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int vs double vs short i understand that computers dont really have limited memory problems, so w...
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by cotro
Loop stop condition not working due to "invisible" characters
Hello I am currently reading a file that has a format like this: 2.5437667456 0.38745628423 0.34257...
[11 replies] Last: It might be the way you are reading your string are affecting it, or y... (by MiiNiPaa)
How to benchmark a compile-time action?
I've written the following binary search of a sorted template pack of integers. std::cout << Binary...
[3 replies] Last: Another question I have is suppose I want to write a meta binary searc... (by prestokeys)
How to cast an abstract object as an object of a derived class? (1,2)
So I have a vector of abstract clas objects and I'm trying to cast a specific element as an object o...
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by Tay123
Credit Card Program
My professor wants us to write a program that computes and outputs the penalty on an unpaid credit c...
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run length coding
how can i create run length coding using dynamic arrays
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Please help out me to correct this program please.
Write a program that takes a four digits integer from user and shows the digits on the screen separ...
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Function Overloading
I keep getting the error ") expected". #include<iostream.h> #include<math.h> float area(float...
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Pseudocode Help PLEASE
Hi guys need help with 2 questions Out of the following the most important layout in Pseudocode i...
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Help Needed with Visual Studio Express IDE
I need some help compiling code in the Visual Studio Express 2013 IDE. I'm trying to compile th...
[1 reply] : Nothing to do with visual studios. You have to #include <string> to ... (by TarikNeaj)
Code lines
I have been wondering, can I call a code line just as I can call a function by writing its name with...
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Postfix Vs. Prefix
OK, So I understand for built-in data types, it doesn't really matter -- in terms of optimization --...
[14 replies] Last: I just told the compiler to emit assembly instead of object code. How ... (by TheRabbitologist)
Does catch(...) really catch everything?
I was doing some messing around with exceptions, to test whether they did what I wanted, and to get ...
[1 reply] : So would you say that catch(...) only catches C++ language exceptions... (by Peter87)
move semantics/constructor
discussion pertains to this video: I'm just starting...
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this pointer does not update when vector resizes
I have a vector of objects. The objects have several members(several ints, a couple bools, and a st...
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by KrtinN
While Loop Does Not End
My while loop does not seem to end: while (check=1) { cout<<"Please enter the number of people:...
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Need to open an instance of excel from C++ code and then attach to it
My software is an excel plug-in. I need to do some unit-testing through Visual Studio ( debug mode )...
[8 replies] Last: If you're going to go that route then I can say from experience that i... (by Computergeek01)
Help with program for class!!!
So I am writing a program for class and cannot seem to get anywhere else with this. It is supposed t...
[2 replies] Last: Ok, even I can read it now. Let's just talk about D, "Find the sum of... (by kbw)
Study Guide Help C++
*Am I right? : Square::print(); *Am I right? : Rectangle::print();
[3 replies] Last: We're not going to do your homework for you. Have a go at writing the... (by MikeyBoy)
[HELP] Vector of vectors or structs
So I took on a project which is beyond my current level and understanding of C++. Basically I am wri...
[1 reply] : Here: vector < vector <double> > fullMatrix(int); you're declaring... (by MikeyBoy)
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