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Cleaner way to handle incorrect input
Hi all, Currently, the way I'm handling input is as follows: int main() { int aNumber{...
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check to see if file requires administrator privileges
I am trying to use shellexecute to open a program without it asking for permission to open it. Is it...
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by eranda
How values given file(note pad), please fix it
#include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream> using namespace std...
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number as a sum of 2 numbers from array
I have been trying to find if a given sorted array contains 2 numbers having the given sum. For 1 d ...
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by kubu
Templates & DLLs
I am trying to create a dll that contains templates where the templates should be compiled (rather t...
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Advanced question
I have the following struct: struct bitFields { unsigned short userInputA : 3; unsigned short use...
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Creating an Array Based on User Input
Hi All, I am trying to create a variable length array based upon a user's input. I am not sure wh...
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by Wesus
Having problems getting started on this project.
I currently have a challenge to complete in 72 hours that is over my head. I have no idea where to s...
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by Rusko
C++ Primer 5th ed question
it says: We can use an if to write a program to count how many consecutive times each distinct value...
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Segmentation Fault
In the below code, i am getting segmentation fault at cout << ... Can anyone explain why it happen...
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by Peril
Swapping Arrays.
Hello. I was wondering how to swap array in place of another array. For example, if my array is 1, 4...
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how to get innerText with libxml++ ?
Hi, I develop application to parse a html file with libxml++. I using TextNode to get texts of Eleme...
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re sizing a 2D vector of Structs
Hello, I'm working on making a minesweeper game using C++ but I'm having trouble re sizing a vector....
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ok, solved
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by Gyiove
Can anyone help me speed up this code without taking any more memory
Hello everyone! Here's a really simple neural network code I created: #include <vector> #include ...
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newbie question about parameters
I have a C program with a #define as follows : #define MAIN_MSG "Testing" I want to not have...
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Pointers, Dynamic Arrays and Exception Handler.
So I have this activity for programming classI'm only allowed to place codes where it says "add code...
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Where to start
I am fairly familiar with c++ and a few other languages. I was wondering where would i need to start...
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Binary Search Tree Operations
Hi! I have a homework based on the BST. I have some of the operations from the class but some I had ...
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