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PPP2 Chapter 15 - Compiling exp() approximation Function Graphing Example - Help Needed
Until a bit recently, I was stuck on compiling the example code for graphing the approximation of th...
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Create diretory with save game c++
Hello, I have a lot of questions about how to get a folder and a subfolder and a binary file This f...
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Payroll output
Here is a payroll program I wrote for a class (yes, it is a homework assignment). The program compi...
[2 replies] Last: /*char*/ std::string fname; //first name /*char*/ std::string lname; ... (by ne555)
Need help grouping these ideas.
So, I'm writing a little document for my workmates on some useful features/concepts of C++, but I'm ...
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What is the version of this line without typedef ?
template<class T> class stacklistnode{ private: ...... }; typedef stacklistnode<T> *...
[1 reply] : can someone provide a way to write the two lines without typedef t... (by gunnerfunner)
PPP2 Chapter 14 Exercise 5 (1,2)
Exercise specifications: Define a Striped_rectangle where instead of fill, the rectangle is “f...
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by wsxdr
How to fix this SEGFAULT (1,2)
Hello. So, I'm trying to create a pseudorandom number generator, but unfortunately, whenever I cal...
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C++ difference between class member variable access from member function
What's difference between member1, member2, member3 on CLS class ? # include <stdio.h> cl...
[2 replies] Last: And, in turn, there are several different ways to access member functi... (by gunnerfunner)
by Turry
Conway's Game of Life
Just finished my first implementation of Conway's Game of Life in C++. Here is the link: https://git...
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ATmega328P not responding
All of the sudden my ATmega328P stopped responding to flash commands with avrdude. Here is the outp...
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Data Structures : Stack
theStack.push( 1); theStack.push(2); theStack.push(3); theStack.push(theStack.popO); theStack.p...
[1 reply] : theStack.popO should probably be theStack.pop() . push adds an e... (by Peter87)
by Bank
Meaning of this statement
for this question: Tomorrow Peter has a Biology exam. He does not like this subject much, but d da...
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Help Please Tell Me What have i Missed
This is homework I had the code correct but my computer destroyed it now I have to start over ...
[3 replies] Last: An easier way is to use functions to determine the min and max value. ... (by Thomas1965)
Reading .txt file into 2D array
I need to read a .txt file as shown below. Might be hard to read, but it is shown as a 5 by 7 table....
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Removing SPECIFIED and not duplicates in Vectors
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < CUSTOMER_NAME.size(); i++) { if (CUSTOMER_REMOVE == CUSTOMER_NAME....
[4 replies] Last: The title of your post states you want to remove specified but not dup... (by gunnerfunner)
Crash With Custom Vector Class Using std::strings
Hi there! I've been creating my own vector class as a learning experience and also because I wanted...
[2 replies] Last: Haven't looked at the code; but the problem seems to be: We should not... (by JLBorges)
log in times,time of the eachuser problem for compilate
hello everyone i need help with this code need a dev c++ program does analyze an archive with the t...
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do while looping problems
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { double gpa = 0; int exam = 0; c...
[4 replies] Last: With the continue sitting out on its own - it's going to run in all ca... (by wildblue)
by sharbu
Calling a function inside switch case- Multiple Definition error
/* * Program to implement Linkedlist. */ #include<cstdlib> #include<iostream> using ...
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Read access violation
Hello! New to this forum. My code compiles properly and both requesting and withdrawing functions...
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