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I can't see the missing thing in the algorithm
In code below, each unit works fine, tested well(checkArrs, flipX and flipY). To summarize, question...
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Code::Blocks problem
Im having some issues with Code::Blocks. I have entered this code into the main.cpp: #include <io...
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How can I exit a for loop without the use of break?
Hi, I've written code to swap integers in multiple arrays and I was wondering is it possible to exit...
[5 replies] Last: Or perhaps modify the condition in the for loops for (int i = 1... (by Chervil)
receiving vectors of unknow size in function call
I am working on a commnication between two different codes and I have a problem passing arrays and v...
[3 replies] Last: Why are you using a C wrapper around a C++ API from C++? Looking at t... (by cire)
Using time function to make Sound ?
Hello everyone,, I'm confused about this question! Please, I need your help .. Q: Use the time ...
[2 replies] Last: when you highlight everything, you miss the important parts "every 10 ... (by ne555)
Question about successful programs written in C++
Hello all, I have a question about successful c++ product like Adobe Photoshop , Acrobat. We see...
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undef class
Hi, I have found this statement in a .hpp file just before declaring class DLLEXPORT newClass { ....
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by zone
manipulating records
I am having a hard time doing solving this question if someone can help me it would be great.. To...
[1 reply] : What is your problem? The instructions are clear. Define a record ty... (by Thomas1965)
Code Blows up Computer...
Can anyone explain to me what in this code is causing it to blow up? I think it's on line 38 but i'm...
[9 replies] Last: > temp already has a starting value for comparison. No, it doesn't. `t... (by ne555)
I've tried to make a codebreaking game but cant create loops that work help please. # include <iost...
[4 replies] Last: sorry I'm new to c++ thanks You need to read the tutorials on this ... (by mutexe)
file input/output
so, I am trying to write a program that it reads a list of numbers from a file output the numbers an...
[3 replies] Last: now I am having trouble with the code to get the scores which I have a... (by antonio8574)
Terminate a loop with a char
I would like the loop to terminate when the user enters q, to quit. Here is what I have so far: #in...
[1 reply] : Hello. Please Edit your post and use code tags for your code, it's oth... (by TarikNeaj)
Algorithm for my codes
Please can somebody make an algorithm for the code below, so i can compare with what i have done. th...
[5 replies] Last: A few points you should address: 1. Why Area is an int? It does not ma... (by ats15)
by aeck
Write an algorithm which will evaluate Pn (x) = (N + 1)xn + N x n - 1 + ... + 2x + 1
i am trying to write an algorithm which will evaluate: P n (x) = (N + 1)x n + N x n - 1 + ... ...
[1 reply] : Except for your termination condition, your algorithm is correct. I s... (by Duoas)
Bar3d Barrel Roll
I am experimenting with my new found graphics.h Library/Header and found the bar3d function. I am tr...
[1 reply] : Can anyone Help me who has the Graphics.h Header file able to be used? (by jasonwynn10)
by amar27
please help me develope this code!!
hey there, i wrote this code for the craps game which gives just select its own numbers and chooses ...
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by kemort
First Array Help
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My First Array
I am having some trouble setting up my function calls in my c++ program if someone could help that w...
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Please someone should debug this program.
i'm having some issues debugging this program. can someone do that for me. please /* A program th...
[4 replies] Last: i did that already....its now working....thanks for you time @TarikNea... (by Bigmike Eneji)
by tcpbox
Whats the advantage of all classes derive from a main one
Hi guys. . My doubt is about the advantage of all classes of my application be derived from a ...
[1 reply] : It's not an "advantage" so much as it is a design consideration. Polym... (by Computergeek01)
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