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Time complexity of algorithm
Hi guys, I'm trying to find the number of integer points lying on or inside a given triangle (whi...
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Putting two pieces of code together help
Just finished some prototypes and looking to put them all together but can't seem to do it, they are...
[1 reply] : Hi, I am pretty sure you cant use int main() more than once , plea... (by programmer007)
write all possible values of an array
What is an elegant way to write all possible values of an array? Let's say that the array is boolean...
[2 replies] Last: This isn't a permutation, though. It's treating an array as a number a... (by helios)
editing minisat solver
please , I am a master student in the topic of satisfiability so I get the precompiled binaries of t...
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How can I inline functions in header files?
//Point.h #ifndef POINT_H #define POINT_H struct Point { int x; int y; } bool operator==(co...
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Copyrights and intent
If I use CURL to download a webpage and save it to disk for the sole purpose of comparing it to that...
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Help me find a median!!!
Hay guys, I am trying to write a program that ask the user how many grades there are, inputs the gra...
[5 replies] Last: my temp "t" in my sort was an int, this caused all my problems. (by zacharyMarbooti)
Audio/Sound/Midi library?
Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a library that can create sounds(From samples/soundfonts?). I don...
[3 replies] Last: So given a waveform, play the waveform without having to first convert... (by Ganado)
Calculate mean, variance and standart deviation
I need to know how can I read an archive csv to c++ with 30 points of longitude and latitude and aft...
[3 replies] Last: Your best way of going about it is to do a search on this site or goog... (by kemort)
Average and Median filter
I need a program that read a bitmap image and apply median filter (window 3x3 and window 9x9) and av...
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What is wrong with map.clear() in my program
I am trying to write a program for snake and ladder game. I am having an issue with the map.clear in...
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by Sareks
[QT] How do I use curlcpp with QT?
Hello, I'm about to make my first legit application which actually does something useful. But...
[10 replies] Last: Then add <curlcpp root>/build/src/ to your library path and <curlcpp ... (by htirwin)
how to create an array with boost.python
I want to create python array with boost.python but get segment fault every time. I paste my code as...
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Boost asio client server
Hello Guys i made a synchronus client and asynchronus server. I am trying to connect them and able t...
[1 reply] : io_service::run() returns when there is no pending asynchronous oper... (by JLBorges)
Obtaining the value of a preprocessor constant at compile time??
I have a preprocessor constant BOOST_MSVC and I want to print its value as I compile the code.. How ...
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Is data hiding effective in C++?
Hi all, In my python class yesterday we were covering classes and how "__" is used before a varia...
[11 replies] Last: Thank all of you for the insight! Python is the second language I am f... (by edge6768)
MouseEventArgs unidentified problem
so, i'm developing a game for my programming class in college. there's a fragment of my code that ke...
[2 replies] Last: thank you so much thomas, i knew the solution was something like that ... (by berfomet96)
Error Templating Two Classes
Hello all, I am trying to impliment my first binary tree and I am having some issues. The exact ...
[2 replies] Last: That worked, now I have runtime errors I have to debug :). (by slavano)
Complexity of Function
I am a bit confused about the Big-O complexity of this function: void permute (int a , int n) { ...
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by Shafat
if command help
Question: The following code is for calculation quadratic equation. after putting values of a,b and ...
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