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by oahz
I want to visualized my algorithms
1. I want to write solutions to algorithm and data structure problems. 2. I then want to be able to...
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How to get the odd and even parity on a game board
I am creating a memory game where there are "X" and "O" on the board. The user selects particular ro...
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by Grime
How does vector work?
For older compilers that do not support standard template library, using vectors is not an option. ...
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Template for calling different methods in a loop
I am working on an OpenGL c++ project that has objects that can be drawn on the screen in a 3D envir...
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by Safaa4
Converting a binary number to decimal
we were asked to turn a binary number to decimal so I did this #include <iostream> using namesp...
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Variable nested loops for variable vector sizes to find the element combinations
Hello, I am trying to get the combination of my vector element from N number of vectors of varia...
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Write data after the search keyword
Hi, I have a file of 1gb, I'm searching for the term "topics" in it, after finding the search ter...
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Help with movement
Hello guys, I want to make a console movement charecter something like $ to move up down right l...
[7 replies] Last: @whitenite thanks for the example man. @Grime I do have system("CLS")... (by OshriMakk)
Finding the letters within a word
As I'm sure you're aware, finding the length, first letter and last letter of a word is as simple as...
[1 reply] : Your question isn't quite clear. If you want to find a substring with... (by Grime)
How to fix the displaying a board in a game
I am creating a board with 'X' and 'O' which prints 'X' when the number is even and prints 'O' whe...
[3 replies] Last: Look at line 34 carefully: if (p1 % 2 == 0) { p1 == 'X'; } else... (by JLBorges)
by emron
How do I find the intersection of rectangles?
Hello everybody, My have a homework and it is very hard for me. My question: How do I find the inte...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <sstream> #include <vector> #include <ut... (by lastchance)
License key generation
Hello! I would like to know how to make license keys for my program? How to prevent the transfer of...
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Is it possible to perform multiple initializations with one constructor?
For example: class Rectangle { public: explicit Rectangle( int initialWidth = 0, int initialLe...
[4 replies] Last: All bases and members of an object are initialized on construction o... (by keskiverto)
Why is string class not final ?
Hi, I have never come across a scenario where we derive from string class but still the string cl...
[4 replies] Last: Well, STL classes have not been designed to be inherited. The major is... (by sp356069)
Where do I even begin with a Core Dump (Segmentation Fault)?
When I tried to compile my program, I got this error: "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" The p...
[9 replies] Last: gdb (unix command should be there with your compiler) will let you loo... (by jonnin)
how create a read function?
i'm creating the read(). my big objective on function: 1 - no arguments for wait the user press en...
[7 replies] Last: i found the problem: void read() { //wait if the eneter key is pr... (by Cambalinho)
linking xcode with Buddy library
ello i'm trying to linking buddy library with xcode c++ to use it .. i have dependency problem i...
[1 reply] : > i have dependency problem ┬┐error message? ┬┐what are you missing? ... (by ne555)
GNU compiler: do i need include the header file on compiler commands?
i have created my own header file... using command line\console, i can compile using the GNU compi...
[9 replies] Last: "When people post simplified examples of their code the real problem i... (by Cambalinho)
std::swap and memory addresses
So I was reading C++ Primer (5th Edition) and came across this: The fact that elements are not move...
[3 replies] Last: Ah, I missed the whole concept. It did mention in the book before, tha... (by dontbesocynical)
by Azra
Thread safe deque implementation
hi l am newbie to c++.l need to implement deque with two thread will keep on pushing da...
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