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Binary Search Tree Operations
Hi! I have a homework based on the BST. I have some of the operations from the class but some I had ...
[1 reply] : Your insert_rec() and *Traversal() methods look good, but I'm havi... (by dhayden)
why size of allocated memory to array is wrong ?
Hi, I write simple program to allocate memory to char array. #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream>...
[11 replies] Last: A 16-byte allocation granularity is perfectly normal assuming the comp... (by nikcpp)
Managing Containers of Pointers
Hey all, Would you recommend managing containers of pointers through unique_ptr<T> interfaces? In a...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! This is helpful. I didn't know about std::make_unique_ptr()... (by Aaron Vienneau)
by Xriuk
Anonymous object outside main
I have such helper class/struct to call functions on initialization, and I need to create anonymous ...
[6 replies] Last: An anonymous object/variable/instance declaration needs to be within a... (by Little Captain)
by Peril
Problem Reading Inputted Integer.
Hello. I've been asked to do this function which basically reads an inputted integer and then return...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah, I figured that out. Thanks. (by Peril)
problems declaring derived class objects in a base class
This assignment is not yet finished, but I can not figure out why it will not run as is. It is suppo...
[1 reply] : struct A { B b; }; struct B : public A {}; This is essentially the ... (by cire)
by joho
Read data from text file
Hey guys, currently i'm doing my project but i have stuck on some part. I have 1 text file with have...
[8 replies] Last: @Chervil sorry for late reply..from your given code..mostly i understa... (by joho)
*Is This Possible?*
Is there a way to know exactly each line of code a program is running? Let's say for example I wante...
[2 replies] Last: "very sleepy" don't show you exactly the code lines, buts the function... (by Necip)
Map Holding a void*
I'm writing a program to overload the new and delete operators. I'm doing this so that every time th...
[3 replies] Last: yes, very strange the access violation! may be you'll find an answer ... (by Necip)
How to create a vector function?
Hello, so I am having trouble creating a vector function. The function is suppose to take 2 vectors ...
[1 reply] : std::vector<int> function(const std::vector<int> &v1, const std::vec... (by helios)
C++ program. Need solution.
In this project, you will sort envelopes as they arrive at the post office. Your program should sort...
[1 reply] : Double post. (by chicofeo)
Creating generic linked list to contain ALL types.
Hey I started this a while ago and well ran into a wall because of one major problem. That problem i...
[3 replies] Last: My suggestion, look at the way boost::any does it - by using a helpe... (by LB)
important question about standard library
Hi everybody, I wanna ask, if there is anyway to add std_lib_facilities.h to the standard library ?...
[2 replies] Last: If you mean that you simply want to be able to #include <std_lib_faci... (by Duoas)
CodeEval Fizzbuzz Challenge
I am just trying to figure out how to program the file to read input from however does ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks man. That looks good. I was just having a really hard time fi... (by Scrubster)
C++ program. Need solution.
In this project, you will sort envelopes as they arrive at the post office. Your program should sort...
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Regular Expression to check for Empty fields
I need a regular expression to check for empty field within an input string... i Tried working with...
[1 reply] : How do you define "empty field"? If you are trying to parse a CSV o... (by Duoas)
std::function and std::bind problem.
Hi guys, I'm experiencing a problem with a bounded function. In short, I have a CheckState(int...
[7 replies] Last: This would be more robust: #include <iostream> #include <functional>... (by JLBorges)
by Xriuk
Assignment operator reallocation?
struct A{ int a; string b; } A var = {2, "test"}; // This creates my object var = {3, "tes...
[2 replies] Last: @AbstractionAnon Thanks! (by Xriuk)
a singleton template
<Modern c++ design> has give a SingletonHolder template, but I think it is too large, who can give a...
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different time with same input
Hi everyone, I write a code for reverse nearest neighbor query. I run an experiment to check the ...
[14 replies] Last: > I found that I can get consistent results if I put "sleep 60" in bet... (by JLBorges)
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