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Help. C/C++ Save Ascii Characters (Api Windows)
Hello! I need to save in a file (txt) the characters ascii (for example "☺") when some ...
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Need help on this question ASAP please!!!
A simulation program can be used to model a system for testing purposes. One application of a system...
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Number Pyramid
Hi all! I'm trying to make a program that makes a number pyramid that looks like this: Ente...
[1 reply] : #include<iostream> #include<iomanip> #include<string> using namespace... (by Esslercuffi)
Maps Question
I am currently working on a homework assignment. A question asks.... "Can a map be declare...
[3 replies] Last: Yes if you can provide meaningful operator < or custom comparator. #... (by MiiNiPaa)
Referencing a 2D array in order to sort strings
I am utterly confused on how to set up a function that references a 2D array and compares he strings...
[2 replies] Last: Also, you have duplicates declarations of char BubbleSort (char Name... (by ostar2)
read file into array
how to reading a one column unknown file and in to array?
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Postorder Binary Search Tree
I want to print postorder of a binary search tree . Here is my code bool BINARY_SEARCH_TREE...
[8 replies] Last: Ok,, thks, i finally complete it (by nightmaregiba)
length and breadth of rectangle is 10(cm).default unit is cm.if another unit is entered it should be...
[1 reply] : Why did you start a new thread? (by pheininger)
avoiding negative integers
i have the following code kit://----------------------------------------------------------------...
[5 replies] Last: @mutexe u guessed all my variables right.... BRAVO........... i didn... (by programmer007)
How to create Cgi program using C++?
Hey Viewer. Please recomend cgi library and descript how to create it?
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Binary search Tree adding this->root gives segment fault
Hello I am getting an error when I add this->root in all my functions: bst::hwareItem* bst:: find...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks guys I solved it... The logic was messing up because I was rep... (by csstudent123)
by zainy
2D array matrix
A program that fills the right-to-left diagonal of a square matrix with 0s, yhe lower right triangle...
[2 replies] Last: Edited Konstantin2's algorithm to work with any matrix of size s for ... (by zoran404)
How do I make multyplayer
Im currently working on a dungeon crawler and I was wanting to make multiplayer... I just don't know...
[1 reply] : Are you talking about multiplayer on the same computer or on different... (by Peter87)
How to shut down the console window of a c++ program without waiting for the key stroke after showing results in console window
How to terminate a c++ program after showing the results in console window.Do not wait for the key s...
[5 replies] Last: The wait thing might be something that your IDE is doing. Try run your... (by Peter87)
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