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Sqlite3 Learning material.
Hey I've been looking at various websites and tutorial for using the sqlite3 connector. I can't s...
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C++ IDE Closes when Alt+F9 or Alt+F5
Hello everyone. I've recently downloaded c++ ide for windows 8(dos boxed version). Every time ...
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by akai09
NEED HELP (Beginner!!)
[4 replies] Last: Or stdlib.h:#define EXIT_FAILURE 1 In other words: 1. Re... (by keskiverto)
Need help with assignment!!!!
Hello! We have this assignment for my OOP paper where we need to create a darray.cpp file that defin...
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[Help]Virtual functions from 2 separate base classes
So I have 2 seperate base classes, (note that I removed the variables and functions that do not rela...
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Urgent example needed
Hello I am currently working on a project ,but I need an example of the following pseudo-code: Op...
[3 replies] Last: std::ofstream bin_stream(bin_filename, std::ios::binary); std::str... (by kbw)
figured it out
I figured it out. :)
[1 reply] : Can you believe that we are in the same class? We are doing the same a... (by Teeman92)
Function Output Bool Errors
My functions testArray and searchArray only seem to have one possible output. The output of testArra...
[1 reply] : *sigh* void testArray(int numArray , int & SIZE) { assert(SIZE <= C... (by Yay295)
by cloogs
Need Help with a homework assignment.
Here is my code... #define _USE_MATH_DEFINES // for C++ #include <cmath> #include <iostream> #...
[1 reply] : The goal of the assignment is to create a table using the setw() funct... (by cloogs)
VideoCalling theory
Note: Im not speak english xd Well, mmm i have a question ... mmmm a program that works as videoc...
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Designing an email client
For educational purposes I want to build a c++ email client and calendar app, the calendar I suspect...
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c++11 - static variables by instances
can i have 1 static variable with instance diferent value?
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Addiding offset to Midpoint Displacement
Hello I have a algorithm and I want to add a offsetx/y location. So I can move around the generat...
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Regex translation
I have used regular expressions in Perl, but not C++. After I read in a Web Page I want to re-forma...
[1 reply] : See std::regex_replace: (by norm b)
what can't non-const object receive temporary object
a function returns a temporary object like int myfun(){ int x = 0; return x; } this function...
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by Pured
How do use multiple terminals in a getline()?
I am reading a file of text. I want to read in every word, but no spaces or newlines. "word" is a st...
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Reading a TXT line into a string.
void login() { //username, password, option to register, option to exit, link to website co...
[1 reply] : Read the csv file one line at a time. Parse out the comma separated fi... (by dhayden)
Windows run, in C++
I'm trying to code a program that opens a program. I have a command that I normally run manually in ...
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Simple For Loop Program
Hi, I wonder if anyone can answer a simple question. Is it possible to write a program where for...
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web api, loading json data
I have been searching for a while now how to load a web api (Json data) in c++. For example: htt...
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