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Spherical Coordinates for Shading only in CG?
In computer graphics, it was mentioned in this link
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by WildB
Need help finding the maximum, minimum and average of the sales amount(from a file) without using an array.
#include<iostream> #include<string> #include<fstream> using namespace std; enum MonthType { JAN, F...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks I test this out when I have the time(probably tomorrow). Also t... (by WildB)
error: no match for operator
void InitializeGame(int dim) { // Initialize board memory char board = { {'r', 'n', 'b',...
[1 reply] : cout<< board ='p' ; You're trying to assign an index and print the... (by Ganado)
by znyk
assembler in borland c++ 5.5
Welcome I use borland compilator c++ 5.5 under Windows 10. When I compile programme including as...
[2 replies] Last: You also need Borland's assembler, TASM, which did not come with the c... (by Duthomhas)
Activity Selection Promblem
I have to take a text file and using a greedy algorithm determine which activities and how many acti...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks this was a big help. I don't know why but my brain just deiced ... (by jarbeme)
C++: how use arrays on our class's?
how i get the array size? heres my class: struct Vertex //Overloaded Vertex Structure { Vertex(...
[3 replies] Last: Glad I could help :) (by goldenchicken)
Find 5 errors
Please help me find 5 errors in this program! // This program averages 3 test scores. // It us...
[4 replies] Last: The best way I can think of right now, and forgive me cause I am suffe... (by jarbeme)
by KB93
Write to text file from list without using direct loop using std::list and std::algorithm c++
I have a program that reads a list of assignments and removes the "bad" assignments, then writes int...
[1 reply] : "Direct loops" typically means "loops you write yourself, as opposed t... (by Duthomhas)
by KB93
Read text file into list without using direct while loop using std::list c++
I have a program that reads a list of assignments and removes the "bad" assignments, then writes int...
[3 replies] Last: This ended up working for me thanks! std::istream_iterator<Assignme... (by KB93)
by ozcy
Apache Ant and gcc/g++
Hi comunity... I need to learn how to manage the compilations of c/c++ programs with apache ant. ...
[1 reply] : Problem: failed to create task or type cc Somewhere there might be a ... (by CPPAWhile)
How can I read a file.txt in a list/forward_list
Need this for exam !
[2 replies] Last: I don't think that there was a request to actually write code. More li... (by keskiverto)
by ztdep
vector<vector<double>> vs c array
Dear friends: The function "DBPutQuadvar1" in silo library need input into the following two di...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much for your help. (by ztdep)
How to declare and initialize array of char**
I want to declare and initialize an array of char**,here is my code, const char** g_arStr = { ...
[4 replies] Last: I personally prefer array over vector Strongly prefer std::array o... (by mbozzi)
Designing a library that can handle CSV files
I need help with designing a java library that can handle csv files. Can you please help me on how t...
[5 replies] Last: [quote=jonnin]csv is just a plain text file with commas in it. That's ... (by Duthomhas)
unintended inlining
So I just played around with Compiler Explorer and I noticed that compilers still pay a lot of atten...
[5 replies] Last: Yeah, I think all compilers have ways of disabling and forcing inlinin... (by Peter87)
Cheapest Path in Graph
Hi everybody, I have a graph with n x n vertices which are connected like this: (Example for n = 4...
[10 replies] Last: That sounds reasonable. Now can you express that for an NxN grid? Wo... (by Civer1999)
Machine Learning open source for C++
I know this question has been asked before but many of the suggested packages such as MLC++ and shar...
[5 replies] Last: in order to help people looking for this information, besides the MLPA... (by salentoq)
data for a clipped cone
This is a program for finding data for a clipped cone I'm not getting the equations for slant_hei...
[3 replies] Last: Are your dimensions those shown as r1, r2 and h below? .\ ... (by lastchance)
Deleting pointer to const char * - pointer being freed was not allocated
When I run following code: class A { const char *text; public: A(const char *text) : text(...
[19 replies] Last: We usually just went to 90's procedural and very simple classes for th... (by jonnin)
Timed delay for each new connection to my server
Hello guys. I have this Open Source game server that I recently started working on. Unexpected, the ...
[17 replies] Last: Are there still problems you need help with? I would like to add th... (by Edelweise)
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