program it asks me for the first file , when I'm done for input the filename, i get ...
[1 reply] : //while(!file.eof()) ... (by ne555)
Segmentation fault with <map>, clueless!
Usually im pretty good with my c++ but this is trippin me up, all i want to do is make a map of play...
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(Urgent) I'm having trouble with the (std::!cin.eof()) function.
I'm currently taking an online course involving C++ program but I've never used it (I've only used C...
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Getting Segmentation fault using Maps!!
GameMaster.h #includes ... class GameMaster { public: void GameSetup(); void PlayGame(); priv...
[5 replies] Last: #ifndef GameMasterX #define GameMasterX //GameMaster #include "p5.h"... (by xxsammyxx)
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