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login and register system
so i wanted to make a login and register system using data structure with vector of objects. now i o...
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by Mapler
Boost Asio acceptor won't accept client connections
I am new to socket programming and have just started coding with Boost's Asio library. What my progr...
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by evano
Can someone help with this problem. Am just a beginner
To make a profit, a local store marks up the prices of its items by a certain percentage. Write a C...
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GNU C++: can i get the derived class pointer on base class?
i'm on base class. can i get the derived\child class pointer without using it on constructor argumen...
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Which is faster?
Program A: for (int i = functionA(value--); i < functionB(value+value); i++) { .... } Progr...
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wifstream only accepts const char*?
Apparently ifstream (and children) only accept const char* as a filename. What am I supposed to do ...
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Where does diamond go?
Hey i am workin on assigment and here is what i have done until now. #include<iostream> #include ...
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Different Kind Of Catalog Infos Evaulating (Desing Idea)
I have a 3 different .txt file(book.txt,movie.txt,music.txt). I have to use C++ STL, Class Template...
[1 reply] : My problem is I dont know where i should start. All catalog have ... (by jlb)
How do move a character
Hey I am working on a assigment and i am stuck and need help. i need to make 5x5 grid and than add c...
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include Inheritance and Friend Functions and template
hello! i have this code and i need to include some extra topic on it. inheritance friend function ...
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by ShaunC
CSV file data extraction
Hey all, I've got a CSV file with data in a changing number of rows, but fixed columns, with the s...
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this->init(0); what does it mean
Hi guys I tried to make an instance of an ostream class but when I did I got an error and it brought...
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by avm
How this type of task can be implemented with templates?
I decided to publish my own tool which I started to use rather successfully to automate implementati...
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by Allaye
having problem with composition
Am trying to use composition but it seems am failing badly, so can someone pls point me my errors......
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Temporaries and arrgegate member initializers c++17
What are the rules around this? This example seems to work with GCC and clang; is this just UB or is...
[1 reply] : f() as is called from line 29 should cause undefined behavior, because... (by helios)
How do I get VS Code to recognize 'constexpr'?
Hello, I am using OSX and VS code. When I use constexpr, VS Code gives me the error: "unknown name ...
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Remove cr From String.
Several years ago I inherited a C+ (I don't think it's C++) application to maintain. Every now and t...
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by mpg
Time duration of a bubble sort process
Hello I am new to c++ . I am studing c++ from few months and I need at school to calculate the time ...
[5 replies] Last: Using a primitive as duration type, will give you weird results. If yo... (by poteto)
Help.. I got an exam coming up.. Can someone please help me with this question??
Class customer has a customer no and a name. Function writeData() writes the number and name to the ...
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Book with exercices
I want to improve my knowledge about c++. I have some experience but I looking for a book that have ...
[1 reply] : I would recommend Bjourne Stroustrup's book called Programming: Princ... (by bradltr95)
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