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Class not declared in scope
Background : I have creating a serial port based data acquisition project using Win32API and C++. ...
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Data Type Exception Handling
I am writing a program that requires the use of exception handling for user input. The user is requi...
[1 reply] : Hi Dhaneku, I'm not sure that cin throws an exception on bad input,... (by Aaron Vienneau)
I know this is wrong, but I want to know why it works
So, this code sample creates an automatic variable and pushes it to a vector repeatedly. As this ima...
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Need some guidance with a c++ constructor
I have a class Student with name,surname and id number and class Teacher with name, surname and suje...
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In need of some help
Thanks for help!
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Program crashing at run-time in visual studios
Hello, This is for an assignment and I am completely lost. The program compiles in visual studi...
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object defining within another class?
How would i go about getting the Person person_data in the private section of the second class; Assu...
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Class objects
In class PEmployee class private section. I need to define person_data which is from the person clas...
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by brad97
Problems Using Static Library
I am attempting to write the code for a console application that uses a static library in another pr...
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Insertion sorting & Deleting nodes in singly linked list
So the whole concept is to sort a singly linked list using insertion sort and deleting the nodes in ...
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Please help
Hello, I have this simple code: #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> using namespace std; in...
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by hwan97
No duplicate numbers in 2d array
Hello everyone. So i'm trying to do a bingo game. I use a function to randomize my numbers inside my...
[4 replies] Last: @hwan97 Here's how you can make each number unique in a 2D array, but... (by whitenite1)
by Loke
Drawing a diamond within a circle, gets unexpected spacing after each character
Hello everyone, I am still fairly a beginner in C++, having only around 5 months of experience. This...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> // #include <stdlib.h> /* abs */ #include <... (by Necip)
significance/usecase of variable overriding in classes
Is there any significance/use-case of below variable overriding in classes? have a look of the co...
[1 reply] : It's not really "overriding" the variable. The object contains both va... (by Peter87)
how to dynamic declare a struct?
Thing is I want to create a struct object according to the content of the file named `config.ini` , ...
[1 reply] : struct test { #include "config.ini" }; (by Peter87)
When do we use reinterpret_cast?
I don't understand why I can't wrap my head around this particular type of casting... I know why and...
[1 reply] : reinterpret_cast can be used to convert one pointer type into another ... (by Peter87)
what is this type of vector mean?
1. vector<int> path(1, 0); this looks weird. how to use this vector? vector<bool> path(tru...
[1 reply] : vector<int> path(1, 0); creates a vector of integers which is initia... (by Peter87)
Delete a number given by user in a vector
For this program I would like any instance of a given number to be deleted from my vector while stil...
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by Blenda
Can you help me please?
Hello guys, I am really sorry for disturbing you, and I really do not know how this forum works, b...
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How do calculators avoid floating-point precision errors?
I've tried to write the program for a calculator before. It turned out fine, able to do the basic ca...
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