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memory acses violation
i'm new to pointer in c++ , can someone help me solve this class student{ public: int id; student(i...
[3 replies] Last: No you haven't, that doesn't change the value of jacob . (by kbw)
OS Coding help
I'm Developing an OS. I know it very hard to write a OS and takes a lot of work but I would like to ...
[1 reply] : you need to implement a way to parse executable files like elf or coff... (by heepoo)
While loop looping when it shouldn't
I am using visual studio 2013 to create a game where a random number is generated when the program r...
[2 replies] Last: wow, how did i miss that xD Thanks! (by OrangeGames333)
Any expert know how to write this program? Average each student score and assigned a letter grade
Use this information student names and test score Andrew Miller 87.5 89 65.75 37 98.5 John Doe 8...
[1 reply] : This is a very common beginner's homework. You need to learn to writ... (by Duoas)
what is a blueprint ?
can anyone explain what is a blueprint in classes..
[2 replies] Last: A blueprint is a technical dr... (by Duoas)
Can someone please help me find the base address of game to hack
I found the pointer in cheat engine its "isaac-ng.exe"+00222A60. I have been googling it all night ...
[6 replies] Last: If you click the links to the msdn pages in the SO posts you will see ... (by naraku9333)
Beep in turbo c++
Is there a way i can use the beep function in turbo c++? Like it is used in codeblocks. ~thanks
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a lot! nah, i dont need to play a wave file, i just need the be... (by GeneralSkyKiller)
map class index operator
so i have no idea how to write the index operator overloading i have a class called pair already. ...
[2 replies] Last: I tried but I can't even make a pair and insert it into the bst I tri... (by curtiscavalier)
How to convert binary file to its original format
Hi. I am sending file to server as binary I read file from clinet store in buffer and send it I...
[1 reply] : A file is simply an array of bytes, it doesn't have format by itself. ... (by helios)
STL Maps:How to copy an element from map(string,vector<string>) to std::string
Hi all, I am writing a program that implements a uni-directional graph using std::map. I have to sea...
[2 replies] Last: What exactly are you trying to accomplish in the context of the graph,... (by helios)
String class implementation
For coding practice I am writing a String class based on something a professor gave us back when I t...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the help. It's working now. (by cppnoob25)
Fisrtly, i would like to apologize for posting here,the reason being i coudnt login to java forum (a...
[1 reply] : Please don't double triple post, people will be less inclined to rep... (by TheIdeasMan)
Why don't I have to declare this namespace?
Hello All, I have a question about namespaces. Here's an example program. Header: #ifndef __SAL...
[1 reply] : ADL aka Koenig lookup: (by JLBorges)
by hoolD
How to provide users with options to input
Hi.I am trying to make a game in which the computer will ask the player which ship it wants to user ...
[3 replies] Last: @ Radar Just a little advice that might come in handy in the future:... (by TheIdeasMan)
Algorithm to find prime numbers in a range
Hi. Say I wish to find all the prime numbers between 10 to 50 What is the algorithm for this? ...
[8 replies] Last: @ Radar The code you found is one of the usual naive implementations... (by TheIdeasMan)
Any expert who can help ? Help Find Errors. It has at least 6 errors
#include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; const double PI = 3.141592654; v...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you (by pepsiytw)
by Tresky
When to use explicit?
I've been working recently on a library of sorts and I want to make sure I am programming everything...
[8 replies] Last: You'd usually like to leave ctors no-explicit if you want transparent ... (by TheHardew)
Hexadecimal String Recursion function HELP!
Hello guys! This is my first time posting in this site! I've only been lurking around, but anyways! ...
[3 replies] Last: Oh man I feel like Ia m close to the answer now!!!!! But I still need... (by Baby Goose)
by Radar
Easy way to end a c++ program
Is there an easy way to completely stop a c++ function inside a function that isn't main? It will sa...
[8 replies] Last: I think throwing a control flow exception to be caught in main() is a... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Tresky
When is assert() to be used?
Hey guys, I am just wondering when assert() is a better choice to use over simple error handling ...
[6 replies] Last: Wow! So many great explanations. Thanks everyone. You have definitely ... (by Tresky)
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