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by helios
Portable fibers
I'm implementing an M:N job scheduler and I'd like for jobs to be able to be suspended in the middle...
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Valid and Invalid date (incorrect) HELP ASAP!
Assignment due in 2 days ASAP HELP Please help me to find my errors!! Also some date's don't...
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how to run the cpp executable from local machine to the remote servefr, not moving executable to remote
I have a Perl program. In it we have executable, which is reading a.ini file. In this file it get a ...
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Assignment due at 5pm uk time, how do you do make valid and invalid data work in c++ menu
Assignment due at 5pm uk time ASAP HELP Please help me to find my errors!! the valid is not worki...
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assigment is due in a week need help
hey guys i recently was assigned with an assesment on c++ to make a date validation and modulus 10 i...
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Detecting lies from clues
Hi guys, I came across this problem from a Bloomberg Codecon coding contest. Truths of Predation ...
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by Vabi
problem to return string from class function to main
Hi, here is ny code for sample assignment. I am getting bank account details first and depending on ...
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Is a class necessary?
Good day, my name is Paul (under protest), I am a self taught video game programmer, you can check o...
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Defining a variable inside a class from that data type
Hi , I have a class and i want to define some variables on it which the data types are the same wit...
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Key Press
ok so lets say i wanted to make a program where if i hit lets say space bar itll do something like o...
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Is is okay to use undefined behavior if it works?
Hello! In the code below, I'm accepting some buffer (1-byte aligned) and swapping bytes as if it's a...
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calling new when heap is full
Hi, I want to know what happens when we call new when the heap is full. Do we get a core dump or d...
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contribution to free project
Hi there! I would like to collaborate to a C/C++ (preferably C++) free source project to improve ...
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by eroki
switch inside while loop not stopping at break
so I tried making my first game, it is supposed to be a text-based multi-option game but it doesn't ...
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Help with this simple program
just starting out with programming and need some help figuring this out Miles Per gallon A ca...
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crashing when outputing vector why?
so the code compiles fine and runs like it should but when I select 5 in the program to print out th...
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C++ graphics.h
Hi , how can I make this rectangle ( ) in c++ using graphics.h library? Tha...
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by ykb
ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer and integer
when I use gcc to compile this .c file, there's no exception, but when I use g++ to compile, it thro...
[2 replies] Last: There is an of course about that ! You can't compare a pointer with a... (by King Of CPP)
Help 4 this code
#include <iostream> #include <cmath> #include <cstdlib> #include <windows.h> #include <ctime> using ...
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Question about code
Hi, I have this problem with char *s #include <iostream> using namespace std; char *a, b; cha...
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