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I was trying to compile some code with lambda functions using TDM-GCC and everytime I compile: 'g++ ...
[2 replies] Last: alright it compiles now, but yeah it seems you have to enable c++11 in... (by omega4relay)
I really need help formating output to a text file.
Everything here works like I want it to, it outputs to the text file just like I want it to but my t...
[1 reply] : Alas, correctly formatting floating point numbers is not so simple as ... (by Duoas)
Triangle Program Assistance
Hello Everyone! In my class I was required to design a Triangle program that tells the user whether...
[3 replies] Last: And I'm sorry if I'm not understanding this part correctly, but when y... (by minty2015)
by guru23
I know how to get the 155, but how is rec(19683) printing 16633? I'm getting 19633 for some reason....
[3 replies] Last: As I said, check your calculation: there must be some mistake. (by minomic)
need to understand how this code works
I found this code online and want to use it but I want to understand how it works. I am not sure w...
[1 reply] : uiValue /= 10; is the same as uiValue = uiValue / 10; ... (by kemort)
Memory allocation problem
Hello. Trying to allocate some memory inside a function and then use it outside of the function. For...
[3 replies] Last: After looking at it again... changing a pointer in a function won't c... (by Gamer2015)
by MzDoll
Is it possible to have code in a .txt?
Hi, I am currently working on a group project and we have made this code to compare codes to see if ...
[5 replies] Last: @Peter87 My partner made up the main code and he included program1.txt... (by MzDoll)
Help with C++ Command Line Program
I need help first finding the exact point size from the input file I'm reading in through command li...
[2 replies] Last: I need help first finding the exact point size from the input file I'm... (by zachd07)
Manipulating an file
My program right now has me read in a file for my program, which contains this text: Misc-Crackli...
[2 replies] Last: Hey Computer Geek, I currently have the program like such. The thing ... (by zachd07)
[2 replies] Last: I'm having a problem with this same code.. I can't figure out how to g... (by bambam)
let headers generate out of cpp-files
Hi, I never liked the double-writings of function names. Through google I found lazy c++ and makehe...
[2 replies] Last: oh, I didn't know that! that should definitely be changed, thank you ! (by DarkTrick)
How to call a struct function in main(if possible)
So ive been stuck on my project for quite some time now. My professor said that everything needs to ...
[2 replies] Last: with lines 19,23,and 27 my assignment states that those functions need... (by seanster)
How to iterate though each character of a string from a json file with Boost?
I'm trying to load up a game level using a pseudomap that I have stored in a json file, but I don't ...
[5 replies] Last: for(boost::property_tree::ptree::value_type &v : pt.get_child("level... (by wh1t3crayon)
How do I use class objects within another class??
IMPORTANT! MY CODE I NEED HELP WITH IS IN THE COMMENTS, I have come a bit further even but the cod...
[13 replies] Last: stringConstIterator.toInt32 Wasn't valid I have learned, I am sti... (by AbsenceDev)
operator= Not As Expected?
Hi there! I'm trying to make it so that when a pointer is created for my class and its set to NULL, ...
[5 replies] Last: I had read about it using a constructor operator. The idea is that ... (by MikeyBoy)
How to dereference a pointer
How to dereference a pointer to pointer, for example if I have int** how to dereference it to get th...
[5 replies] Last: #include <stdio.h> /* printf */ #include <stdlib.h> /* qsort... (by pacman169)
Pressing any key to achieve something?
How do I code something to where if any key is pressed it will do something such as returning a smal...
[2 replies] Last: Let me know if this doesn't work... #include <iostream> #include <c... (by turtlesavage)
Console Menu with Blinking Start Button and Unintrusive Input
Here is the code I'm working on in main()... /////////////////////////////////////////////...
[5 replies] Last: Ok, so I have my code working at this point. This is what I've come u... (by turtlesavage)
by kalki
Unit Test Case for classes
How to write unit test case to check functionality of classes ?? I am using cppunit framework for u...
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by kalki
I'm trying to make a makefile with multiple files. Can someone help me?
I'm trying to make a makefile with multiple files. Can someone help me? The files I have are main.c...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you peter........ Your guidence are very useful to create makefi... (by kalki)
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