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class and strings
I am trying to write a text file but I am getting an error with the "open.file" for the Lat_name() f...
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Signatures for functions accepting functions as parameters
std::for_each requires a function that accepts a single parameter of some type and returns void. H...
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Class and delete function
Hi everyone, i am working on this assignment and there are something i dont understand 1st:Change th...
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Searching text file with prefix
I am writing a program that reads in a text file that has a name of something, and a weight associat...
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help!!!!my movie theatre program!!!
# include <iostream> # include <iomanip> using namespace std; void seats( double , int); voi...
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Problem 3 (DO IT YOURSELF!) – Substrings Write a program that asks the user to enter his full nam...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << "Enter your full na... (by FurryGuy)
Can someone explain the math behind this program?
1. Write a program that asks the user for a number n and prints the sum of the numbers 1 to n 2. Mo...
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how to generate random numbers when sum up has fixed number
I wanna generate three random numbers in a row. These three numbers should be within 0,9. When sum u...
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Virtual functions problem when compiling
This the code that makes up my program. There are 3 header files and a single .cpp file. When I buil...
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classes for a Q&A C++ application
Hello! I want to create a Q&A console application in C++ which must allow management of different t...
[1 reply] : Class for users. That's about it. Inside the class the member function... (by boost lexical cast)
re-coding the code. HLEP!!
hello, i have a long code and i want to re-code it without using <ctime> library. the code is about ...
[6 replies] Last: You don't need to use the <ctime> library for generating random numb... (by boost lexical cast)
tic tac toe into an array is right?
Write your question here. My problem is why the my tictac toe board can´t looks like the origina...
[4 replies] Last: I can see this message : Notice that we are saving the file to a temp... (by kevinros)
Temperature Converter!!
#include <cmath> using namespace std; class TemperatureConverter { private: double K...
[3 replies] Last: I think you need to review your textbook but here's a start on extensi... (by kemort)
Should I use shared object (.dll, .so) files or bytecode files for plugins?
I remember, back when I used Windows, a lot of programs used .dll files for plugins, but I also unde...
[1 reply] : I usually use .dlls. But that of course depends on what are you going ... (by Golden Lizard)
error: expected primary-expression before ',' token
my code is: #include <stdint.h> #include <stdio.h> template<typename SIZE_T>class mybody_t { ...
[1 reply] : You got an extra bracket: inline uint32_t *magic(void) { return _bo... (by Golden Lizard)
Issues with file content outputting incorrectly
Hello Everyone, I am new to c++ and am having trouble with a program that I am working on. The pr...
[1 reply] : In displayAllLines(): cout << text << endl; the endl puts a new lin... (by gunnerfunner)
by bodx
Kindly assist EMERGENCY (1,2)
I need to run a program that enables a Cab company to obtain data of registered drivers and users, n...
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by kais2
Bubblesort with a class
Hello i have to write Bubble-sort with 3 functions in a class: 1. a function to implement the sort....
[9 replies] Last: In "void bubsort :: sort()" why do you use cout inside the scope of th... (by Nico)
Changing a struct to a class, using public and private variables.
So basically I worked really hard on this code in my CS150 class and now I need to change it to a cl...
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by Rikasi
a database for games played by a program
Firstly should I read/write to files using c++? I'm starting to learn SQL but I haven't reached a...
[1 reply] : Firstly should I read/write to files using c++? Yes, C++ is a lower... (by Golden Lizard)
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