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Isn't a class unable to reference itself without hitting a snag?
I've done my best to be clear in the title, but I'm fully aware I've done a bad job. So here some mo...
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VGA End horizontal blanking 0?
What happens when the VGA is programmed with the CRTC's End horizontal or vertical blanking set to 0...
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Question about reference syntax
I see syntax as Object p; ... Object& o = p; Is this something similar as Object p; ... ...
[1 reply] : A pointer and reference are similar in many ways and a reference is al... (by a k n)
by abc1
increment/decrement operators
hi, In the following program. void main() { int a=1; cout<<a++<<"\t"<<++a<<"\t"<<a++<<en...
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Any idea where the registry keys for allowed applications are stored in windows 8?
I'm trying figure out how Windows Firewall functions by experimenting with Bittorrent's add exceptio...
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by drawar
BankAccount class
Hi, I'm supposed to build a banking simulation program around the BankAcct class, which provides the...
[1 reply] : program just keep on crashing Any idea where? edit: at a quick gl... (by mutexe)
centimeters to feet and inches conversion
Given as input a floating (real) number of centimeters, print out the equivalent number of feet (i...
[13 replies] Last: For what input? 300? Print whitespace between values. Substract the ... (by keskiverto)
count number of sentences in a string
Hi, I am writing a program that counts the number of sentences in a string. I count the number of ...
[3 replies] Last: 3000 characters is tiny, even a bad implementation of std::string wi... (by LB)
by soranz
Hi! I have 2 classes where A inherits from B. I'm trying to use ofstream to create a logfile that bo...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you JLBorges ! I understand how to do it now. (by soranz)
Avoid Redundant code in derived classes.
Hi Folks, ISSUE: How to avoid redundant code in c++ ? Problem:Say I have a Base class called C...
[1 reply] : You can define the common code in the base class virtual member functi... (by LB)
by zxrp
Iterating through a Vector of Pointers
Hey guys, If I have a Vector of pointers, how can I iterate through that vector, to access the name ...
[10 replies] Last: I think I fixed another small error in elsewhere in my code, where I f... (by zxrp)
by zxrp
Looping through a Vector of Object Pointers
Hey guys, lets say for example I have the following vector: vector<Component*> mComponents; ...
[1 reply] : I found the solution, never mind, here it is: vector<Component*>:: i... (by zxrp)
by AGZZ21
Getting the optimal change in cents.
On one of my assignments I have to find the optimal change. For example, if I were to have 70 cents ...
[1 reply] : What I would do is sort the array for highest to smallest(or just assi... (by giblit)
by flony1
step two vectors to a function
hello forum friends I have a doubt and I have two vectors to a function. a vector is (int *, const...
[1 reply] : Perhaps there is a translation mistake? "vector" refers to the std::v... (by LB)
Pricing a Bond
Hello, I have written a code that prices a bond, but its pretty messy, is there anyway to condense t...
[3 replies] Last: Any help with for loops? I would really appreciate it. (by JohnMyer87)
Yes/No while loop help
Hi, I'm new to C++, and for a class project we had to write a code to exchange the user's input mone...
[1 reply] : std::string Done; do { // Your code d... (by monochrome)
Changing relative path reference
FILE* pFile = fopen ("./myfile.txt","w+"); Is there a way to change what a relative path is ref...
[4 replies] Last: You're right, that's even better. I already used boost::filesystem in... (by Stewbond)
Specifics concerning #include
I am using GCC via MinGW/MSYS under Windows. Currently i am using a home-brew IDE based on several ...
[4 replies] Last: If you're running all the files through a script anyway I'm not sure w... (by LB)
Need code to Exit function after 5 minutes.
Hi All, Need your help. I have a function which sometime takes more than 24 hours to run. So I wan...
[9 replies] Last: Hey, Could you please give me small programming example on using separ... (by pdsharma86)
unable to input data
Whats wrong with my code, I wasn't able to input for Lastname field. Can somebody please take a ...
[1 reply] : char fname, lname; means that fname, lname are single characters no... (by coder777)
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