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by grjmmr
How do you know if you have the right library?
Working on an led project. Calls out for ethernet.h, artnet.h and fastled.h. I have confirmed that t...
[1 reply] : It seems that you've done a good job of narrowing down the problem. D... (by dhayden)
by stav
Move constructor not called?
Hi I've been trying to learn about move semantics and i thought i finally had a pretty good grasp of...
[2 replies] Last: You will get a call to MyClass::MyClass(MyClass &&) if you change the ... (by helios)
one time pad encryption
hi guys, I am studying for a cryptography exam, not a particular programming question but it...
[9 replies] Last: xor is your friend. its easy to prove that its self reversing, and it... (by jonnin)
User friendly program
I was given an assignment where I had to change a program to make it user friendly. I just want a co...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you both for the pointers. It really helped,and I believe I have... (by manchester389)
Insert unordered_map into a vector
I need a vector in which i want to insert std::unordered_map. let, std::unordered_map<int,boost::gr...
[2 replies] Last: Do you want to insert the whole map into the vector or only the values... (by Thomas1965)
by memguy
Class Representation In Assembly
Hi, I am researching how c++ classes represented in the assembly. But articles I found for people wh...
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by memguy
How to Chage & operator
hi, The & operator returns the address of the variable. What I want to do is change & operator to so...
[5 replies] Last: @mbozzi Hi, Its just curiosity I wanted to create a custom operator (by memguy)
Read of address 00000444
Hi guys, I am working on a project (abc) and encountered with an error "Access violation at addre...
[11 replies] Last: Thanks Jonnin and Helios for your responses. @Helios: Actually you ga... (by AshishMishra)
Help with Programming
Hi, how do i do this part of program? I need my program to say this (below) however I am unsure a...
[4 replies] Last: I need my program to say this (below) I don't see anything. Say wh... (by Repeater)
by Xydez
Can't put float* in std::vector<float[]>
Hello! I have this line that declares a float* to an array. float* vertex = new float[vec.size...
[1 reply] : vector<float*> vector_of_float_pointers; float* vertex = new float ;... (by Repeater)
by dorlow
Bjarne Page 79 Need help understanding example
I have the Bjarne Stroustrup Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ 2nd edition. I am on pag...
[3 replies] Last: i1 and i2 are just variable names. There is nothing funky going on wi... (by gaxio)
by Fadey
Exporting objects from exe and importing them on DLL. Is it normal?
Hello everyone! I discovered it to be unusual and found very little information about on the int...
[4 replies] Last: One reason to put things in libraries instead of a monolithic executab... (by jonnin)
Mathematical Equation
Problem Statement: Prakhar is fond of solving the mathematical equations,one day his girlfriend ask...
[10 replies] Last: you probably can, actually. 10^9 for a 4-byte int is what, 4-5 gigs? ... (by jonnin)
This is giving me a headache
Does anybody know the codes for this problem? or does anybody encountered this type of problem? (Ch...
[2 replies] Last: there are 2 ways to do this. you can get the input as a string and cho... (by jonnin)
Krishna and Containers (1,2)
I am getting time limit exceeded for the following problem.Can anyone optimize my code. Is it becaus...
[22 replies] Last: 'check in array after sort' why are you still sorting? We took that ... (by jonnin)
Trying to get Random Array into bubble sort
I am trying to get my Array to work with bubble sort. I have the Array to pick 10 random numbers fro...
[1 reply] : You can't use the assignment operator= to "copy" an array you will nee... (by jlb)
Operator <<c++ (1,2)
Hi can somebody help me to get rid of the errors? #ifndef ASCIISCREENSOLUTION_MYCODE_CRECTAN...
[31 replies] Last: Somebody there ? (by Jackson33)
Function Templates gcc error shadow parameter
Hey guys, i am trying to work with function parameters. However once i pass 1 argument ...
[4 replies] Last: As tpb said, F isn't a function, it's the name of an arbitrary class (... (by Ganado)
Codechef Long Contest Problem
problem link : i didnt get from the editorial ...
[3 replies] Last: @nikita Think for closed polygon (by ghostrideriit)
by Delgeo
Is it really worth learning C++ When C ....
Hi everyone.. I studied C++ a little a college (Didn't get to complete my exam 20+ years ago though:...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you, that has helped clarify my questions regarding the two. I... (by Delgeo)
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