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remove_if bugged?
int main() { string str = "Archer Level 1"; remove_if(str.begin(), str.end(), isspace); cout...
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C++: can i create my own style type?
on C\C++ the strings are collected\added between mark quotions("). can i create my own style betwee...
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A case where i consistently use gotos; alternatives?
Hi, there's a case in which i always use gotos, because all the alternatives i can think of can only...
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Arrange Numbers In Order
Hey, I've been trying to figure out a way to arrange 3 user-inputted numbers in order from greatest ...
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Remove repeated nodes in a Hierarchical tree
I have a Node class that contain other nodes childs. I want to compare all childs node with all fath...
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String array not being detected in cpp
Hello, I've started creating a text based ASCII art driven RPG as an extension of the C++ programmin...
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How to Create arguments? (Beginners trying to learn C++ here, sorry for the long paragraph)
I have only started to use the language c++ with microsoft visual studio a little over a week, and I...
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How can i loop through a txt file?
bool gameOn; string str; int n = 0; while (gameOn) { cin>>str; if(str=="save") ...
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Map problem
I have 2 classes, TexturedModel and Entity (with NO members or methods). I write this code and ...
[3 replies] Last: not sure on those exactly. Perhaps some of your destructor(s) weren't... (by icy1)
by tas0sa
Multichannel Audio Mixing
Hello, I'm trying to help a friend of mine with a audio project. My audio-knowledge ist pretty li...
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Finding multiple strings in an array of chars
I'm currently writing a program that reads a text file, stores the characters into an array, searche...
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About in-scope functions
Some time ago doing a project in c i ended up using a beautiful feature of gcc (i found out only lat...
[4 replies] Last: That function would not exist outside of the scope, and can access al... (by coder777)
Regex issues!
Below is my code to test the regex iterator. I use word = "h??" and word2 = "him hey hot got". Ho...
[1 reply] : You seem to think that question marks mean "any character". That may b... (by tpb)
Iterating through all the keys of an std::map by reference
Here is how I want to retrieve the keys of an std::map; void processMap(std::map<TexturedModel, ...
[1 reply] : You can get a 'const TexturedModel &', but not a 'TexturedModel &'. Ke... (by helios)
Software program
Program Design, we write programs, Develop Software. Develop software A program a series of softwa...
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loop data structure from outside class without allowing modification
Greetings, i've a class C which contains a list of pointers to a class A. That list must only be m...
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by cmisip
Please evaluate and propose a more efficient implementation based on bit operations in a 32 bit machine
I am working on raspberry pi3 and it has the ARM cpu which prefers to do memory read and write at 32...
[7 replies] Last: The only architecture I know of where accessing the stack or the heap ... (by helios)
how can read data from file for vector<Mat> variable
I have used one sample code from the link below: ...
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module missing
every time i open project it tells me a module is missing and it tells me press to compile i press i...
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can anybody help with this cp ques??
can any body explain this:-
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