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Reading lines from a file into an array
I'm working on a few warm-up exercises out a book. The first part of the exercise is to read the lin...
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Implement a compiler
Hi guys! I want to implement a c++ compiler in a program.Can you please give me a link where I ca...
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I cant load model and multiple textures with assimp
Hey, english is not my main language ... Ammmm I am learning how to load models with opengl and...
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Deleting a record from struct array
Hello. I want to delete selected records from struct array using cstring reading from files. Here I ...
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by zxrp
Saving data from a textfile in a 2D array
Hey guys, I'm making a text-based maze game. I want the user to be able to specify his own directio...
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How to add time delay in turbo c++ version 4.5 in windows32bit
hi guys this is my first query..... I usually use codeblocks until my professor gave me a project ...
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help with program selecting OS
Hello. I am making a program which needs to do specific tasks depending on OS. How can i make a code...
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Recommended directory structure for emulator source code?
I'm building an emulator for the x86 architecture atm (running on a Sony PSP). I'm currently using t...
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Online c++ compiler
Just wondering what online C++ compiler you think is best? leave link below
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by DevTK
Elements of array will be default initialized.
I have a `char*` data-member in a class. I get the following compiler error, the error refers t...
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Recommendations on how to record data
I have two functions which I am making available to a lua application: register(str name); rec...
[1 reply] : First: better not using a c/c++ keyword (register). Make it more descr... (by coder777)
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