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Error Templating Two Classes
Hello all, I am trying to impliment my first binary tree and I am having some issues. The exact ...
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Complexity of Function
I am a bit confused about the Big-O complexity of this function: void permute (int a , int n) { ...
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by Shafat
if command help
Question: The following code is for calculation quadratic equation. after putting values of a,b and ...
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by ORF
Intro + Critical section: mutex or coroutine?
Hello First of all, thank you for all the knowledge of this web&forum; I've learnt a lot, and I h...
[1 reply] : That's like asking if functions are better than variables. They do dif... (by helios)
array problems
[2 replies] Last: sorry i am new to here. (by Haversine)
MySql or other database libraries ideal for my problem?
Hello there. So, I am playing around a bit with 3D objects on openGL and parsing then and all, and I...
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Help with ofstream
So i met this problem. When i write an ofstream in more than 1 function, my results file "DD.txt" on...
[8 replies] Last: @chervil Ah yes, my bad :) Cheers! (by Guessit)
reading a file in alphabetical order
#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream> // to read file #include <algorithm> // ...
[6 replies] Last: what does the push_back do It appends a movie to the vector. http:... (by AbstractionAnon)
by helios
Threading performance
I have a pipeline of sources, sinks, and filters that looks like source -> filter -> ... -> filter ...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah, I thought as much. I don't pin the threads to a CPU nor the fibe... (by helios)
CCC J5 Help
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my code for the Canadian Computer Contes...
[2 replies] Last: Uhh.. Is there a problem @kemort? I'm doing the CCC challenge and I've... (by Flashx2000)
Please help me with a program
Hi can anyone tell me how to do a program that whenever i press '2' then immidietly starts and press...
[5 replies] Last: ok thanks and sorry :/ (by magas29)
by Roson
Background Color keeps changing
I'm making a program where one can move a circle using w/a/s/d (without 'gravity'). Initially, the r...
[1 reply] : It should be like this: HDC hDC; hDC=GetWindowDC(this->Handle); ... (by skaa)
reference question
Hi, Is this int& getLargestElement(int *array, int length); the same as this: int * getLa...
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Need Assistance Understanding a Vulnerability Issue
I would appreciate some assistance in understanding a C++ issue. I'm taking a course in CyberSecurit...
[10 replies] Last: strncat() writes a null character at the end. Oop! Yep, I was think... (by Duoas)
by Vabi
random number generation
Hi I have developed a new program array of 10 number and I want to choose any one out of them ran...
[2 replies] Last: First, you need a PRNG. (by Duoas)
Menu Auth
Hello i need Help To Define a Code For My X360 GTA V Mod Menu, The Code to define is this: AuthRequ...
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Help Whit This Code
Hello I Have a Problen Whit The Followin Code: (I Posted On Paste...
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That Aha Moment - How long does it take?
Hello all, When learning anything in life that you find challenging, there is usually that almost...
[1 reply] : It’s All In A State Of Mind If you think you are beaten, you are, I... (by Necip)
Clear text file content
Hi frnds, Is there any way to clear the content of write protected text(.txt) file in c++?
[1 reply] : no. but you can install unix on your system and have access to all hi... (by Necip)
Searching text files for items of same type
Hi everyone! So, I am trying to run a function that would search a file that is filled with data in...
[3 replies] Last: I would create a struct Media, read the file line by line into the str... (by Thomas1965)
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