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how to use this C / C++ source?
I use a bruteforcer (ncrack + visual c++) and someone told me to use this code to open more threads,...
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by Faz777
Separating values
Hello all, I input data from a file into an array of strings, where each string represents a compl...
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check for duplicates in array
Hi. I'm trying to check for duplicates and prevent them from being added in my array. I wrote a loop...
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Median, mode, range, average calculator
I made this program that makes you enter some numbers and then puts the mumbers in order. It also ca...
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Formatting output a certain way
My question is, how do I get my output to display like the photo below? If you run my code, you'l...
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Time value manipulation with time_t and date_t
I am receiving a date structure in "24-9-2016 13:30" format. Now I want to convert time value to spe...
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DataSet / Datatables in C++
Hello People, I need to Parse XML file and put the parsed data into datatables but I am new to C++ a...
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cropping pgm file with 2d vector
I attempted to write a function that crops a pgm file which is stored in a 2d vector that is passed ...
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Can't get output to display 8 numbers per line
I've literally been trying to figure this out all night, but I can't seem to get my output to displa...
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template class: how can initializate a typename?
see these code: template <typename T> class property { public: T PropertyValue; std::...
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Input errors
My program is having a hard time reading an input. Whenever I run the program, the output file becom...
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Having trouble using/implementing one of my functions properly
Figured it out.
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by cmisip
Reading serial port when data available, not getting data
Is there something conceptually wrong with this piece of code. I seem to be able to parse the start...
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need help
I apologize for for this format I will post my program in a new forum Thanks all for the advice
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Help with reading from socket.
Hello. Im doing a simple TCP server using poll. I'm trying to recieve and print messages send from c...
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Read audio wav samples
Hello everyone! What is the easiest and most efficient way to read a wav file in C ++ and have the ...
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Little help with an object that accepts an array
#include <iostream> using namespace std; class Manager1 { Manager1(string M ); void s...
[2 replies] Last: string a = {"j","j","j","j","j"}; Manager1 Manager(a ); So a ... (by mbozzi)
by bozmin
Can anybody show me how to create a simple vector containing a list of people with their first names...
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Horizontal Bar Chart Program Help!
Write a program that reads 5 numbers (each between 1 and 25). For each number that’s read, your ...
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2 .cpp files not correspoding
So, I'm trying to make a cmd for a little project. It's really just a fun thing I'm doing. Anyways, ...
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