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Linux vs Windows programming
Hello guys I have a pretty complicated question I guess but I need to know how this all works,sorry ...
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I am trying to make a small change to the original tree.h : Here's the original tree.h class T...
[5 replies] Last: lol I didn't even see that. Good catch, my bad gopinathpc . (by Ganado)
Having trouble with this logic
string password; string input = ""; int pass = 0; while (true) { cout << "Enter your Password: ";...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you dhayden but sorry because I'm just bad :( that moment it is ... (by zerefwizard)
Codechef Long Contest
problem link : even after reading the editorial i ...
[3 replies] Last: Stav, I think your explanation has one small problem. Rule #3 for the ... (by dhayden)
CurlPP SSL Issues
Hi All! So I have been working with CurlPP lately and when trying to connect to a site with HTTPS I...
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menu driven app
can someone help me to find my error in my menu driven app?? #include <iostream> #include<iomani...
[1 reply] : What error? Why aren't you giving us all the information that would h... (by MikeyBoy)
Dragging Objects in 2d
How can we drag an object in 2d space with a mouse with the given coordinates: top left of window...
[6 replies] Last: Well one way you could do it (and this may be a bit advanced as it req... (by Uk Marine)
SNES Megaman X Opening
Windows 7/Dev C++ 5.11 I'm working on an opening for games/programs that will run in the command ...
[1 reply] : Let's take this in stages. First, use an array to declare what you wa... (by gaxio)
by HarGar
Can't get my menu based application to accept choice
I can't get my menu driven app to accept my choice, so I can't even debug the rest of the program be...
[1 reply] : char is an int, but 1 != '1' your while loop to validate and switch bo... (by jonnin)
A timing problem
I users! I'm a programmer, I'm tryng to create a game which works in windows. The libraries that I'...
[3 replies] Last: Most games run on a simple loop. It might look something like this. ... (by gaxio)
Universal iterator both for vectors and arrays
Daer experts, how can I make this code to work both for vectors and arrays? Many thanks and kind...
[1 reply] : Just let the compiler deduce the template argument type and it will wo... (by Peter87)
problem with Jannson.h
Hey guys I am doing a project,the project is to make a malware scannner or in other words a program ...
[11 replies] Last: ok figured out I just had to make the makefile (makes sense no pun int... (by adam2016)
Improve hash table algorithm
Hi. The exercise is to find all the pairs in a vector that have a difference of k = 2 In the vector...
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using a template for my Double linked node list(logic problem)
[ template <typename T> class LinkedList { public: LinkedList(); LinkedList(const LinkedList...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you all for helping me :D (by JacobusTheOne)
LNK2019: unresolved external symbol errors after migrating down to VS2013
I have had to migrate down to VS2013 for my project. Originaly when I was working in VS2017 I was ab...
[3 replies] Last: @Ganado I don't believe so @helios The run time libraries are all set ... (by RslWlsn3)
by Matriz
Hot Plate Simulation
I honestly don't know what to do to make this output the information I want it to #include <iost...
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by cmisip
Can anyone suggest an algorithm to reduce memory required to store uint16_t data?
I am working on a program that sends data via mmap from one process to another. A buffer is used wh...
[18 replies] Last: Thanks a lot guys. I will be looking at this and evaluating some othe... (by cmisip)
by K2411
writing a DLL code for WxFormbuilder GUI.
Hello all I am not an expert in programming and I need help. #-o it is regarding DLL. I am wor...
[1 reply] : It is always good to take a look at boost: (by coder777)
Network file access CFile::Open()
Hi All, I am trying to access a file on a WD Mycloud Network drive using Visual Studio 2017 and C++...
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argc with segmentation fault
the issue i am having is when i try and run the program, argv is giving me a segmentation fault when...
[3 replies] Last: If you pass one command line argument,then argc will be 2, and the arg... (by Peter87)
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