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auto property in C++ express 2010...
Hi. As with VB express 2010, once an object name is typed in code window, its properties are all di...
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Help with if statements
If I want to say something like if this is true, and this is true, and this is true than print ...
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Framework, Exporting functions, and classes
I have a pretty substantial C# program currently. I have been pondering a rewrite of it to C++ using...
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Help with templates
I am trying to make a table class that will be able to have multiple columns of data. I want it to h...
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Javascript to C++ function
Hi I'm trying to covert some code to the c++ equivalenet from java script. I started the funci...
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i want to ask from user to enter how many entries he want to enter.kindly help me
when i declare local variable x and use it in array,the error is occure that use of un assign local ...
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Why does this program skip Cin
#include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { int Height, Weight, Ag...
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by smk
if else structure
how we will write a program tha will count a number of noots.i maen if i have 5676 rupees and i want...
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by Emkor
help please!
++++nevermind, all figured out+++++ delete
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I Need help with this guys
Please Help me solve this...... C++ A travel group travelled to 5 cities. The group started its...
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cross compiling
Hey there. Can anyone tell me the commands to compile a c file as avr and as x86 on linux? I've been...
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C++ Adware Cleaner?
I would like to know how to make an adware cleaner/remover in C++. I have not found anything about h...
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Command to get a line from the user
int get_command_line (char * sa) { char * s; char * l = fgets(s, 300*5, stdin); int i = ...
[1 reply] : std::string line; std::getline(std::cin, line); (by LB)
Please answer this Question about C++
____________is the act of printing out all of the input values so that the user can verify that they...
[1 reply] : [quote=David623]____________is the act of printing out all of the inpu... (by LB)
code blocks problem
I am using code blocks but I don't have souces folder after creating a new project and there is no ...
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by Ispil
Hash Function Help
Alright, I am stuck. I need a hash function for this class: #ifndef CONNECTOR_H #define CONNECT...
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Trouble with const, references, pointers, returns
I have a task in my c++class which involves these functions, and i cant change the arguments. Its...
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by KrtinN
Switch Code
Hey guys, i am new to C++ programming and I have a task. I need to create a code so that people c...
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strange float vs double comparison result
float a = 1.2; and you know c and c++ says that a is not equal to 1.2 Why ??? i.e following condi...
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by sebj
Are my casts corrects?
Hello, I would like to incorporate the snowball stemming library ( to my co...
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