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header files creation undefined reference
I just started creating header files of my project but i quiet am not getting it right i use code bl...
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Getting tuple value via variable
I'm trying to get a tuple's element via an integer variable. The problem is when I run this code I g...
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Parameter Pack expansion - how to understand them correctly?
Hi. I've been struggling for weeks about how Parameter Pack extension really works. Preface: I o...
[9 replies] Last: Hey, I came up with this some seconds ago template<class... T> doub... (by gedamial)
Passing a derived class object (that is stored in a vector) into a function.
Hello! I am recreating the classic Asteroids game from my childhood, and have run into a problem....
[2 replies] Last: Yes, here is the code for both: std::vector<Bullet> bullets; st... (by MirrorSpock)
by helios
I have an issue with std::condition_variable that I can't seem to get through. So, the typical usag...
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by dr86
Reason for declaration of enumerator in OpenFOAM
Hello. I want to implement something new in OpenFOAM, but I have trouble to understanding exis...
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by Roson
What is "Cannot have a type qualifier"?
I have a Class called m_c. When i compile the program, it says : identifier 'm_c' cannot have a ty...
[1 reply] : You've got a const somewhere it doesn't belong. (by Duoas)
Delaying class member initialization
Lately I've been working on an OpenGL project as a hobby. This project contains a Window class that ...
[1 reply] : maybe you can define a constructor for Camera that accepts a glfwWindo... (by fcantoro)
by Roson
game - lasers as separate variables
hello world, im currently creating a game where you have a spaceship (movable) and has to shoot a...
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Help with this for loop
In the 1st loop the arguments (nCount, nCount & 3). What does the & 3 do or mean? Storage8<bool...
[1 reply] : > What does the nCount & 3 do or mean? It is a bitwise operation. htt... (by closed account 5a8Ym39o6)
by Monke
Need help with script!
Hey! I'm trying to learn c++ and tried to create a combat simulator. This is the script: #include<...
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enum problem
in my header file i have this code: class Menu { Menu(); enum page { defaultPage, page1,...
[3 replies] Last: @AbstractionAnon i thought i wrote menuPage lol thanks guys :) (by mayst15)
individual pixel control
I am remaking a projects I did in 2000 reproducing steven wolfram's cellular automata. I had some su...
[5 replies] Last: You can always load the image data yourself, but you need some kind of... (by Duoas)
"Type is incomplete"
Have a problem that's actually convinced me to *learn* C++ rather than just tweaking source I have. ...
[1 reply] : What types are cln1__CountryReturnType and CountryReturnType defined a... (by a k n)
a map confuseness
#include <map> #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> int main() { std::map<int, int> iim...
[1 reply] : The erase-remove idiom cannot be used for associative containers. htt... (by cire)
Write in file in file_makeacc() does overwriting to the file even with ios::app
#include<iostream> #include<fstream> #include "conio.h" //GCC conio.h #include<iomanip> #includ...
[7 replies] Last: You open an fstream with the ios::out flag, meaning it is an output st... (by doug4)
by EL1A
Webinar (July 12): How to Improve Testing Coverage with Automated Code Coverage Analysis
Join Squish Coco expert, Clemens Anhuth, and learn how to do Unit & Regression testing effectively. ...
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by Murozo
C++ Basic 4 transactions math program C++ Basic 4 4 transactions math program
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by ozae
was not declared in this scope
hi i have been working and get stuck with something like this" C:\Users\ThinkPad\Desktop\2D\HEL\mai...
[1 reply] : It means that you are trying to use a function/method that does not ex... (by Duoas)
Urgent: very strange results with my String class (operator +)
Hello. This is hard to explain and to make it easy to understand it came a bit long. Look at this e...
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