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Class not seen by compiler???
Hey, I have an issue. VS 2013 isn't recognizing objects that I've declared when I use class function...
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how many streams with a file?
I wanted to know if i could use two streams with a file fstream fS; ifstream read;"t...
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error: variable or field declared void
hello why I am getting this error error: variable or field createBinaryFile declared void void...
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Class Problem
I'm creating a class and a user defined library and also creating a text file. I tried to call the f...
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enable_if with variadic template arguments
I have: template <typename FIRST, typename... REST, typename std::enable_if<std::is_convertible<...
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Using C++ to stream data
Hello all I am trying to build a C++ program to get data from any kinda stocks and shares website...
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How to check if process loaded completely?
For example, I have a game loading to start up .. How can I check if it completely loaded?
[1 reply] : I don't understand. This process is specific to your game. Are the spr... (by iHutch105)
Shouldn't a for loop which loops 10 time have a greater runtime than a for loop with 5 loops? If s...
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C++ AntiVirus
I would like to make an antivirus program. I am pretty much a newb at programming, and I know this i...
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Ineritance, Using Base class constructor. LNK2019 error
I am trying to create a few subclasses which all use the base class constructor, according to my boo...
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Fstream Related Doubt
If I am running a program to write some information to a text file and I open the output file during...
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auto property in C++ express 2010...
Hi. As with VB express 2010, once an object name is typed in code window, its properties are all di...
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Help with if statements
If I want to say something like if this is true, and this is true, and this is true than print ...
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Framework, Exporting functions, and classes
I have a pretty substantial C# program currently. I have been pondering a rewrite of it to C++ using...
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Help with templates
I am trying to make a table class that will be able to have multiple columns of data. I want it to h...
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Javascript to C++ function
Hi I'm trying to covert some code to the c++ equivalenet from java script. I started the funci...
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i want to ask from user to enter how many entries he want to enter.kindly help me
when i declare local variable x and use it in array,the error is occure that use of un assign local ...
[2 replies] Last: int x = 10; //declare and initialize the variable with some value. wit... (by Rabindra Hota)
Why does this program skip Cin
#include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { int Height, Weight, Ag...
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by smk
if else structure
how we will write a program tha will count a number of noots.i maen if i have 5676 rupees and i want...
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by Emkor
help please!
++++nevermind, all figured out+++++ delete
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