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ping program!!
Hi all. I want to write pinger program.To send ping to a specific ip address.Are there any examples?
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carries_dependency and kill_dependency
I read some materials about them, but I can not understand them. who can illustrate them with sim...
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how to read txt file in c++
Phone Number / Account ID Name Of Subscriber Contact Information plan 12345...
[2 replies] Last: ifstream allows you to open a file, then there are many ways to read t... (by SamuelAdams)
Division by a long long variable
Hi: I need to divide an integer by a long long variable (mslong in the following code), however ...
[2 replies] Last: Like jlb said, integer division leaves no decimal/fractional portion l... (by JayhawkZombie)
Merging quadtree nodes
Im trying to implement dynamic quadtree. It is bit overkill but its for learning. I have set a min...
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Weird behaviour
Im trying to implement quadtree. I have mostofit done, it works to a degree, but then it crashes wit...
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[Help] Getting trouble when following Lazy Foo's SDL setting up
Hello guys. At first I'm sorry about my english. It's not good. So I hope you wont be mad with it. O...
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c# marshaling, returning vector from c++
hello, I want to return vector or something like that from c++ and use it in c#, only purpose is pas...
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Variable changes in array assignment for no reason?
I am trying to put an object into a vector like this: std::vector<Chunk> activeChunks = std::v...
[3 replies] Last: vector::emplace_back: Inserts a new element at the end of the vector,... (by keskiverto)
how to validate integer and not allow decimal, etc to input as integer
int num; do{ cout << "How many values ?"; cin >> num; cin.clear(); cin.ignore(); if (c...
[7 replies] Last: If it doesn't read as an integer then trap a spurious entry like 7yu b... (by kemort)
Creating an output file using a variable in name
Most tutorials use ("myfile.txt") when creating an output file. I want to use an integer variab...
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by Ema86
How I can determine the size of string array?
Hi every one... I have the prototype std::vector<std::string> to_vector( std::string words );...
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by ZimCa
number in hexadecimal
I need help i wont to try something like this int a = 5; string hex = a << hex;
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2-dimensional vector
Is there a way initialalizing a two dimensional matrix other than using an array?
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by Qub1
Exposing member objects of complex classes?
Hey all, I have been working on a project lately and in this project, I've decided to split up the ...
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SFML Draw Issue
Hey guys, I seem to be having an issue when trying to draw Buttons on to the screen. I have the but...
[7 replies] Last: Found my problem. It was an idiotic mistake in the Button header file.... (by Tarkan1857)
Vector out of bounds (1,2)
I cant see where am accessing beyond myVec vector in this function herebelow. Where could be the ...
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Deleting elements form STL list while iterating over it
Im trying to remove elements from STL list, but im getting a weird runtime error: "Exception thrown ...
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Queue issues!
Hi guys, I have the short program below that reads three lines of strings from a text file. I ha...
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What is wrong with this? - Prints correctly first time then memory corruption.
It prints correctly on the first try. The second attempt prints garbage. #include <iostream> #i...
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