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c++ project
Assalamu Alaikum. Hello every one ! i am new here and my 2nd semester is going to end.But i have to...
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by Lauke
Other Design Patterns (OOP and non OOP)
Hi Guys, I was looking for other design pattern in literature. I mean the most famous ones are th...
[5 replies] Last: What about multithreading design pattern instead? To be honest i have ... (by Lauke)
Shapes Menu
i am supposed to make a menu similar to the code below that when you enter options 1-6 and for each ...
[8 replies] Last: i was actually able to fix it. i just separated each case in {}. it w... (by rsalzman94)
String comparison help?
Hi all, Long story short I'm creating a program that takes user input in the form of a string and...
[3 replies] Last: If s is a std::string , why are you comparing it for equality to th... (by LB)
Simply looking for some tips to help make this program
At 8:00 PM, your little brother/sister starts to watch a movie using a DVD player. The length of a m...
[4 replies] Last: please use code tags <> for small program like this, its better to wri... (by anup30)
Copying a file
Hi, I'd like to build a class which receives a file, and edits a copy of it. How can the file's ...
[6 replies] Last: > The thing is that the constructor does not return any value, > so h... (by JLBorges)
by nthuth
Best design practice for accessing objects in another class?
I am working on a video game that is based on a tutorial I found online and I ran into an issue asso...
[5 replies] Last: 1. Then the bullet should know who fired it. void Comet::HitBy(Bulle... (by helios)
Trouble defining function
Hi everyone! So for Part 2 of my assignment, I need to define the function closest to find the point...
[2 replies] Last: int closest(Point& start, vector<Point>& village) { int flag; //unin... (by ne555)
if statment error
I have an if statement that should either match a text variable that the user has entered and a anot...
[1 reply] : You're sure that everything matches up when you input args? i.e. answ... (by PimpedKoala)
Temperature conversion program, need help
I am new to programming and am having trouble grasping concepts with functions. Here is my proble...
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How to use classes
Hi everyone, So this is the code that my professor gave us to start with, and I'm not really sur...
[7 replies] Last: if (village < village ) flag = i; ┬┐how do you compare two points?... (by ne555)
My Linear-Search isn't working
This program is supposed to print out deposits and withdrawal of autos, but the problem is that it u...
[4 replies] Last: Have you tried debugging? If you don't have time to learn how to use ... (by LB)
Initializing static map of variable type abstract class
The Situation: A have two classes, one inheriting the other, and the parent class being abstract ...
[3 replies] Last: [quote=Food 4 Thought]Like I said, the Parent class is abstract and I ... (by LB)
Horse Racing Program Help
Hello, I am writing a simple horse racing code for my Programming 1 class. I have everything done bu...
[4 replies] Last: Problem solved! You are very welcome! Code: #include<iostream> #inclu... (by jasonwynn10)
by Akigou
Alphabetical search/strncmp
My program is supposed to look through a library database by Author's last name, but what I have gi...
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x86 clock speed importance?
How important is it for an x86 to run at a certain speed compared to hardware? So running at 4.77Mhz...
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Custom DLL pathing in Dev c++
I'm using Dev C++ and I'd like to be able to have the dll files I need for things to be in a differe...
[1 reply] : This is what side-by-side assemblies are for. You need to create and a... (by Duoas)
Newline debugging
Hello, I am writing a driver program that will eventually need to pass two strings to a function I a...
[1 reply] : Still nothing.. I noticed that after "in front of," there appears to b... (by bwilfong3)
int- expression missing?
so i'm making a simple game and something keeps going wrong :C the area of error is cout << "...
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Random Cannon Generator
I am in a computer science class this semester and for an assignment i have to create a program that...
[1 reply] : check out the reference section of this site or just search rand() ... (by jasonwynn10)
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