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Linker failing to find symbols for my class Methods when compiling SDL Program in C++ on Mac
So I was following the Lazyfoo tutorials for SDL and didn't like how he kept everything in one file,...
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I have an idea, and need advice
Okay so I have an idea for a game, I have extensive knowledge of C++ but no knowledge of libraries. ...
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Boost.Asio help with concurrency.
Hi, i'm trying to make this program that has a few features: -Networking with Boost.Asio (yeah, i g...
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by Gyiove
New things in c++ what i don't understand
Hello everyone! I've been looking at headers like vector , xmemory and stdexcept and there is al...
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[C++] Remove File
Hello, tenog a problem with deleting a file I have the function check and everything but the file is...
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by heepoo
which library for audio do you recommend?
hi all, i need to work with audio in my application and i don't know which library to use i need a...
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Covariant return type to reference to base, must be const?
I was trying some stuff out with covariant return types and I stumbled on something that I don't und...
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by Ozzy69
what the different of heuristic and meta-heuristic?
Hi, i liked of know what the different of heuristic of meta-heuristic
[1 reply] : Hi, the meta-heuristic is 'at another level'... This means the followi... (by minomic)
by sly858
Not sure if possible but..
A program i recently wrote for class was a grade book into a text file where I would have the user e...
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Finding non prime numbers
The program is suppose to find the non prime numbers between two integers. It runs, but nothing come...
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Help conditioning CIN stream
I am working on a simple calculator program, and would like to support conditioned CIN input streams...
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Transferring ownership of objects
I'm fairly new to RAII, and I have a class (let's call it A) which contains an std::array which has ...
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by yj1214
Questions about freeGLUT
freeGLUT comes with a include folder that has glut.h, freeglut.h etc. It seems like both glut.h a...
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Help with displaying error message
Hello, I am working on a program for a historical society to allow them to log artifacts in their mu...
[1 reply] : Have you considered to use exceptions? (by Bdanielz)
Kindly help me in function program.
the following attributes and functions of the class Time: Attributes: • int hour • int minute...
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linked list data structure.code for linked list data structure
Kindly provide me the proper code (solution) of this particuler problem.thanks Problem Statem...
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'file' was not declared in this scope
Hi, I have a problem and that I can not declare the file, I appreciate it cast a help. string st...
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Converting char to unsigned int
Hello, I have a character array containing hexadecimal digits, and I need to convert it into an uns...
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by Manga
library help
So I have been studying c++ for a couple of years now and think it is time to learn to build and use...
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How to search for a string in a text file and return a value in its line??
I'm very new to this so forgive me if this is a dumb question but is there a way to search for an in...
[1 reply] : read the file line by line: (by mutexe)
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