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Testing an object in a vector against all other objects in the vector?
Hi there, I'm working on collision detection for a game in SFML. I succesfully designed a Spatial Pa...
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Character Recognition with Artificial Neural Network
Hello Everyone, I am a EE undergraduate at a university who will be competing in a robotics competi...
[2 replies] Last: Yea, I have MPLab XC32 but I guess I never noticed it contained a C++ ... (by iscoulter)
Initialize vector size
Hello, Getting back into programming after a few years off and a bit rusty. My question is: Is ...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks very helpful. Seems to work now. This is what I have done: ... (by haydavis)
Trying to understand rvalue references and move semantics better
Before I start writing code that uses rvalue references and move semantics I want to make sure that ...
[2 replies] Last: @MiiNiPaa Thanks for the reply! Well there's nothing I need help wit... (by benbalach)
Deleting class pointer arrays.
Hello! If i have a pointer array of classes, e.g. MyClass *foo; and if i try to delete this poin...
[1 reply] : Yes. Example in http:... (by keskiverto)
Best ways to evaluate c++ skills
Hi, I am acutally a learner in c++. Can any body just let me know what are the good sources, ...
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Need help with homework problem
[11 replies] Last: can you put your original code back please? (by mutexe)
Getting wrong output
So the question is Here is my code. #incl...
[11 replies] Last: Do you still think your assertion is true? I feel like a complete i... (by Gamemaster007)
Seeking general solution to this problem (explanatory only)
There are N containers containing elements of type Thing*. Many Thing objects have identical data v...
[12 replies] Last: > Then the object map is written to file as the program exits. > Then... (by JLBorges)
I need help, guys! Pls help me :(
Here is the assignment I get: ***** Write an email simulator that processes mail at an average of ...
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HELP!! Address book project c++
please help me, im stuck at this code.. i dont know what to do next. :( i keep getting errors on the...
[2 replies] Last: Can you fix the final output bro? im stuck at this and i need it badly... (by vmeen08)
Command prompt buffer problem.
I've coded a packet sniffer as console application that outputs a lot of different data into console...
[6 replies] Last: Do you mean a sort of middleman between collected data and console out... (by Clint Westwood)
trouble with finding repeated alphabets
So I want to build a game using C++. Everything was fine until I met a problem. The game was supp...
[16 replies] Last: we check if beta is beside or (by axissabre)
by Kip
How to pass a method of derived class as parameter to another method in base class
Hey friends, I have a question similar to the one here:
[2 replies] Last: Thank you JLBorges. That is a much better solution than the one I was ... (by Kip)
Error with Tilde Bitwise Operator
Let's examine the code. int x = 100; unsigned long answer1 = ~x; unsigned long long answer2 ...
[1 reply] : int x = 100; In this case ~x is a negative number. When you assignin... (by MiiNiPaa)
Use of pointers
When using pointers, when is it appropriate to call free ? In the following code, I allocate 4*4 b...
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by KrtinN
Quiz Program
Hi, I am working on a program. There is a .txt file that has quiz questions, multiple choice answ...
[3 replies] Last: Conceptually, that is irrelevant. The file has a list of entries. Yo... (by keskiverto)
External Library Help!!!!
So I want to download an extrenal library called see.h. However, I'm not sure where to put this like...
[3 replies] Last: It doesn't really matter, as long as you do what I said in my previous... (by MikeyBoy)
Having Trouble/I do not know what is wrong.
Well, I'm trying to make a Permutation/Combination calculator and I'm getting weird errors when tryi...
[2 replies] Last: I fixed the prototypes, but now I'm having problem with the wrong outp... (by almost2old)
Switch statement
Not all people are lightly active, and people who exercise may need to eat more. This section adjust...
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