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by cmisip
Can anyone suggest an algorithm to reduce memory required to store uint16_t data?
I am working on a program that sends data via mmap from one process to another. A buffer is used wh...
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by K2411
writing a DLL code for WxFormbuilder GUI.
Hello all I am not an expert in programming and I need help. #-o it is regarding DLL. I am wor...
[1 reply] : It is always good to take a look at boost: (by coder777)
Network file access CFile::Open()
Hi All, I am trying to access a file on a WD Mycloud Network drive using Visual Studio 2017 and C++...
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argc with segmentation fault
the issue i am having is when i try and run the program, argv is giving me a segmentation fault when...
[3 replies] Last: If you pass one command line argument,then argc will be 2, and the arg... (by Peter87)
No dangling reference Warning?
std::vector<std::function<bool(int)>> vec; void f() { int anotherVal = -5; vec.emplace_b...
[12 replies] Last: no, everything out there now is a smackdown on the practice. I distin... (by gaxio)
How to send POST request for request payload data?
C++ and libcurl are being used. How do I post "request payload" data? FYI I did ask this on stac...
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Hi, I want make validate to birthday have to month 1-12 and the day depends on the days of the mo...
[5 replies] Last: Another option: bool is_leapyear(int year) { return year % 400 == ... (by Thomas1965)
by memguy
glBindBuffer() acces violation
I got access violation error here is the code: and The VBO and VAO are in the class called "Graphic...
[2 replies] Last: Found the solution! initglew() must be called before glmakecurrentcont... (by memguy)
by James5
menu driven program
You need to write a menu driven program. The program allows a user to enter five numbers and then a...
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by memguy
How to resize SDL_Rect ?
Hi, current my player looks like this (blue is object collider green is background): the collider is...
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Initializer before int
#include<iostream.h> int i, j, n, t ; char s , A ; struct patrat { char p1; int p2; }A int main(...
[2 replies] Last: variable on the end of struct is C-ish IMHO. I prefer patrat A; But t... (by jonnin)
Deleting and Instantiating Objects Each Frame
Is it ok if we create and delete objects in a loop (by heap allocation) like this? while (game.isR...
[6 replies] Last: Yes, and there are a lot of issues involving memory allocation that th... (by gaxio)
how compare a char?
when i do: IsOperator(strinput[uintStringIndex+1])=='=' why i get these warning: "comparison of...
[11 replies] Last: Brilliant :) (by Ganado)
c++ simple trees
Can someone please tell me why the code crashes? I'm trying to code a simple binary search tree. Ma...
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competitive.. (1,2)
Please explain the below question with more testcases and explaining each of them. Katya has a se...
[32 replies] Last: How do I find modulo of large number in NMNMX? I have got the logic bu... (by luta)
Hi guys, I have this list and I want put in array and then call it Aries March 21 - April 19 Ta...
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by memguy
Collision Detection Algorithm
Hi, I've got an array of GameObject class and I want to do something like this: vector<Gamobjec...
[1 reply] : Collision Detection is a very broad subject, and the techniques can di... (by Ganado)
by Kr002
Maximization problem in 1D
Problem: We are given n points on a line numbered from 1..n and also the colors which we can use t...
[3 replies] Last: ok. hmm. still thinking. so far looking at … find all the conn... (by jonnin)
static vs dynamic linking
Hi guys,so I have asked a similar question before, but sometimes we need to include both a .lib f...
[1 reply] : The .lib files are of two kinds: static libaries and import libraries.... (by tpb)
Competitive progrsmming
i am finding difficulty in finding x how should i find that? i can find Y in nlogn but not able to g...
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