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Database programming in C++
can i develop commercial database applications in C or C++, like foxpro, oracle etc.
[3 replies] Last: thank you so much for your reply. For making database application or... (by syedfaisal)
Visual Studio Multiple Projects
When I add multiple projects to my solution explorer how do I just run one project? One project does...
[1 reply] : I figured it out. Right click the project. Debug ->Start new instance (by demondiamond)
Battling Average (1,2)
Im trying to fix my code and get the result as give but it wont give the same result. and the outpu...
[22 replies] Last: yes the last option you mention worked: thank you once again (by krrish123)
Visual Studio
Dear c++ community, Is it possible to store multiple project files in one projects solution explo...
[2 replies] Last: Oh yes finally someone has came up with the answer. Thanks! (by demondiamond)
Removing from a vector of sets
Hello, I have a vector of sets in which I wish to remove a set from the vector, if it contains a cer...
[11 replies] Last: Wow that certainly speeds things up a lot! Thank you very much! On... (by Snnnider)
by Subo93
Read from a file
I have saved 1 subo 34 54 65 2 suvi 43 90 54 3 nana 45 87 98 4 Anshu 77 88 55 5 SUBA 90 23 ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks..! (by Subo93)
Cant delete object
int NextPixel(int antIndex, int currentPixel , Ant *ant , IplImage *edgeImg) { int left = cur...
[3 replies] Last: Ty for your helping appreciated... (by vFreeman)
plss help
typedef struct ProbWays { double *probs ; int length ; }ProbWays; int main() { ProbWays...
[1 reply] : Line 8 doesn't even compile: you have to specify the size of the array... (by Fransje)
by kox
boost copy_file() undefined reference
Hello. I'm struggling to use liboost in order to copy files. In reference there is: void copy_file(...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you it works. (by kox)
Using malloc/free multiple times leaves less memory?
My application calls malloc in multiple subroutines, finally releasing all using free. This is done ...
[3 replies] Last: The memory is just allocated using malloc and freed (only with valid p... (by superfury)
Problems using the PDcurses library VS2013
Recently, I have discovered PDcurses. However, my attempts to use it in Visual Studio 2013 have fail...
[2 replies] Last: Actually, it was previously built. I found the error, a very simple on... (by mr yogurt)
i need help with C++ program
hi im using visual basic 2010 and i made my own program and i would like to know how to make the pro...
[4 replies] Last: because vb is C++ no its not. not at all... (by Little Bobby Tables)
by Alby94
Syscall - sys/syscall.h
Where can i find this library? The compiler reports me: "Not such file or directory"... I want to ca...
[2 replies] Last: #if __linux #include <sys/syscall.h> #elif defined(_WIN32) || defined(... (by vFreeman)
Cross Platform Way To Execute A Program
System(); is bad, I get that. Is there another way, that works across platforms I can use to execut...
[2 replies] Last: look at execvp and such functions here (by codewalker)
Segmentation fault, core dumped error using Vector in CPP
I am getting error : segmentation fault (core dumped) for the below piece of code.. Can anyone ...
[3 replies] Last: Also note that I have corrected signature for "main" int main() ... (by cire)
C++ error LNK1120 and LNK2019 unresolved externals
Hey guys, I am trying to execute method, which is in another class, from main. I got all three class...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you cire, I'll have that in mind. Appreciate your help and patie... (by marijus5012)
by teslaa
Function reference issue
I the following error when compiling the below code... Note this worked fine until I created the hea...
[1 reply] : The cause is not that you moved declaration in header. It is due to th... (by codewalker)
vector memory allocation
vector<Type> vect; //allocates vect on stack and each of the Type (using std::allocator) also will b...
[3 replies] Last: then vector<Type> *vect is equal to vector<Type*> *vect ????? (by naveen2525)
How to write boost unit test in c++ in Visual Studio 2010
Hi All, I'm new to c++ and boost library also. I need to test a function of my library. For exam...
[1 reply] : any help will be really helpful.. (by geeksia1)
Skipping pieces of .csv file and putting into array
Hello, I am trying to put pieces of a csv file into an array, but i only want to put certain pieces ...
[1 reply] : Assuming you know how to read comma separated values from file, you ca... (by codewalker)
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