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how to create one program consisting four program inside
how to make a program that has ( for loop, while, do while, array ) on it. example when you press...
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Problems Writing this simple c++ prog :/ HELP!
So my program is only running until the first else-if where it displays "minutes" , if I put a numbe...
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343 324 sf
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how to format outfiles with multiple input files
hi, I have a code here that is reading two input files and creating one output file. What i am havin...
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Calculate the inverse of a 4x4 matrix - Why is this code not working?
Hello, I am trying to calculate the inverse of a 4x4, I have been thinking about it endlessly yet I ...
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Program freezing issue (beginnner)
So I have a project for my CSCI class, it involves using linked lists. We have a class Node, Class L...
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Minnowboard gpio
The minnowboard is the only board I can find that: Runs Linux Has GPIO header Supports opengl (ra...
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Variadic functions with multiple parameter packs, problem with brace-enclosed initializer list
I have this mechanics in my project. I need to call loop with any number of shared_ptr's of Behavior...
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How to properly call destructors on exit
How do I ensure that destructors are called on program exit wether normal termination or with ctrl C...
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I need to convert this code from pascal to c++
program LABYRINTH; {BACKTRACK1, i.e. depth-first, no infinite cycle} const M = 7; N = 7; {Dimensio...
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openGL / openGl es?
Do GPUs that support openGL es by default support plain openGL? I am asking for the Mali 400 mp2 (on...
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Can someone please explain what this is doing?
typedef void(__thiscall *setp)(int self, int location); setp SetParent = (setp)getaddy2(0x41C160); ...
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Cin and Cout Objects
/* Here is a program that uses cout and cin objects. *Its intentions is to display personal infoma...
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When exactly are static arrays needed?
I know the difference between static and dynamic arrays and I know advantages and disadvantages of u...
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Several questions from a beginner
I have several questions (I use dev c++) and I am completely new to c++ (1) what is the equivalen...
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Getting a weird error, help?
I am getting a weird error when compiling so I'm pretty sure I did something majorly wrong but canno...
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My project closes - any idea?
Hello, I have a uni project to do. I've completed it but for some reason, when I run it in Visual S...
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Code will not print out information?
Hello everyone, I am trying to print out the names thatI listed below in my code... Not sure what I ...
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by swaabe
Write an algorithm that outputs the index of the first occurrence of the largest element in the sequence?
Write an algorithm that outputs the index of the first occurrence of the largest element in the sequ...
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my next assindment is creating a game of Yahtzee, i'm not sure were to start.
Create Yahtzee in C++. Before you start writing any code, create a game loop diagram on paper, and w...
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