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how make a class's for be satic too?
when we create a class, can i add it an option for be static too?
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HELP !!! Store Random Numbers and Sort Function
#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> #include <algorithm>...
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by anshe
food ordering system to debug
hello, i'm new here. can someone help me how can i fix my system... my total amount purchase ...
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Standard way of changing the text and colour in c++ ?
Earlier 4-5 years back, When I started learning C++ I used textcolor() function to change the textco...
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My cursor won't show
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by leo255
Change of base function (i.e. hex to octal, decimal, etc.) - Output slightly off
I need to create a generic function that changes from any starting base, to any final base. I have e...
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Need help merging two arrays
I need help merging two arrays together and displaying them together in the end. However, I do not k...
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Can't change background color MDI
Hello Cplusplus, I'm writing a program and I have 2 problems I hope you guys could help me with. ...
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3D array
I created a 3d array that inputs a value into a coordinate but when I execute, it only shows the s...
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Connecting 4 HELP
Alright, so I just started with c++; I'm using a book called "jumping into c++" and in chapter 14 th...
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C++ ATM program im in desperate moment now.
Hello guys!!i am so desperate now .i cant seem to get the past value for the balance when i prompt t...
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Variadic template or initializer_list?
I want to initialise my class as an array and i want to do it like this: #include <initializer_li...
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Logical operations not working
int main() { char rORc, choice; int sizerc; values(x, s); displaytable(x, s); do { ...
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IRS Tax data
An IRS agent is checking taxpayer’s returns in the $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 income bracket (gross ...
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I/O opening the file twice problem
Hello guys. I've a c++ code written as the following: ofstream myfile;"example....
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Showing all running processes like in taskmanager
Hi. I want to show all running processes of windows. my motive is whenever any running process clo...
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by Vhin
Polymorphic 'Enums'
This is a somewhat trivial temperature scale example. Something that I've seen used occasionally ar...
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Help displaying my array!
So I have this code and it is supposed to place the address of an array into a pointer variable in t...
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Defining function prototypes in a header file without an implemented body
Hey all, I didn't post this in the beginners section as I think it is abit advanced for it, but her...
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by yo2xia
Passing a matrix in a function () in C++
I`m a beginner of C++. Any help will be very appreciated! I have an issue passing a matrix to a func...
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