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How to Pass by Value-Result
I'm trying to understand the pass by value-result. The code I have came up with so far only does by ...
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by bonho
Getting consistent type names under Windows and Linux
I'm writing a server/client application in C++, one linux and one windows. The generic communicatio...
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by rdekou
Get the output of CImg C++ code in python
To speed up my python code, I'm trying to insert CImg C++ code within it. I'm able to read the pyth...
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by Nanyo
no output
Hi, does anyone know why when I enter the number of humans and skeletons nothing happens #includ...
[1 reply] : Because you're passing them into your "userInput()" function by copy, ... (by Computergeek01)
How to determine if two numbers differ from a specific value
Hello, in chapter 4 in the book Programming principles and practice using C++ I have to write a prog...
[4 replies] Last: > why if I enter 10 and 10.01 I don't get : numbers are almost equal ?... (by JLBorges)
by Aradic
Array error using template class
So, my only issue is I can't figure out how to assign the array in object Q to the 12 months, Dec th...
[8 replies] Last: I don't think that the code that generates the random numbers or store... (by LB)
by fafner
SDL_BlitSurface problem
I'm using SDL_BlitSurface to get a single sprite out of a spritesheet. My code is: SDL_Rect* src ...
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Need help with simple linked list maze
Hi my names Angelica and I'm new to programming. I'm doing terrible at this so a few questions. J...
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40 billion in variable
I'm trying to do a bitcoin calculator, however I can't get the difficulty (40007470271) to any varia...
[15 replies] Last: @MiiNiPaa thanks! @Lachlan no, I'm getting 8 (by mekkatorqu)
by k18522
Void Functions: passed by value help.. to find a total
I missed last class on doing void functions because I got sick and im completely lost! ive being usi...
[1 reply] : use code tags please. getShirtCost(shirtCost); pass by reference:... (by mutexe)
Why is the program snippet giving error?
Why is the program snippet giving error? #include<iostream> #include<string> #include<stdio.h>...
[5 replies] Last: gets(...) does not take a string. Use getline(...) instead: http://ww... (by coder777)
Make a cursor move in c++ using generic functions
Hi guys im really confused and don't know how to do all this. i made a cursor using (windows.h) 1. ...
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ERROR: strcat command
i wrote a short code about string but is wrong. I don't know why? please help me. here my code in...
[8 replies] Last: Yes, you're right. (by kbw)
Having a function inside for_each statement
Dear all, I keep on getting error message while trying to pass a function inside a for_each loop....
[2 replies] Last: for_each requires a certain signature of the function. The only parame... (by coder777)
Template return struct fields
Hi, is it possible to define as template the following get functions. Thanks. class Config { pub...
[6 replies] Last: Not simpler; but more malleable: name and (stringified) value pairs. ... (by JLBorges)
Need help on the code for vending machine
anyone can guide me on this code , this code seems like not functioning =( #include <iostream> ...
[1 reply] : Oh that's easy, you forgot to read this page: (by Lachlan Easton)
c++ project
Assalamu Alaikum. Hello every one ! i am new here and my 2nd semester is going to end.But i have to...
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by Lauke
Other Design Patterns (OOP and non OOP)
Hi Guys, I was looking for other design pattern in literature. I mean the most famous ones are th...
[5 replies] Last: What about multithreading design pattern instead? To be honest i have ... (by Lauke)
Shapes Menu
i am supposed to make a menu similar to the code below that when you enter options 1-6 and for each ...
[8 replies] Last: i was actually able to fix it. i just separated each case in {}. it w... (by rsalzman94)
String comparison help?
Hi all, Long story short I'm creating a program that takes user input in the form of a string and...
[3 replies] Last: If s is a std::string , why are you comparing it for equality to th... (by LB)
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