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Base class doesn't want to delete.
I made mini code to just demonstrate what is my problem. So if an object is created and if initializ...
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by cooka
validation and menu call
case 1 : { char OTX; cout<<"Enter the code reserved for staff and faculty :"<<endl; cin>>OTX; ...
[2 replies] Last: yes I fixed it already but thx for ur time but actually I have anothe... (by cooka)
storing string array
I need help with this stupid code. void getnames(string names , int numStd) { for (int i = 0;...
[3 replies] Last: Mixing >> and getline often lead to problems like that. The easiest wa... (by Peter87)
by Kalcor
This just won't work
First of all, here is the question: The game has (m + 1) players and n types of soldiers in tot...
[3 replies] Last: A B C D E berserks x x x swordmen x x x pikemen ... (by keskiverto)
Employee Data Base using Data structures
Hello, I am still fairly new to programming and currently I'm taking a class revolved around data st...
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Return value for recursive program
Hi, I am writing a recursive program to return two indices of a vector whose values add up to a targ...
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by Kalcor
Understanding this
Hello, can someone explain this little problem to me ? a bit of illustration would be great ^^ ...
[3 replies] Last: Adjacent means ONLY right next to. NOT anything in the same row. NOT a... (by Moschops)
Some Wrongs Occurred When Sending Data to Serial Port
Hi, When the 90C51(this one: ) serial port sends...
[1 reply] : its been a while but the 4 settings that matter on a serial port are t... (by jonnin)
std::map error: cant apply < to struct
hi, i want to generate a new type (struct) A. it has only 1 member variable: map< X, list<Y> > mapp...
[2 replies] Last: finally i solved it. first i overloaded operator <, but that lead to d... (by John87Connor)
Error with unordered map
Hello so i have this error while using unordered maps: no known conversion for argument 1 from 'std:...
[6 replies] Last: Since your program runs at coliru it's probably complier specific? N... (by mbozzi)
What does the const in this function mean in UML?
length() const : int I get that int is the return type here but what is the keyword const after t...
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I need help with my c++ program
My professor told us to complete this program but i have no idea on what to do /***************...
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by Kalcor
I see this #define EPS 1e-9 alot and Idk what EPS is? I searched it up but nothing useful related...
[2 replies] Last: it stands for the greek math symbol epsilon which is being used in thi... (by jonnin)
by Nei
Embedded C++, memory management and containers
Hi, I've been searching the internet for this for a while, but I could not find anything that fit...
[2 replies] Last: +1 for allocators, that's what I used back when I worked in embedded f... (by Cubbi)
Need to fix my minimum function
Hello is a formality on all the post maybe putting it should help get replies. I have a function tha...
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by Alex A
How to break out of a for loop ?
Guys,is there a better way to get out of the function procedure when months==0, without using the br...
[2 replies] Last: c++ has an excellent goto statement and breaking out of nested loops u... (by jonnin)
Simplest if construction solution ?
HI, there is a thing what i need : ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// i...
[2 replies] Last: I don't see a way around testing both conditions anded to the common e... (by jonnin)
by slixxz
DFA at run time
I am currently working on a program that will take a English description of a language and then use ...
[1 reply] : My question is how would i know how many states I will need? since th... (by lastchance)
Is this right?
Here's what I'm supposed to do: "Your program should use the following one-dimensional arrays. emp...
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by erik85
Problem Executing "FOR" Batch Command Via system()
Hello everyone, I am having a problem adding a, much disapproved of, system() line into my c++ pr...
[3 replies] Last: @doug4 that worked sir! Thank you so much for your speedy response. I... (by erik85)
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