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C++ declaration of a variable to hold a table of 5 records
Hi all, im doing a program to store name, age, time and fitness. and i need to hold a table of 5 suc...
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Using a child class as a parameter of a function in it's parent class
Hello All! I am currently having an issue with a piece of code that I am writing in which I need ...
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void Log_In() { system("cls"); gotoxy(30, 30); time_t now; time(&now); ...
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by dev05
Array with both numbers and alphabet (1,2)
Hi everyone I am a student who is totally new with programming. I am unable to create an array which...
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Do not understand anymore need help.
Elimination is a one-player game. The board consists of a set of 12 tiles, number 1 through 12. The ...
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Reason for unhandled exception for given code
Hello, Background: I have written a piece of code for reading numbers (line by line) in a ...
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what libraries should i use for GUI and Graphics
hey everyone. i'd like your opinions on this topic. i've worked with codeblocks and sfml before, but...
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confusing about the additional operations, how to design it ?
You are required to write a program for a Used Car Dealer company. In the system you need to maint...
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understanding loop logic
Why this code is not working? I want to read in tagless all characters except the tags #include<...
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Binary file space allocation
If every record of a binary file is to be fixed length then shouldn't some space be wasted if variab...
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Determine poker hands
Hi there I am developing an iOS application to determine poker hands. At the moment my app lets the ...
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Help: Card Application IOS
Hi there I'm creating a IOS application where the user selects 5 cards defined using NSArray arrayWi...
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MIDI beat clock time in ms?
Afaik 24 of them are used per quarter note. How do I know how long a quarter note lasts (in ms/us)? ...
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by fafner
QT License
Hi, I've used Qt to build a GUI for a project, and I want to make the repository for it open so p...
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functions variables
why i can do: classname(std::function<voi(...)> func)//class construtor\function parameter but n...
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SFML help
I have this game i am working on and the bullet on screen is having a small error. It shoots one bu...
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VGA resolution limit with 1bpp mono graphics modes?
What is the limit of a VGA with 256k VRAM, running 1bpp monochrome graphics? How high can the displa...
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Passing by reference with templates
Hi! Could someone tell me why wouldn't this code compile when adding '<double>' after the function c...
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by soranz
reading settings file
Hi, I'm trying to make a basic settings text file and I'm wondering why pos_y = strAxisData.find("...
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by zolo
how does std::stod work
Hi, I am trying to convert multiple lines of strings to double with std::stod I used the code ...
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