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build error
this is my header file #ifndef STATS_H // Prevent duplicate definition #define STATS_H #incl...
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Search and Cout
Ok, so please before you get anywhere else do note I am very new to c++. Anyways, just for the hell ...
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Programming a simple 2D game
Hi everyone, How long would it take for someone who has never programmed before to program a simp...
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Having trouble linking curses library with CodeBlocks.
I'm not sure why this is giving me so much trouble. I originally worked on a project that linked the...
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overloading question
Trying to make this overloaded function work -- only successful by adding another return field to 2 ...
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Hint please!!
I can't figure out what am I doing wrong with this program in which just by typing row and column us...
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Sleep() function into a for loop
Hi everyone, i'm learning to program in C++ and i'm making a program right now, but i found a proble...
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Write class to bin
How do you actually write the whole class object into a binary file? The way I do it is, create s...
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C Bit Manipulation Help
Hey everyone. I'm having trouble with this homework assignment and I would really appreciate some he...
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Don't understand if (number % 2 == 0)
Just started my first programming class, so I'm a complete newbie. I have a question about somethin...
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Using Stack to Reverse Name
Hey there guys so my C++ class has me creating a program that lets the user enter a character one le...
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Add '\n' to 10th position in char array
kay there's a big back story but to cut to the chase, for one part of my program I have to allow the...
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Rounding to nearest hundred
How would i round a number with data type of double to the nearest hundred. the code is for int ...
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Help with a C++ Problem
Can somebody please give me the complete code for this, it should be relatively easy> *Update* : ...
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Write a C++ program to print the size of a file
Write a C++ program to print the size of a file
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How to use VideoLAN's x265 encoder..
Hi, So basically I want to convert a stream of raw images to video and I've opted for h.264 forma...
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program for Converting Yen, Euro And Pounds To Dollars
For my book, I'm writing a program that would convert Yen, Euros and Pounds to Dollars. I checked o...
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by nanax
Project in C++ using Queue
can anyone help us to make a program about computer laboratory in 5 classes with 60 computer, in eve...
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rounding of double
Hi, I have a double with long decimal values eg : double x =32.1347896 I wanted to round it to 3...
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Impossible to erase or insert
HiĀ ; although many trials, impossible to insert or erase somebody. Look at my 3 commented lines (76...
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