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Two Questions
I'm trying to get correct answers from my exam to study for a midterm: Write a function that retu...
[2 replies] Last: Yes, OP does need to watch indentation and braces, but I don't think h... (by Duoas)
by Jweim
Not Getting Output Needed
Okay, So I have this program and it's trying to output the type of horse and then how much food it n...
[2 replies] Last: Nevermind. The problem is that the compiler doesn't interpret the code... (by dhayden)
Using setfill()
How is setfill() used? I am trying to use it for a school assignment, but it is not doing anything.
[1 reply] : Learn to use references: (by MiiNiPaa)
Find the average score, highest score, lowest score
So this is my assignment, Create a 1-D Array to hold a set of exam scores: 55 74 93 84 64 72 6...
[1 reply] : I'd say its because you're never actually comparing the exam scores in... (by Keene)
Copy Constructor
#include <iostream> using namespace std; class A { public: A() { cout << "defaul...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, it is. (by kbw)
Storing Information in String?
Is it possible to store information in a string without user input? If so, what code would I use for...
[2 replies] Last: It is for a shcool assignment, and I figured it out. (by TheUnholy)
How do you add new items to a vector in a header/implementation project? I'm working with headers an...
[5 replies] Last: instantiate a Customer object and call receipt() on it. Customer c... (by mutexe)
Just curious if this would be correct?
string s1 = "Hi", s2 = "Hello", s3; s3 = (s1 < s2) ? s1 : s2; cout <<...
[2 replies] Last: Makes sense! Just a quick question you used branching correct? Thanks! (by michaelmhmhmh)
Algorithim for deleting lines in tetris?
I'm making tetris but didn't go the conventional way of using matrices to hold binary id's of my sha...
[1 reply] : 1) I suggest to not store playing field as shapes. After particular sh... (by MiiNiPaa)
Refference to temp Object
#include <iostream> void print_me_bad( std::string& s ) { std::cout << s << std::en...
[1 reply] : Am I correct ? No. Try this: #include <iostream> void print_me_bad(... (by coder777)
by Ndrewm
Creating a LOGIN (username and password)
Im tryin to create a login that accepts a user login and password. it should accept 3 tries in which...
[18 replies] Last: thnkz i have not gotten to really edit it much yet because i've been l... (by Ndrewm)
Efficiency Quesstion
Hello, Let's say we have a custom Vector class and I need to know which of the following is conside...
[1 reply] : The 2 versions are equivalent. (by kbw)
A faster algorithm than dijkstra's algorithm
I'm trying to solve a variation on the shortest route finding problem. The mazes have n intersecti...
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number of records in binary file is in decimal
Hi. My size of binary file is 1920 KB and my struct size is 124 kb. now to find number of records in...
[9 replies] Last: fixed it..thanks...damn null character (by csstudent123)
by kor564
Can anybody help me?
----- main.cpp source #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> #ifdef __APPLE__ #include ...
[3 replies] Last: <<<<< text3d.h source >>>>>>>>>>> #ifndef TEXT_3D_H_IN... (by kor564)
C++ Nested Loop
hi there, i specify other Looping codes but i am hardly to make an output like this. Output sh...
[8 replies] Last: this works good techno # include <stdio.h> //# include <conio.h> //... (by closed account 1CfG1hU5)
Opens new command prompt window for input
Hello, If I compile code which uses cin using the command prompt, then run the compiled program a...
[1 reply] : I'm pretty sure that before networking was started, people used socket... (by poteto)
by Emkor
What Am I doing wrong
Forget the standard diaviation for now. Why isnt this working? #include <iostream> #include <...
[19 replies] Last: believe was close to fixing your code. idea for num 1 through 4. cou... (by closed account 1CfG1hU5)
by sebz92
store text to nodes
so in this program i have two structs struct node{ string data; node* next; node* prev;...
[2 replies] Last: this is what i have now: no = new node; // new node ... (by sebz92)
need assistance
ok i am working on an elevator system and i am stuck... in the arrival method i am trying to get 400...
[4 replies] Last: no it is definitely not thank you for clearing that up imma have to lo... (by montana 1990)
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