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Help Please!!
I need help on writing a program that it will compute and display the angel of equation L1 and L2. ...
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c++ Using map or vector to fix the Case tests.
I have below code and i would like to finish the remaining part of project.. 1) Processing all fi...
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Using enum in if statement
Hello. The assignment I have to do is to create the beginning parts of the code for a checkers game....
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c++17 example
I have read an example from the book 《c++17 STL cookbook》. But I can not compile it under g++8....
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by yagami
Need HELP! C++, displaying NAME already and to get input form user, like registration
*/ am new to programming, mark me where am doing wrong, its to ask user to input FIRST NAME, SECOND ...
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sorry won't do it again
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Are static members available in new operator for a class?
I have a memory manager class for every class in my project. Example: class MyClass { private: c...
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by stav
Mingw - application unable to start
Hi im using mingw and im trying to link with glew the problem is that after compilation when i t...
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Need help calling functions
int determineDay(int month, int day, int year) { char slash_dummy; cout << "Enter your date of b...
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If then statement not working as intended, involving logical operators.
I'm am working on an assignment that involves if and then statements as well as logical operators. ...
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Generate a set of random numbers in the range of 50-100 and, for each set, count how many values fall into particular ranges
I almost have it, but the calculation is off when I try sorting the numbers into group. Any help wou...
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Molecular Dynamics problem
I'm trying to do this question and I can not figure out how to. Molecular dynamics is a comput...
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Facing error saying something about an 'unqualified Id'
#include<stdio.h> int add(int a,int b); int main(void) { int a,b,c; scanf("%d%d",&a,&b); ...
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how can i transfer the dayOfWeek variable to printDayOfBirth?
int determineDay(int month, int day, int year) { char slash_dummy; cout << "Enter your date of b...
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std::sort behaves different
Vector containing pairs of int64_t and a string, on two different systems a std::sort is run on the ...
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I need to write a program that figures out how many prime numbers exist within an arbitrary, random range of numbers.
#include <iostream> #include <time.h> using namespace std; int main() { srand(time(NULL));...
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executables on other machines
Hi guys, so I probably should know this by now but I seem to be a little unclear, lets say if ...
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by rcx11
Protected members "not declared in this scope" in derived classes
So, I'm working with inheritance for the first time. The concept and implementation seemed pretty st...
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which is the best way to convert a wstring to a string? (1,2)
Hi, This is my attempt at converting a wstring to a string: // convert wstring to string inline...
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by Manga
static member inside of class in vector
I am testing a static variable inside of a class. I want it to count the number of instances of the ...
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