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C++ code is running in Windows 7 but not in windows 10
Hi All, I have build my project on Windows 7 64-bit on Visual Studio 10(I know its old but I dont...
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alias for variable of array one and/or two dimension
How to make alias for variable of a one and/or two dimensional array as alias of int: int k; int& ...
[3 replies] Last: > How to make alias for variable of a one and/or two dimensional array... (by JLBorges)
by volang
SOCKET Sending data
Let's say I use winsock send() to send e.g. 500mb in one send. These 500mb, are they all sent to th...
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by H00G0
Why can't you use vector iterator to go through vector? (1,2)
Hey guys! I'm currently getting myself used to using the more recent ways of making for loops wit...
[20 replies] Last: Heh, in a way, mbozzi, your "misremembering" was helpful to me. I fou... (by Furry Guy)
basic 3x3 scrambler
So i want to make an app that gives me a scramble for a 3x3 rubiks cube. The thing is i cant have it...
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by ravss2
Find Whether a string exists(or can be made up of) in a given set of characters
I have written a solution (kind of c/c++) , but looking for kind of optimized c++ solution for below...
[19 replies] Last: ohh, I understand Good! I was guessing some form of secret messagin... (by againtry)
What is wrong with this constructor?? class Event { public: Event(Message cm, BaseEn...
[2 replies] Last: The main problem is that current_message and fsm are references. ... (by coder777)
by L404
Hello is there any possible way to overload in order to take functions?
[8 replies] Last: You can implement operator, for the result type of my_func . ... (by mbozzi)
Hi I keep getting the message in the compiler: Unknown Type Name for every object in my union: ...
[10 replies] Last: If you want a C++ type safe version of union , the ability at any giv... (by Furry Guy)
by L404
Hello I am trying to do something for a assignment in order to make our programming language with c+...
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Is there a better way of doing global regex substitution?
This is what I'm use to writing s/\bS.*?\b/wilson/g; And this is what I have working, but it ...
[2 replies] Last: regex_replace does a "global" replace within the string by default. If... (by dutch)
Unknown Type Name 'Entity' CAIBehavior.hpp
Hi I am also getting the following build errors: Unknown Type Name 'Entity' CAIBehavior.hpp ...
[3 replies] Last: Advisor objects have no copy constructor in your class definition. B... (by Repeater)
Linked list programming
I've been meaning to brush up on my coding and wanted to get back to linked list. I've done it in th...
[3 replies] Last: For small- to mid-sized containers, the classic linked list will proba... (by Ganado)
Expected class name
So I'm getting an error: "Expected class name" on the following class: #ifndef WeaponEntiity_hpp #...
[1 reply] : Not enough information to know. To start, what is the exact, full err... (by Ganado)
by obeeey
SDL 2.0 how to generate texture on top of everything?
Hi, I'm doing this Frogger type of game and I want to display a texture on certain coordinates when ...
[4 replies] Last: I've got renderWonPosition() declared at the top of the project, then ... (by obeeey)
by DAU
Relatinship int and char
Hi there, I am currently dealing with an issue resulting out of reading text with characters in ASCI...
[7 replies] Last: Something to be aware of is that char , signed char , and unsigned ... (by Duthomhas)
Trapezoid method converges faster than Simpson method
Good afternoon, I have been doing computer practices in C ++, and for an integration practice, th...
[14 replies] Last: Read 'Advanced Engineering Mathematics' 10th edition by Kreyszig - Wil... (by againtry)
by adam77
What are the best tech bootcamps?
I'm looking to make a career change into tech from digital marketing. I want to start by learning py...
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by Dee5
String (1,2)
Guys I hope you are all doing well. Im trying to build a program for some children to Learn how to w...
[20 replies] Last: I know it's not the best way of learning but I'm trying my level bes... (by H00G0)
by ruzip
Reverse Iterator errors with Android Native C++
When building for Android NDK, I am getting errors when compiling a cpp file with reverse iterators ...
[8 replies] Last: By checking again the guide here, I just changed stlport_static whic... (by ruzip)
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