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by Jakee
Weapon system with maps, is this the best way?
This is some code I came up with today, eventually I want to make a game and I found a cool way for ...
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hi there everyone~~ please check my error :)
hi there i can't seem to find my error :( i've put my error at the bottom of the code. btw this is...
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Template Linked List?
Hey, I've just finished implementing a Linked List. It works great with Integers. However, when I ch...
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Linking to static library
I have built a static library that contains a macro. From a separate exe, I am calling this macro, b...
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by abbash
General C++ Template class
#include <iostream> template<class T, T t = T()> class A { private: template<bool b>...
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File Icon
Is there code that determines what the program.exe icon is or is it entirely unrelated to code?
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Code error please help!
Everytime I try to compile my program it gives me an error I'm not familiar with, I will post the re...
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Arduino Bot: Virtual Controller and Path Map, How to...?
I know how to create your basic programm that compiles as a CLI or exports and/or saves data to a .t...
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mysql connection object in other classes
MYSQL *conn; MYSQL_RES *res; MYSQL_ROW row; char *server = "server"; char *user = "user"; ...
[2 replies] Last: I've tested it with valgrind, and it's bad. Memory leaks, and it gets ... (by oraclekid)
Need help with Calculator
This is the code to my calculator. It is supposed to be set up like an accountants in that you star...
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by abbash
How does this program work?
#include <cstddef> #include <iostream> class A { public: A() : m_x(0) { } public: ...
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Need Help with C++ Calculator
This is the code to my calculator. It is supposed to be set up like an accountants in that you start...
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EMGU CV thresholding exception
So I'm trying to threshold a video feed, and I'm getting a weird Exception that shuts down my progra...
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Passing parameters in threads (1,2)
So, I've figured out some stuff about it, now the only thing I need to learn next is how to pass arg...
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Heap Class
how to program a binary heap class that can insert
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Help with password program my strong and medium functions don't seem to work. I need them to
#include<fstream> #include<string> #include<iostream> using namespace std; bool searchCommon(s...
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Create Texture From File
Im having problems with this little function im making for some reason the texture dont get creat...
[6 replies] Last: I tried it just like that before i made this topic. But it dont create... (by poohpooh)
help guys i really need help with this problem as i have 0 knowledge regarding c++ pls help !!!
convert a positive integer code into its english name equivalent for digit. A valid code is of size ...
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Vector Iteration C++11
I have a vector of pair<int, int> . vector<pair<int, int> > A . I have sorted this vector by the...
[5 replies] Last: How does that help? Lets take {3,2,1}. Three inversions: 3-2, 3-1, 2... (by keskiverto)
Horizontal+Vertical Toolbar Win32 API
Hey All! I have been searching around for a fix to the toolbar issue i have. I have created two of ...
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