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by ap117
C++ Homework help regarding tic tac toe game.
I need to fill in the int main() portion of the following code where the first move is randomly chos...
[1 reply] : Lines 8-10: Why are you declaring an empty main here? Lines 105,1... (by AbstractionAnon)
by Musica
make a default constructor having other class member objects
class Date Date(int=1, int=1, int=1990); class Person Person(string="", string="", Date=NULL...
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Stuck on c++ Homework
Hey I have a homework assignment that seemed to be going well but then i got stuck. Here is the assi...
[2 replies] Last: There's an awful lot of benefit in taking time to format your code. . ... (by PCrumley48)
What sets C++ apart from other languages, technically speaking?
Hi there. I've been programming with C++ for almost two years now, and I'd consider myself quite flu...
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by Mduh
Cpp Help please
Hi i am doing a project using opencv and visual studio 2012 and i have written all the code in C++ n...
[1 reply] : a gui to use this code the code that runs on a console ???... (by kbw)
Ok guys, this program runs and compiles. As long as you don't try to go backwards on the menu. I ha...
[2 replies] Last: Sounds good, I will give it a try, THANK YOU!! (by JKirn05)
Need help distance.
Hi everyone, i am trying to find the distance of 3 dimensional bodies. I am able to find the two bod...
[1 reply] : There are special cases whenever l is equal to q. In those cases, your... (by TheRabbitologist)
Hangman Game High Scores
Im trying to do a hangman game and enter high scores. Here's my code I just need help getting starte...
[5 replies] Last: I don't know how you want it to be scored , say maybe like a time limi... (by rjvc)
c++ HELP!!!!
help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to calculate the area of a triangle using heron's formula. i wrote the cod...
[1 reply] : // triangle area by herons formula #include <iostream> #include <cmat... (by anup30)
Pass values by reference
I built a program that finds the average amount of days missed per employee. I am now attempting to ...
[1 reply] : numOfDays() changes the value of its formal parameter, but the caller ... (by helios)
How can I make the program read more lines on the .txt document?
how could this program tell the ID's and Passwords of more than one line in the text document? # i...
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Need homework help
I'm pretty new to programming in C++, and I need help with this lab for school. If someone could poi...
[3 replies] Last: ty keskiverto using getline solved my problem I had. Also OP what did ... (by waketech123)
Initializing via Constructor vs. some other function
Hey all I wanted to get your some of your opinions on this. Let's say for example you're writing a f...
[3 replies] Last: I should of been more specific in that example, constructing the class... (by Renthalkx97)
by cn2105
Binary Search Tree Help
For class we have to create a program that prints a binary tree in vertical, horizontal, and symmetr...
[1 reply] : Printing exactly how you've represented it would be hard because line ... (by dhayden)
sf2 note on/off velocity and aftertouch vs adsr envelope?`
How do I apply a velocity from a MIDI note on/off and note/channel aftertouch to the adsr envelope? ...
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by ap117
Tic-Tac-Toe Game errors
I need to fill in the int main() portion of the following code where the first move is randomly chos...
[4 replies] Last: Now that I have who goes first based on whether or not a random number... (by ap117)
by Noori
data structure,20494,30383,00.html can someone have a look to this homework an...
[1 reply] : My first though was that you were a spammer, but on second thought I d... (by Peter87)
Urgent Maze help
How would I fix: 47|error: 'rpnewLocation' was not declared in this scope| 171|error: 'nCols' was ...
[1 reply] : Variable names are case sensitive. For instance, you use the variable ... (by Computergeek01)
by g3rsii
need to aid on a program asap
i am asked to make a program that gets a text from the keyboard and prints out only the lines longe...
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How to diplay with decimals?
Hello, I am trying to make the code below display the result with decimals. I tried using setprec...
[4 replies] Last: It worked. Thanks guys. I could of sworn I tried that already. (by tnguy070)
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