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Discrete Find all functions from Set A - > B
Hi all, I am stuck on this problem and I am at that point where I really could use some help. My...
[4 replies] Last: Extreme brute force: #include <iostream> #include <set> #include <uti... (by JLBorges)
Array problem: I have never been so lost.
This problem is actually written in Java, but it should still be readable by anyone who has never wo...
[6 replies] Last: Because any time counted is true, you end up in the else part (line 10... (by dhayden)
by Kubani
Odd errors when creating a Vector
Hi to all, The code below is part of a bigger program and it's not complete yet. And the bodies of ...
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by sr123
count and position
Very new to c++ I was trying to solve one common question but not sure how to proceed. Help will be ...
[4 replies] Last: Hi sr123. This program will need use of strings. I will try to solve t... (by GrShultz)
Error "C4700: uninitialized local variable"
Hello people, this is my first time using this site so cut me some slack if I have trouble. I am in ...
[5 replies] Last: This means that you've selected the wrong kind of project. You're usin... (by Moschops)
Writing object into binary file
How do you write a whole object into a binary file? Lets say I have a class X, and this class hol...
[5 replies] Last: No a std::string is not just a character array (see Chervil's first pa... (by Peter87)
Program keeps crashing
Hello everyone, new c++ programmer here and my program keeps crashing when I run it. There are no er...
[3 replies] Last: There's no need to repeatedly calculate average inside the loop: for ... (by Chervil)
XOR cipher
Write yoXOR cipher is an extremely common data encryption algorithm. A basic Wi-Fi security system ...
[1 reply] : Stop asking us to do the coding for you. At least show us an attempt y... (by RUNNER PRO AGARIO)
Error referencing to a .dll
Good evening to everybody. I am having a problem working with an already made project (.vcxproj f...
[3 replies] Last: You're welcome, glad to help! :) (by RUNNER PRO AGARIO)
by noaboa
Lua scripting tutorial
Hi, I know much C++ and I think it is time to take a step further. So I am wondering what whould you...
[1 reply] : C++ scripting Lua What does this mean? The reference is all you need... (by helios)
Perfecting Knight Movement in Chess
So this is what we have reached in this project, which finds the possible moves for a knight. What ...
[10 replies] Last: Oh, looky, an ongoing thread in the proper forum to debate stylistic d... (by booradley60)
Algorithm to Split a String into an Array by a character
Hello. I'm trying to split my GString (my own string class) into a GArray (my own vector class) by ...
[4 replies] Last: You're right. I set 0 now. Since it's a dynamic array, there'll be no ... (by gedamial)
program for perfect number
Hi, I am trying to get the output of the program as the perfect number along with its divisors. I a...
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Is this a correct move constructor?
Hi, Say I have a struct Widget that supports moving operations: struct Widget { std::strin...
[1 reply] : What you have written is correct. Note that in this simple case there ... (by Peter87)
enter any integer and convert it to words.
So I have been writing a code and I am trying to get it to spell out word by word using the numbers ...
[7 replies] Last: this is my new code so far i can get it to print -21 say but i cant pr... (by cboehm7338)
Append c-style string to my String class
Hi. I've my GString class that accepts a c style string as parameter: class GString { private: ...
[7 replies] Last: Not helpful in anyway, but I like your class name.. (by Pratik K)
swapping members in array of structs
I want to swap two structs in an array of structs: I just can't figure out how to create a temp obje...
[11 replies] Last: The reason why this won't work val_3 = n_ptr .student_grade; is a mi... (by Chervil)
Setting up a linked list of free nodes
I was asked to allocate memory using "malloc", for example, malloc(1000). Then, I must divide these ...
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reference in class
I have a class called "Graphics", the window(sf::RenderWindow) is created by myself. I want the G...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, didn't think of that! I'll use pointers instead ;) (by DynamArr)
const dynamic array
Hi mates ;) I am making a game and for the map I have a dynamic array: Tile ** Ground; I want t...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much, that worked ;) (by DynamArr)
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