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Display the most frequent character
Hello guys! im trying to this program, where you enter some characters and once you have completed t...
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c++ loop quit with q issue
i am trying to make a program with a loop that asks the user to input numbers until he/she presses q...
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how to create search student list enrolled for a given course in menu bar
this is my UMS. through this system stores the entire folder of the student. this system have add da...
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Incorrect Math Output
I am having issues with incorrect math output for my program. I have to write a program that takes i...
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how to do coordinate tranformation to cartesian
Hi: I have set of galactic coordinates and want to convert them to cartesian coordinates. Thanks
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by yu17
Please help #pragma once #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; class Stude...
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Grid class not working [SOLVED]
I've created a simple Grid class to reuse in projects, but apparently it isn't working well, while i...
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1-9 array finder help
Write a program that looks at a 1D array of 9 numbers and verifies that the array contains each of t...
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help with simple formatting?
this is what i have so far but i need help with the formatting, it should look like this https://e...
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I need some help with creating a bool function for my program
So I am kinda stuck and fuzzy on the bools I need a bool function for my program that is called from...
[1 reply] : First: The prototype void getTime (Time & time); does not match th... (by coder777)
long long hex into long long array
I need help, I have a long long variable in hex. I want to convert them into a long long array so th...
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Pathing algorithm conundrum
Hello I have been studying pathing algorithms suchs as A * and Dijkstra's, and for the most part ...
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template with method depending on type
Dear all, Thank you for taking the time to read this. Here is my question: Let say I create temp...
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by Borneq
Simple kernels and virtualizers
I am searching simple, educative nano kernels and simple virtualizers.For example, kernel can be htt...
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C++ program
I am trying to make a piece of code that calculates the actual size of a hard drive storage for exam...
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please help with this?
This program will calculate the gain or loss for stock that you have purchased and later sold. Wr...
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Question about value of inlining functions or not.
A function call has a cost, but separating things out into functions is useful for breaking up the c...
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AI Pathfinding method
I am building a general AI for controlling a unit in a simulated environment, like a game (and will ...
[5 replies] Last: The idea is that as the AI learns new routes, it can apply traits to t... (by DarkLightHitomi)
Sales tax programming help?!
Write a C++ program that will compute the total sales tax on a $95 purchase. Assume the state sales ...
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Need Help
You are to write a program which will ask the user for number of students (dynamic array of class St...
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