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need some help with pointers and arrays
Having an issue displaying the contents of the loaded array using a pointer. Below i've posted my co...
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Program with Priority Queue and max Heap structure.
I am having trouble with a program where I need to write a priority queue and a max heap implementa...
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Basic C++ Coding Patterns
I just got a response from a possible employer that they didn't want to move forward due to "...line...
[2 replies] Last: Can you post the code that the prospective employer rejected? Rather ... (by doug4)
Program Error When Writing Memory Addresses To Game
I made this program to give me Unlimited health and Unlimited Ammo using offsets. The error is when...
[1 reply] : You've got a lot more work to do here OP. Assault Cube is open source,... (by Computergeek01)
example source code c++ for onvif
sorry guys i want to ask if there are friends here who have source code c ++ full for onvif?
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Socket in windows
Hi all, I am new in c++ and trying to create a UDP socket in windows. i have written following co...
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Order of Linkage
I have two questions: 1_ Does the linking process start from the object file containing main? I f...
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I keep getting Bracket errors and I have no idea why.
Hey guys I created a program to calculate commission but I keep getting errors that i have bracket w...
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Iterate through TYPES in parameter pack
Hello. My goal is to create a template class forbidden_types that gives me compilation error if I'm...
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Need Help fixing some bugs in my test score array program
Hey guys I need some help with my program I am getting some errors that I cannot seem to figure out ...
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C code for converting utf8 to cp1250
That should be working on Linux as well. I do not want use to iconv funkcionalnosti. I have surfed ...
[1 reply] : You must do three things: 1) Convert the UTF-8 into UTF-32 2) Normali... (by Duthomhas)
An array with one const and many other variable
Dear all, I need to implement an array of float of size N, but for which the first element always...
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The output is not coming out correctly.
Hey guys I have a program that takes three temps from the user and calculates the average for them. ...
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by TravH
NodeJS Server and C++ Client Not Communicating
Hi C++ Community!, I am posting here after spending a few hours with my client and server applicati...
[4 replies] Last: You need to check the results of connect(...) and recv(...) to see whe... (by coder777)
I am trying to write a code the calculates couple of things: 1)avg of some students' GPA in a spec...
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Any tips for my assignment?
Hi there. I have an assignment which is titled : Write an application in C++ for a company to keep t...
[1 reply] : You need to know how to do read from file, so look at ifstreams. Learn... (by Hengry)
Using arrays
I am trying to teach myself to code in C++ and I am having issues with using arrays. I saw some prac...
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by i773
Invoking functions with a map question
I’m invokeing some functions with a unordered map by a string: MyConstructor() { function...
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Print string vertically
The complete question is : 12. Write a function printVertically that takes a parameter of type strin...
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Newton Raphson question
Hello, I am trying to write a program that gives me a root of the function using Newton Rhapson meth...
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