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by Beta4
Have the computer guess your number.
OK so I'm stuck on another problem. I'm trying to write a program that you guess a number in your h...
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Using an array of pointers
Ok So I think I've completely confused myself now. I've created an Array of pointers to objects u...
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C++ to HTML control
Hello All, I have lot of C++ API exposed in our project and I want to build an application th...
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by Neeru
functions in c++
Somewhere I came across a code like this class_name::function( [=] { functio...
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need help with return char array
Hi guys, I'm currently learning pointer with array but i'm stuck at some point. Can someone guide...
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Read One Value Function
Hey I'm trying to read in o ne value at a time from a file with this function, but its giving me ba...
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Function not returning value
Hi all, I have a function, which has to return some int data. In that function there are multiple r...
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Problem with arrays
I am having problem in writing the code for the problem "To assign the elements of 1-D integer array...
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compute Marcum Q-function by c++
Hi i want compute Marcum Q-function in c++.How i can do it?
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by Solum
Help with ifstream
Good day, I just need some help on how to stop outputting data based on a user input. The text fil...
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Increment and decrement
// practice 1.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application. // #include "stdafx.h"...
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Help installing Boost VS 2010?
I really would be one happy camper if I could find out what's going wrong here with getting Boost ...
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simple game menu
im a beginner at this still getting comfortable in programming c++. there are things i still can't w...
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How to make setup installer (source code had written with visual C++ using OpenCV library)
I was written the program with visual C++ and using OpenCV library. How to make setup installer for ...
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default constructor
Hi all, How do you write a default constructor? I'm struggling with it :( I need to use a default...
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int problem
hi i remeber if i type int x;cout >>"type words in" cin >>x; cout <<x; and cout should type random b...
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STL container template for this function?
Hi guys, My teacher presented us with this function called lsearch. We are no longer allowed to u...
[2 replies] Last: That is a linear search. If you would start your search from http://ww... (by keskiverto)
Please Help! Convert money to denominations
Hello everyone I am in need of some help.. I thought that I did my assignment the way that my profes...
[5 replies] Last: No, conversion of float to integer drops the reminder, i.e. rounds dow... (by keskiverto)
need to create a magic square code that takes in any odd order input from the user and creates a mag...
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Confused with velocity (SDL)
I tried to make a pathfinder using coords. Its about a reddot following a dot. Over here is the eve...
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