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by smsmsm
pthread write in file
Well I have program which have 5 thread one of them is write I know that all the other thread work...
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get Ip address from sockaddr
//Server int sock; pthread_t thread; struct addrinfo hints, *res; int reusead...
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by Won
Split string
Hi! I would like to know, how could I split a string in all possible way? For example: 1234567...
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read from client and save to a folder in server
Hi. I have written a server. Now in the process of writing client. Say i send a file to se...
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Weird Including Issue With Injected DLLs
Right, I don't really know how to phrase this question, as my issue is quite strange. Basically, ...
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Cant get input to be used in calculation
i am new c++ learner and i am writing this program thats supposed to take input from the use and cal...
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by asd11
Problems with the compiler I guess...
Hi everyone, I've just done a simple game in C++ (sth similar to impossible rush if you know it) usi...
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move sematics
If we have say a move constructor like this: struct A { int n; A(){ n=0; } A(A&& oth...
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Printing a table!
Hi guys! Here is the deal: I have some data stored in a float data and each row represents a "math...
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by smsmsm
write in specific line in c++
Hi I have a file with 1000 of '\n' ( I mean it has lots of line) I'm looking for a way to writ in ...
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by Czar05
Multidimensional Vectors
I was wondering how one would go about initializing a 2D vector. With a regular vector, one woul...
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by cGuru
Sorting A Vector Of Structs By Contained Data
I am sorry if there is similar questions already present on the website, but am currently failing to...
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Console Interaction
I'm working on C++ on CodeBlocks with consoles of application. I'd like to set the value of a varia...
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by ataik
finding differences between two htm files
I have two htm files including the components and 9 parameters of components and there are lots of c...
[1 reply] : A html file is just a text file with a fancy name so that a web browse... (by SamuelAdams)
Strange problem when compiling a program
Hi, every time i try to compile the following code the compiler strangely opens another window with...
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Check amount of digits
Whats the faster way (fewest lines of code)to check amount of digits a user enters. for example i...
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how to resize a vector
void bag::add(BAG_ELEMENT_TYPE newElement) { if (my_size == my_capacity) { my_element.resize...
[1 reply] : my_element.push_back( newElement ); (by ne555)
"... was not declared in this scope"
When I build it, it returns an error in the ".cpp". The error is that neither "titulo" or "nodo->a...
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by mqazi
Pointer of type Vector
Is is there any way to create pointer of type vector that stores references to other vectors ? Also ...
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How is '\t\t' a character?
So I accidentally entered '\t\t' hoping to get two tabs (I realize what I did wrong) Instead of gett...
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