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Batch Code?
Can someone explain to me what batch code is and give me some examples as I'm abit stuck on them.
[4 replies] Last: Both bash and cmd.exe execute batch processes. On Windows systems, ... (by Duoas)
by dteel
C style casts
I've made many posts in the past with regards to C (on different forums) to have people comment on i...
[3 replies] Last: The problem with C casts is you're never quite sure what they're doing... (by kbw)
Help! Calling all programmers :/
The Scenario FLC is developing a new system for an engineering company. A common requirement ...
[4 replies] Last: Was helpful, Thanks :) (by BKR1888)
Strange while loop behavior
Okay so I have this: int i = 0; int lineN = 0; string line; ifstream qFile;"Q...
[1 reply] : How did you define 'data' and its attributes? (by tcs)
by poteto
Timer efficiency.
Just a short question. I'm starting to use many timers (networking), and I was wondering what are...
[1 reply] : Multiple timers are indeed realized in a similar manner. Have a look a... (by tcs)
Do std::cout the hard way.
If I wanted to do a basic output to the console without any header files, how would I go about this?...
[2 replies] Last: Other than Pascal, C/C++ doesn't know anything about in-/output. The r... (by tcs)
Programming Exercise
I have copy/paste my code below for a program. However, I need the numbers to be output in the rever...
[2 replies] Last: Your return main() statement results into an infinit recursion causi... (by tcs)
Airport data base program
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #ifndef AIRPORT_H ...
[3 replies] Last: And please don't forget indentation. (by tcs)
Best books to learn C#?
As the title says, what are the best books to learn C# from? Generally for the use of Unity maybe al...
[3 replies] Last: Microsoft Visual C# 2013 Step by Step - John Sharp http://it-ebooks.... (by anup30)
suggestions for changing some bit of a number
hello I use miracle library to work with big numbers. I defined a number for example X with 192 ...
[1 reply] : You can use so called masks. //Binary number 10-bit X=0b0000000000; ... (by vlkon)
by vlkon
Program speed - variable size
Hello, when I was looking for a way how to convert char into numeric value for std::cout I foun...
[2 replies] Last: OK, thaks for a reply. That makes decisions easier. (by vlkon)
Using C++ to program EV3 LEGO
I have to write a code for my EV3 Kit that employ IR sensor to calculate the distance vector when it...
[no replies]
float and double confusion
Heloow every1..... here's my question int main() { float x=0.1; if(x==0.1) cout<< "True"; ...
[4 replies] Last: The simple answer is that 0.1 is not exactly represent-able within the... (by ShodanHo)
windows.h header file
hello every1 i am new here...and i want to know about dunctions in windows.h header file... i know...
[2 replies] Last: sleep() isn't a Windows SDK call, it's a POSIX call; unless you mean S... (by kbw)
Operator overloading with matrices
So I have been creating a matrix class and I'm almost done with it. All I have left are the + - * op...
[19 replies] Last: Thanks JLBorges. That was it. (by cmajor28)
Any recent SDL turotrials with CodeBlock?
I have recently tried LazyFoo's and this tutorial: So I...
[2 replies] Last: Does CodeBlock need ot be configured to 64-bit before it can compile... (by Avilius)
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