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Process incoming Wi-Fi data
Hi all! Well, let's see whether I can explain properly what I want to do: I have several machi...
[2 replies] Last: Hi helios, Well, I don´t know how design the algorithm to pick up th... (by jmbegara)
multi-character character constant error message?
I keep getting this warning message and I do not know how to fix it. Is it because I'm using char ...
[6 replies] Last: I managed to get it to work! Sorry for responding so late! (by puffybear123)
by zxrp
Need Help
Hey guys, I'm busy writing a program to practice implementing the Iterator & Observer design pattern...
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Trouble with Templeted Client Functions
Hi all! I'm working on writing a Display() function for a templates class program. The Display() fun...
[3 replies] Last: Or if I wanted an array­-based implementation of the Set abstract dat... (by Macalay7777)
by zxrp
Circlular Referencing Problem
Hey Guys, I am stuck at a part in my program where I can't continue because of an error stating that...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much :) (by zxrp)
by Eish
Son's class help
Hi, my son is taking C++ this semester and is having trouble with Variable Initializations, one ques...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks so much, he understands better now. Have a wonderful day! (by Eish)
Preprocessor Directives
hey guys, can any one guide me how to use '+', '-', '*' as preprocessor directives?? I want to do t...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks alot for your time and help.. I learned alot from you. (by DaniAlves)
Sorting as we give input
Like I have input in range of 0-10^6. So first storing the integers(again in the range 0-10^6) and t...
[5 replies] Last: 0-10^6 is way too small a range for this to be a real problem: #incl... (by JLBorges)
C programming and HTTP
Hi all! Ive done some socket programming before using C and winsock, but im not sure how to approac...
[2 replies] Last: 'Pure' is a deceptive term often used by Microsoft to refer to cli. I ... (by Computergeek01)
the real timer formation
[1 reply] : What exactly is your question? This just a bunch of hyperlinks to spor... (by JayZom)
Having trouble determining the winner of tic tac toe game c++
Hi,so i have made a game of tic tac toe where the user plays against the computer. And so far everyt...
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Output Array to CSV
So I have an array portfolio where i and j are determined by inputs by the user. I can get the co...
[1 reply] : You do not want to reopen the file each time you loop. IIRC the file i... (by maeriden)
Hello, i'm having a problem. the text does not is written. i don't know how to solve. so please, ...
[1 reply] : it's also worth noting th... (by MiiNiPaa)
by bebu
Empty Output Array file
I am writing this program that is supposed to read a file, put the data into an array, alphabetize, ...
[3 replies] Last: That's a good sign. Can you explain to me: bool displayDataArray(co... (by cire)
Error Code 139
Hello, I am implementing a Hash Table based on a given function. I have coded most of it, but whene...
[6 replies] Last: Cool. I kept the HashTab as a pointer and made my Element array out o... (by iamtpage)
by sidei
Trouble with array and calculation
How can the program pick the number automatically from the array after i enter an answer for it and ...
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1. if f(n)=O(n), what is the running time of the following recursive function? function Recurse(A...
[1 reply] : Infinity for both functions. Also, the functions are ill-typed. (by helios)
How do I use a .h file for a class?
I wrote a simple date class and could not get it to work until I put all the code in main(). Then it...
[2 replies] Last: header: //myClass.h #ifndef MY_CLASS_H #define MY_CLASS_H class my... (by JayZom)
by csharp
Struct Array Report
Hello, I don't know why this code is crashing and not running, although the text files are placed...
[3 replies] Last: I tried most the very basic things and there is no indications of any ... (by csharp)
Trouble with searching through array in Templated class
Hi All! I'm working on a program where I have to alter an Add function in a class. In my main.cpp...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, MiiNiPaa. Works like a charm! (by Macalay7777)
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