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Has_f<> : checking if a type has a member with a specific name
Stroustrup describes a metaprogramming technique to check if a function f() takes an argument x of t...
[1 reply] : See: (by JLBorges)
by elsa
Stack around the variable "name" was corrupted
Never seen this error before in my life. I believe, after some research, it may have to do with arra...
[3 replies] Last: damn...i can't believe i didn't see that. thanks so much guys. (by elsa)
Programming Project Help
This is a basic end of course assignment and me and my team are at a loss we have pulled together th...
[4 replies] Last: Further I would concur the 7 vector parallels is an issue, this seems ... (by SecretSquirrelNutz)
declaration syntax
What does this declaration mean in a struct? uint64_t tpid : 12;
[1 reply] : It is part of what's called a bitfield. Basically, it means that the i... (by lordseanington)
having problem using QVariant as a value in my container class
i am an amateur in Qt. i started recently. i have read other topic relating to mine in the forum but...
[1 reply] : /* this is where i tried to display my widgets on screen but failed. ... (by cire)
Setting random obstacles?
Hi there everyone. I'm really struggling currently with getting this grid set up for a very basic ga...
[1 reply] : you can roll a random number for each cell in the thing and make a cho... (by jonnin)
windows form, 2 issues. getline no instance of overloaded function
as the title says, im using ifstream to read from a file(its a single line of text). then im using g...
[3 replies] Last: //Solved. had something related to what type of string it was and cau... (by gokitty)
Using reference before function name
Can someone explain what this does: const string &foo() const { return element; } I under...
[4 replies] Last: It's just for performance reasons. If you don't return a reference the... (by Peter87)
why does I get nullptr when I try access object variable
Hello! When I try to access a bool variable from a object in another class I get nullptr when I s...
[9 replies] Last: Oh, sorry, I got a bit confused. In the original code expbar got a var... (by Peter87)
Ribbon Pattern??
So I was given a problem (helping a friend), and its says there to generate the ribbon depending on ...
[3 replies] Last: @MDLC1997: do you mean like this: For 5: * * ** ** ***** ** ** * ... (by lastchance)
PPP2 Chapter 10 Exercise 3 Help Needed
I'm having trouble trying to sort a vector of a certain user-defined type that I have (type Reading)...
[18 replies] Last: I'm not sure when to #include iomanip, though, so that could be a pro... (by jlb)
Deallocating memory in chunks rather than whole
In my program I will be reading in data from an external device. This data will need to be parsed....
[3 replies] Last: As far as I am aware, if I allocate a chunk of memory and then set po... (by TheIdeasMan)
Can't display Dynamic 2D array
Hello, I'm unable to print my 2D array. When entering the for loop in display(), my program seems to...
[3 replies] Last: This is a cleaner view: In Graph.h: private: // TODO: Complete t... (by heybronson)
by Rikasi
Input/Output devices
can someone explain or direct me to how input can be entered from an input device like a scanner int...
[1 reply] : You need to interface to some library functions to get from the scanne... (by jonnin)
by elsa
How to insert cout message into return statement
istream& ComplexNum::input(istream& in) { cout << "Enter real: "; return in >> real >> imaginary...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you helios. I was doing: cout << "Enter real: "; return in >>... (by elsa)
by elsa
Overloaded preincrement operator not working
I have overloaded postincrement (a++) operator in my code and I am attempting to overload the preinc...
[4 replies] Last: That is what I feared. I had the whole concept of post/pre increment w... (by elsa)
C++ API Documentation Framework?
Heya Peeps, I'm building an API, and need to document it. Any recommendations? I'm looking for...
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by Bazist
Fastest associative array on C++ (Trie)
Hi Guyz, I have developed one of the fastest associative arrays in the world, based on Trie structur...
[12 replies] Last: Guyz, I am still searching good associative containers for comparing, ... (by Bazist)
Need help on calling objects and parameter objects
So for say I have a function called commonType. In my main.cpp file there is a call and it looks lik...
[2 replies] Last: Ah, I see. Thank you. It works perfectly now (by kikiyox77)
by Hengry
Copy Constructor, Copy Assignment, Move Constructor and Move assignment
I'm having trouble trying to implement these special members. I am reading from: http://www.cpluspl...
[11 replies] Last: Following: I h... (by cire)
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