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string to char ( but not char* )
if string contains 0xAB hex value, how can i store it in char array (at one of the location ) such t...
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Using WMI
Hi all am using WMI in my application. i am using the following Example.
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Passing array elements to another for categorizing ?
I am trying to pass an array of student grade values into a 2nd array. This 2nd array will compare t...
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What is the operator= returning?
Came across a code. I am posting the snippet. Animal & Animal::operator=(const Animal & o) { ...
[1 reply] : It is returning an address - it is returning a reference to that objec... (by NT3)
by yo2xia
Extract p-value from anova of composion of two linear model functions in C++ Eigen
I am the beginner of C++, any help will be appreciated. suppose that model 1: A1*X1=Y,model 2: A2...
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If statement error
I am trying to write a program in which the user can enter a date in the format "MM/DD/YYYY" or "DD/...
[1 reply] : Sorry about this guys now I feel stupid. I forgot to use the == relati... (by andrew338112)
Nines compliment
Well I am doing the BigInt Calculator project and I am having some issues with my subtraction. Basic...
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any suggestions?
so this is all in my header: the class: class PCB{ private: int d, p, c; int number, location,...
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Write a program that maintains a database containing data, such as name and birthday, about your fri...
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Open Encrypt File in C++
I was wondering if c++ could open an encrypted .sparseimage folder and access a text file in it and ...
[2 replies] Last: Do you have any example which could give me some sort of idea? i would... (by fbhkhan)
Card Game
When you play a board or card game or when you use a shared computing resource, you get a turn and t...
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Matrix for 3d camera in c++
Hey guys I'm just wondering where to get the best and efficient tutorial on both matrix in c++ and t...
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Moving C++ File Pointer, internal mechanism?
Hello, I have a simple question on how a pointer to a location within a file (or even memory) is mo...
[4 replies] Last: An easy way to see the delay is to consider the rotational latency. O... (by dhayden)
Templated classes and argument/return type
I am starting to experiment with templates, having accepted the messy inconvenience of having to bot...
[7 replies] Last: Does this tie in with 'Runtime Type Information'? Nope. Everything r... (by MiiNiPaa)
can't find whats wrong with my program
so this is my program if i insert 150 after i run im expecting to get this 1 0 0 1 but im getting...
[1 reply] : The problem is here: else { cout << " 0" ; l=i ; //<-This line here ... (by Computergeek01)
variable in a while loop
I would like to have the user type in a word and each letter corresponds to a number, then when the ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks for the input. I needed to use an int array since I want the le... (by ted1941williams)
Decision Statements and Repetition Statements
I need help with this, please help me. Write a program that requests the user to enter coordinates...
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Android development in C++
I want to start developing Android apps in C++, but I do not know what I could use to compile the so...
[4 replies] Last: If I have to, I will do it, but I prefer to use C++ then learn anoth... (by mutexe)
Segmentation fault while setting classes local variables
Hi, When I set a local variable to a value it causes a segmentation fault. This happens in the Gam...
[6 replies] Last: Oh damn what a simple mistake can't believe I missed that Thanks for ... (by danielmccarthy)
VirtualQueryEx and ReadProcessMemory - Why this code works so slow ?
Hello I would greatly appreciate any help regarding this. This code works fine but it takes about 10...
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