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rand() generating segmentation fault
Why would this code produce segmentation fault : /* #include<iostream> #include <stdlib.h> #includ...
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use a recursive algorithm to determine if a number is in the 2D array of random integers
So i have printed out a 9X9 2D array filled with random integers. my next step is check if numbers...
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Hi need some help with this code why does this crash #ifdef _WIN64 TCHAR buf ; GetSystemW...
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by dreyes
Should be very easy to fix.
I have a program created in Visual Studio 2010. (I am a 10th Grade student at a technical school) ...
[1 reply] : total_pins is an integer. When you divide an integer with an integer,... (by xismn)
write a recursive function called sumover
write a recursive function called sumover that has one argument n which is an unsigned integer. th...
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by bads
anyone help how to increase speed in this line
for example in tetris when you clear 20 lines the speedrate of the falling piece will increase how c...
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Non-contiguous Struct
So... let's say I have about 1200 exported boolean variables in global space and I'd like to put the...
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File display problem
Hi i guys i want to display all the contents of a file excluding one based on user input say i hav...
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Searching Algorithm
1011101111101111011000110011 Me and a friend are working on a project that requires us to create ...
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N x N matrix
I am trying to figure a way out to take in an input from a user and create a N x N matrix with what ...
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program solved
I posted this about a month ago asking for help but it was taken down like a couple of days ago. I w...
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sleep in main..Unexepcted result
#include<iostream> using namespace std; #include<unistd.h> int main() { cout<<"I am in...
[1 reply] : Strange:P In any case, in c++11 you now have std::this_thread::sleep_... (by fafner)
linkked list
So I have linked list and function which deletes element if next element is bigger, so my code is wo...
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C++ DFS (Depth first search)
I am trying to write a program that will find the path from the beginning to the finish.I understand...
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Multi-threading using boost::thread
I'm currently trying to log real-time data by using boost::thread and a check box. When I check the ...
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Help! Program to generate Symbol table
Need to create a program in c++ to generate a symbol table of given assembly language program?
[1 reply] : If you compil/link for debug, you'll get a symbol table. Exactly how ... (by kbw)
by Slord
std::out_of_range vector error
Hi there :) I've been struggling with some code that was working fine until recently when I must ...
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why I cannot run this programe?
When I run the programe following errors were displayed and i can not find any error. Error ...
[2 replies] Last: I'm fairly sure this type of error occurs when you haven't properly li... (by Mike5424)
by pervez
UM6 serial parsing(datasheet parsing function) problem for getting serial data
BOOL readbyte(BYTE &resp) { BOOL bReturn = TRUE; BYTE rx; DWORD dwBytesTransferr...
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by bads
help tetris
can anyone help me put some menu here that includes *Start *name of player and to improve the speed ...
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