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Read from txt to vector
Hell there, What is up? void Equipa::alocaDirector (istream &isV){ string _name; string _age...
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[1 reply] : Why do you think there's something wrong with it? Can you please use ... (by kbw)
Stacks. C++
[1 reply] : If by stack you mean std::stack or if the stack has a properly impleme... (by Peter87)
stack implementation by struct?
can someone just tell me how this code actually works, and how can i let the user enter numbers, whi...
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Ignoring negative values in array
I need to ignore negative values in an array, but not exit the function. For example if the user e...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> std::size_t read_positive( int* array, std::size... (by JLBorges)
by zakels
Inserting user-input string to an array
I'm trying to code the program that will store item data. And I'm having problems to receive user-i...
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C++ Help
a. Write a function to judge two lines in the coordinate system being parallel, perpendicular, or ...
[5 replies] Last: The three cases need to be a 3-way if/then/else. Note that I've also ... (by dhayden)
having hard time with a few functions
part A void student_data() { } part B void findHighestScores(int) { } ...
[1 reply] : Alright let me try to understand what you wrote. I am just going to go... (by InfinityCounter)
Mario Sunshine paint effect
Always more theory based questions to see how people would do things! What do you guys think would ...
[6 replies] Last: Right, I think the images are 512x512 and there are several for each "... (by James2250)
by a k n
Cryptographic security of std::random_device
Is it safe to use it for cryptography purposes say generating a salt ? std::random_device::entropy(...
[4 replies] Last: Okay , thanks . (by a k n)
Initializing n-dimensional std::array with a list of components
InitializeNArray<4, bool, NARRAY>()(narray, {1,2,3,2}, true); is supposed to initialize a 4-dime...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks for your explanation. Here is the full solution to my original... (by prestokeys)
by sebz92
sort a string array alphabetically
hello, i wish to sort a string array alphabetically and im not sure if i am doing it right. for exam...
[2 replies] Last: wow it worked. that was so simpleee !!! thank you very much! (by sebz92)
Cone Volume Calculator program
I'm working on below program and I want the program to do the same thing, but with not one main() fu...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks NT3 for the solution. However, I cannot use a 1 anywhere since... (by learner1234)
by lzhr2x
C++ group of struct
Hello All, I have a C# code using "Interface" for including behavior from multiple sources in a s...
[2 replies] Last: main.cpp #include "INTFC.h" int main() { INTFC* value; //value = ... (by booradley60)
Working with DLLs
Hi, I am creating a basic program to use DLLs, but it isn't quite working properly and i'm not su...
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Random number array (sum, reverse, search)
hey guys, I have an assignment that asks for an array of 8 random numbers from 60-100 then it asks...
[8 replies] Last: @eediott Well to reverse the array use the .length(), function from t... (by InfinityCounter)
Working with Static Libraries
Hi, I am trying to create some basic Static Libraries in Visual Studio 2010, but I am having some...
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How to return 0 in this function?
double MeasureCornerAngle(int nCoord,const double coord ,int index) { if (index < 1 || index > nCo...
[1 reply] : Well this can be simply solved in several ways. the value 0.0 is the ... (by InfinityCounter)
C++ OpenMP emergency
Hi, I have an emergency as I have to submit a C++ code using OpenMP for the multithreaded part b...
[1 reply] : Here's the whole code, but the relevant part is after mode=1 and mode=... (by mgreutm)
by ap117
C++ Homework help regarding tic tac toe game.
I need to fill in the int main() portion of the following code where the first move is randomly chos...
[1 reply] : Lines 8-10: Why are you declaring an empty main here? Lines 105,1... (by AbstractionAnon)
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