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by Bro
Calculate the mathematical constant of PI
THE WEEKEND TEASER: Write a C++ program to calculate the mathematical constant of PI: (a) Imagine ...
[1 reply] : Please note, that this is not a homework site. We won't do your homewo... (by MiiNiPaa)
I want to define enumeration inside a structure and use it in some other file for eg header....
[1 reply] : // header struct dummy { enum numbers { ZERO, ON... (by JLBorges)
Homework - Compile error
Hey guys I am working on a homework assignment for my programming languages class, and I am stuck be...
[4 replies] Last: > Why is it that you have to define it in the .cpp file C++ makes a d... (by JLBorges)
Console Input and Output at the Same Time
Alright, so to better myself with network logic I've decided to make a small net game. I need to in...
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different random number stream for different functions
Hi all, I am wondering is there a way to make function A uses random number stream say starting f...
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Help in filtering objects?
I have this code that prints out 5 weapons. How do I filter them? My professor used a for loop but I...
[1 reply] : What do you mean by filter? (by haglerchristopher)
by bbb718
quick multiplication problem need help
how do you solve this problem? I did it like this int b = 4 , p =5, r =2, v=8; double x= 10.2 ...
[5 replies] Last: Multiplication, division, and modulo ( * / % ) have the same precedenc... (by long double main)
How to open a finished program directly?
I don't know how to put this really, but I finished a program in Qt, and i want to know how to make ...
[2 replies] Last: Oh, well, I knew that, well, the first part. I didn't know building it... (by AceDawg45)
Math in 2D game programming - Examples?
I've been programming for a while now, and in my experience I've just used Cartesian coordinates and...
[2 replies] Last: Good ideas so far! In terms of rotation matrices, I'm assuming they a... (by GetOutOfBox)
problems with orders
the numbers that i have for my output dont line up. For example ill run the code and it will give me...
[2 replies] Last: sorry didnt know what category to put this under and i need help. (by owenkmc)
by leo255
How to output all possible binary combinations?
Hello, I need to create a function that outputs all possible binary combinations. I'm really stumpe...
[2 replies] Last: Even without using std::bitset you shouldn't need more than two loops. (by Peter87)
DirectX 11- Dynamic Buffers - Marching Cubes
I am creating a voxel based terrain with a marching cubes iosSurface. The terrain is to be dynamic, ...
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C++ Programming Integer Sum troubles
my question is this. A problem that lets the user enter any positive integer, but you do not have t...
[5 replies] Last: thank you MiiNiPaa! (by Noob Programmer)
Finding rotation direction from two orientations
So not sure if this would belong in the lounge or here since it is technically not a programming que...
[1 reply] : 1) Deduct target rotation from current (If I want to rotate from π to... (by MiiNiPaa)
Modules in C++
Hi everyone, I am trying to write a program that will display a table with "seconds" and "Dista...
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by Dkob1
I have to enter a correct expression for (true), would 5 mod 2 work? I'm not really sure how to do t...
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Help Aligning Function Outputs
when i run my code i want each function to be displayed side by side from left to right and i cant f...
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dynamic arrays error
i was trying to make a dynamic array in this form : int x; cin>>x; int ar ; my g++ (gcc) c...
[5 replies] Last: no , i mean i used GCC to compile and it popped up errors , restarted ... (by EssamTarik)
by Gyiove
Set window icon ( Freeglut )
Hello all! Ive tried everything i found in internet and still nothing seems to work. Ive made la...
[4 replies] Last: [quote=Gyiove]Everything what is not created by me is making new probl... (by LB)
Object oriented programming
Write a c++ program showing your department,names and mat no
[2 replies] Last: And then what do you have to do? (by pukol)
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