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by varmak
Segmentation Fault
I'm currently trying to code a BFS styled program for an assignment of mine. Logically speaking, I t...
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by Mak3
Pig latin Please help
Using this code i have to create a Pig Latin Converter program that will read in a file called "pigL...
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by bozmin
Changing a variable in an object
Hello, How can i change a variable that had been created through a constructor?? I have a Const...
[4 replies] Last: Hey, thank you ! here is the code : I just try to create a contact th... (by bozmin)
My code doesn't compile
Hi everybody, I have a code which I don't compile. This code is : //====================LIBRARY=...
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by leon13
how to rotate elements to the left in array?
im trying to rotate an array to the left for example rotateLeft3([1, 2, 3]) → [2, 3, 1] her...
[1 reply] : Line 1 should be: #include <iostream> otherwise it doesn't compile. ... (by fcantoro)
Tolong Please
1. Buatlah program untuk mengurutkan (sorting) dan mencari (searching) data dengan ketentuan sebagai...
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expression must have bool type (or be convertible to bool)
I have been thru the other forums on this issue, but cannot find a solution to this issue. If anyon...
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Object "access permission" questions
I already have a solution to this problem that will work if there aren't any other solutions that wo...
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by asjad
Create this program.
Set the series 2,4,6....18,20. into the array.Then perform processes to move the number one position...
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Triangle solving program assignment
So here's my code for solving triangles, the first part has no problem, but I can't figure out how t...
[1 reply] : You know the lengths of all 3, and you can compute the angles, but tha... (by JayhawkZombie)
Fastest and Efficient way of file read and write
What is the fastest way to read and write file in C++ ? Data is plain text (human readable) not bin...
[7 replies] Last: Controlling the size of your writes will help a lot more than you migh... (by SamuelAdams)
How can I write a driver for a custom device?
Hi at all! I was wondering a thing. Let's pretend I make a electronical device, like a gamepad, whic...
[1 reply] : Drivers are based on the chips, such a video, network, serial port, yo... (by SamuelAdams)
File extension change from .txt to .vbs
I am working on a project to change .txt files to .vbs files without manually changing the extension...
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Function Help
I am trying to create a function that gets the area of a triangle with the user inputting the points...
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I want to return a hexadecimal
I want my function to return a hexadecimal value or is there a way to convert a decimal to hexadecim...
[1 reply] : An int is stored as binary. It does not keep track of what numeral sys... (by Peter87)
Recursive Function
Write a recursive function that takes a non-negative integer as an argument and displays the digit...
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by m7md65
Help with assignment
hey, my professor told me to do a program that prompts the user for an integer number, displays th...
[2 replies] Last: here is a start. Just put your code in the different cases and in def... (by leon13)
Best approach for dealing with unavoidable duplicate keys in a hash table?
The project I am currently working on is an engine that needs to deal with a large number of plugins...
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Private vs. Public data members
Hi everyone, I am a beginner in C++ and in programming but I have a general question to experienc...
[6 replies] Last: Wow... It seems so simple that I can't imagine I didn't see it that wa... (by leoleoleo)
Incorrect output from popen
Hi , i am using following code to execute shell commands (using popen). std::string exec(cons...
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