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do something while input isn't 5..
I want to keep looping in a while loop until the user presses the value 5, but the function cin shou...
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by Mrkey
How to merge c++ code into Visual C++ studio project?
I have created Win32 Application project in Visual C++ 2010 and I want to add C++ Program to display...
[13 replies] Last: How are you trying to display the text? (by admkrk)
Need to open an instance of excel from C++ code and then attach to it
My software is an excel plug-in. I need to do some unit-testing through Visual Studio ( debug mode )...
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value-returning functions
For some reason this does not return the average of the three grades please help me figure out why i...
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Passing value from function to another function
Hi i have these 2 functions.. function1() and function2()
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One Object for two functions
Hi, I need to know if it is possible/not possible to share one object for two functions.. o.o
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"Skipping" Cin?
Hello, my code here seems to be skipping my cin statement. Currently I compile with g++ then use ./...
[5 replies] Last: That would be different for each terminal/shell though, and what about... (by LB)
We have been assigned a task where we have to open a text file but we do not know how to do it. D...
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by deu439
Allocation of base member from derived class
Hello, I'm working on implementation of container class to hold image data. What I want is to crea...
[4 replies] Last: Well it seems to me quite useful to let the most specific class manage... (by deu439)
For loop with fstream help!
I have a for loop that compares the input and a specific line on a text file if they are the same. T...
[1 reply] : Suppose it can't find the username and password in account .txt. The ... (by dhayden)
Searching in a file...pls help Urgent! Arun Antony are you there?
User first inputs records into file "gamers.txt". Now i want a search function to input number to be...
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getting a error code whats wrong?
I keep getting this error code It builds the code but when i run it, it just crashes it says "the st...
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by yj1214
What does __stdcall and __cdecl do?
I'm learning how to make dll and lib files using c++ and I see lots of codes that looks like this, ...
[1 reply] : __stdcall and __cdecl are "calling conventions" When you call a funct... (by Disch)
by mmess
How to read from a file with varying amount and multiple data types in each line c++
Following is the file : ( The first line shows the number of Students in the file ) These are Names...
[3 replies] Last: - Read each token into a string - Try to read that string as a number ... (by LB)
Creating a DVD menu for a library system
Hi guys, I am in the process of creating a library system. I am creating a Dvd menu now and this ...
[1 reply] : I suppose searchDVD function return a reference so then you could do a... (by Aceix)
Help with C++/SFML
I am currently working on adding collision between a Sprite controlled by the player, and the walls ...
[1 reply] : One technique is to check if the sprites of the various entities inter... (by Aceix)
by Micard
Linked Lists: deleting an element
Hey, could you please correct this code for me? I tried like tens of different ways to re-write it a...
[6 replies] Last: doug4 , yep. Got it rolling. Thank you! ats15 , thanks to you too!... (by Micard)
Mode Function
Hey guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with figuring out how to properly write up a process to calc...
[2 replies] Last: Unfortunately, I have yet to learn how to use the std::map in my class... (by ivertony)
by yj1214
Does g++ support strongly typed enums?
I'm using g++ with -std=c++11 flag. For some reason, I get an error whenever I use enum class. ...
[3 replies] Last: Strongly typed enums should be supported unless your version of g++ is... (by Peter87)
by AG123
Using bubble sort to sort a vector
I am trying to use bubble sort to sort a vector of permutations. I was wondering if someone could he...
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