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For product and xor of two number find and of two number.Problem is for product and xor of two numbe...
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by stav
Give template specialization of base a higher precedence than derivations?
Hello, In the below code, is it possible to give the template specialization of A a higher precedenc...
[1 reply] : Something like this (SFINAE), perhaps: #include <iostream> #include ... (by JLBorges)
Moving one vector element into another vector?
Hi all, I will try to put my question in an example: If I have a vector of card objects mimi...
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char array as a function returned value
how to have a temporary char array in a function as its returned value? like include namespace st...
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Structures and for loop
Hello everyone, I am new member here. I made this: struct structure { int number; string n...
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cant read multiple inputs from a file
I'm trying to read multiple inputs from the file and seem to be failing can someone tell me what's w...
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I want to know how to fix xmemory0 errors.
I changed all the projects that I made yesterday. The purpose of this project is to make food by re...
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Convert decimal to base and base to decimal program
I need to create a program that converts a number from any base to decimal and vice versa. Im gettin...
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The template default
What will the template default to if one is declared with it but not supplied when being invoked?
[2 replies] Last: It will default to whatever you told it to default to. e.g. std::unif... (by Ganado)
Printing 5 Non-Duplicate Random Numbers
Hello. I am currently studying out recursion for my Intro C++ class. However, I am struggling to und...
[1 reply] : Don't call main() . It's a special function that is only to be used a... (by Ganado)
SFML installation
Hey everyone, I am trying to set up SFML on my MacBook air 13 inches, but, after I connected SFML a...
[1 reply] : Have you tried How to open an app that hasn’t been notarized or is ... (by Repeater)
printf( ... , comma and then followed by fflush
I am sorry to get ones disgrace me on posting C problem in C++ place but really need help for: What...
[4 replies] Last: You will find a lot of old code where people use a comma instead of a... (by MikeyBoy)
by stav
overloaded base method not inherited ?
Hello, I have the following code: struct Serializable { virtual void Serialize(std::ostream& str...
[1 reply] : I've tested this & it works fine but i don't really like that the pur... (by mbozzi)
by ZKM
I am learning how to use derived classes using inheritance but am so far unable to declare the deriv...
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How do I rearrange bits in bitset?
I need help with a code that rearranges the bits in bitset. Suppose I write input binary: 110100100...
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Choose 2 ingredients to make 15 foods...
I tried to write a c ++ program that would make 15 foods with six ingredients. Of the six ingredien...
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Creating deck of card objects
Hello all - I have a small card game project due this Sunday that involves creating 2 separate class...
[1 reply] : I don't understand your reference to "inheritance". There's no inherit... (by dutch)
Please help by pointing me the right path for this assignment
I have the following assignment: Make a program that is used as an information system for the Wor...
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by Agrito
Hollow square
Hey everyone i hope your doing all fine. The query that i have is that it is pretty easy to print...
[16 replies] Last: lets try this. it does use something you likely havent seen, the ostr... (by jonnin)
having from std string type object, a pointer to non-constant char
How to convert/have from std string type, a pointer to non-constant char How is this to work #usi...
[2 replies] Last: string str; char tmp ; if (fgets(tmp, 19, stdin)) //inject standard C... (by jonnin)
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