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How to use atexit
I need to use "atexit" to cleanly terminate the execution of a program in case it is aborted. My pro...
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One more string and char related question
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { //cout << "Ivesk du string tipo...
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help with homework involving if statements
I'm having trouble with my homework in my intro to programming class. "Mark Daniels is a carpente...
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confusion with snippet
Hi, I am confused about what data structure this code snippet is. Can someone disambiguate? HERE **...
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Hailstone sequence
I cant figure out how to return the largest number in a hailstone sequence while using a loop and no...
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program display nodes
Hello,i has create the program which display nodes with links,how to fix it,so i can display in with...
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Compiling with instead of 6
Hello! I'm building a process that will run in several machines that have different versions of l...
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by bozmin
Printing a variable to change it !
is there any way to print a variable, and edit it on line ???? ex: line1. string name1="Ma...
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Store the value of any key the user presses
Is there a easier way of detecting any button the user presses and storing it in a variable then jus...
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Beginning with DEV C++
Hello, I am a beginner with C++ and am using DEV C++ I created my very first project; Hell...
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by varmak
Segmentation Fault
I'm currently trying to code a BFS styled program for an assignment of mine. Logically speaking, I t...
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by Mak3
Pig latin Please help
Using this code i have to create a Pig Latin Converter program that will read in a file called "pigL...
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by bozmin
Changing a variable in an object
Hello, How can i change a variable that had been created through a constructor?? I have a Const...
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My code doesn't compile
Hi everybody, I have a code which I don't compile. This code is : //====================LIBRARY=...
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by leon13
how to rotate elements to the left in array?
im trying to rotate an array to the left for example rotateLeft3([1, 2, 3]) → [2, 3, 1] her...
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Tolong Please
1. Buatlah program untuk mengurutkan (sorting) dan mencari (searching) data dengan ketentuan sebagai...
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expression must have bool type (or be convertible to bool)
I have been thru the other forums on this issue, but cannot find a solution to this issue. If anyon...
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Object "access permission" questions
I already have a solution to this problem that will work if there aren't any other solutions that wo...
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by asjad
Create this program.
Set the series 2,4,6....18,20. into the array.Then perform processes to move the number one position...
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Triangle solving program assignment
So here's my code for solving triangles, the first part has no problem, but I can't figure out how t...
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