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reading a .pgm file
Hello eveyone, I want to know how to read a .pgm file from my hdd and store it in a 2d array s...
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Binary file and structs
Hello. What is the difference between reading from binary file between the following way: stru...
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Discussion: Global vs Local Variables with the Same Name
I have what I think is an interesting question. What would be the ouput of the following code? gl...
[1 reply] : Do all C++ compilers allow this code? Do you mean in actuality or in ... (by helios)
C++ Input from txt file size problem
Hello guys. I finally accomplished what I'd asked for earlier. I'm able to input data from txt...
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editing attribute values with libxml2?
Hello everyone! I am sorry to bug you, but this site is my last hope. I have tried googling, so, red...
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by azad90
Modify element in node of linked list with value assignment
Hei guys, hope that you could lend a hand to solve this problem I tried to modify staff name with...
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Convert file to base64? (confused)
I'm looking to convert audio, images, video to base64 in c++, and through many searches on the web I...
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Understanding (int*), casts
I can't understand pointer casts ( C Style ). Implicit casts are next, but C pointer casts don't ma...
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Precision Errors
solved thank you
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My asterisk diamond is printing out wrong.
I feel as if I'm so close and I'm just messing up a value somewhere, but I am at a loss as to what I...
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Duration of Temporaries in C++
My doubt is regarding the early destruction of a class object. Usually the destructor should be call...
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Keep Getting 0$ as result???
I made a program for this problem= Each employee of a company contributes 6% of his salary towards h...
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Fastest comparison algorithm based on a predefined container? (1,2,3)
Suppose you have defined a container of elements and you want do define a comparison function betwee...
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Better way for HTML parser?
I know my html parser is a hacky mess so does anyone have any advice on how to write a parser more e...
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Ive just installed cygwin and im having some problems with gnuplot i have the terminal type set to x...
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C++ Problems
Can anyone spot what wrong with my code here? I got problem with the loop and Q(remains same = Q1 ...
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Mandlebrot Is Only a Circle, whats the problem?
hi, its 2:24 am, and im sad and tired, i gave up, here's code (I use Qt for drawing) #include "mai...
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by F40R
Rectangle Help
Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble here. I am trying to create a rectangle generator using - and ...
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Problems with moving a sprite (SDL)
Hello! Recently i have started to use the SDL libery, because of the easy game programming benefits ...
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by jami
Massive Assistance...
all, hello, i'm very new to the forum and c++ and i'm in need of massive help. i've procrastinated a...
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