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centimeters to feet and inch conversion
#include <cstdio> #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int main () { ...
[1 reply] : Just use std::cout. This: feet1=cen1/2.54/12; only makes sense in ... (by helios)
by abc1
reference variables
here in the following code reference variable is declared. int x=1; int &y=x; since...
[1 reply] : Why does C use {} for structure and for offsets and not the other wa... (by helios)
Functions and Arrays as Parameters
Can anyone tell me what "int values" is supposed to mean as parameters to these functions? I'm not s...
[2 replies] Last: So then int values means 3? I put three because that's how many elemen... (by Ayalaj01)
Help Please..i need help :(
/*******************************************************/ /* Solify's -> CA Base D3D Menu Selection...
[1 reply] : Please use [co de] tags. I think you are missing part of a function.... (by Zhuge)
Loading file crashing game?
I've been making a multilayer game for a while and have a config that the game loads for the IP and ...
[3 replies] Last: Nothing wrong with the code? I don't really remember how I made it. Li... (by Bingocat4)
by LB
[Reopened] Why does this error even exist? (1,2) struct Base { virtual ~Base() = default; ...
[23 replies] Last: Upon more investigation of the original example in the first post, I'm... (by LB)
what can c++ do in general?
Hi! so i'm 12 and i'm very interested in programming and computers in general (just installed my fir...
[11 replies] Last: Thank you all everyone you have been a great help (by padawan1545)
by LB
Template overloading?
Is there any way to make this work?[code first...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, I forgot I could do that! (by LB)
Linked list not increasing in size
I'm trying to implement a linked list using my own node class. I've created functions to add to the ...
[2 replies] Last: @Disch Ah, you are definitely right. I was convinced that there was a ... (by MrPigeon)
Isn't a class unable to reference itself without hitting a snag?
I've done my best to be clear in the title, but I'm fully aware I've done a bad job. So here some mo...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you all for your answers. The solution provided by Peter87 did w... (by mihares)
VGA End horizontal blanking 0?
What happens when the VGA is programmed with the CRTC's End horizontal or vertical blanking set to 0...
[no replies]
Question about reference syntax
I see syntax as Object p; ... Object& o = p; Is this something similar as Object p; ... ...
[1 reply] : A pointer and reference are similar in many ways and a reference is al... (by a k n)
by abc1
increment/decrement operators
hi, In the following program. void main() { int a=1; cout<<a++<<"\t"<<++a<<"\t"<<a++<<en...
[2 replies] Last: The behavior of the program in Undefined. For example see this output ... (by a k n)
Any idea where the registry keys for allowed applications are stored in windows 8?
I'm trying figure out how Windows Firewall functions by experimenting with Bittorrent's add exceptio...
[6 replies] Last: i'll try that. It looks like exactly what i've been looking for (by simptri69)
by drawar
BankAccount class
Hi, I'm supposed to build a banking simulation program around the BankAcct class, which provides the...
[1 reply] : program just keep on crashing Any idea where? edit: at a quick gl... (by mutexe)
centimeters to feet and inches conversion
Given as input a floating (real) number of centimeters, print out the equivalent number of feet (i...
[13 replies] Last: For what input? 300? Print whitespace between values. Substract the ... (by keskiverto)
count number of sentences in a string
Hi, I am writing a program that counts the number of sentences in a string. I count the number of ...
[3 replies] Last: 3000 characters is tiny, even a bad implementation of std::string wi... (by LB)
by soranz
Hi! I have 2 classes where A inherits from B. I'm trying to use ofstream to create a logfile that bo...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you JLBorges ! I understand how to do it now. (by soranz)
Avoid Redundant code in derived classes.
Hi Folks, ISSUE: How to avoid redundant code in c++ ? Problem:Say I have a Base class called C...
[1 reply] : You can define the common code in the base class virtual member functi... (by LB)
by zxrp
Iterating through a Vector of Pointers
Hey guys, If I have a Vector of pointers, how can I iterate through that vector, to access the name ...
[10 replies] Last: I think I fixed another small error in elsewhere in my code, where I f... (by zxrp)
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