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by SPP
How to convert C++ member function pointer to C function pointer? (1,2)
#include <iostream> using namespace std; class Printer { public: void println(const char* ...
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Segmentation Fault
The two lines with "error: segmentation fault" comments are causing segmentation fault. Does someone...
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looking for some guiding
hi there, today I went to StackOverflow and I find some interesting code there "https://stackoverflo...
[1 reply] : ignoring scanf, c++ is true if not zero, and false for zero. Boolean ... (by jonnin)
Copy 2D array to another 2D array.
Hello. Asking for help about copying 2D arrays. For example : I have an array - float a . Users ...
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Help with 2D arrays based on user input
The first thing to do is list your requirements. • Calculate and store all windchill values in a t...
[2 replies] Last: Well now you need to separate the calculation and printing into separa... (by salem c)
Replacment for sscanf
Hi guys. I need function that from data(from Serial port on Arduino) extract "commands" and values. ...
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, i need to transform a basic taylor series function with integer coefficients ,to an equation...
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by GG00
Polling loop queue
Need help with this homework don't know how to start create the polling loop In the main() function...
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Visualizing my Matching Engine
I recently build a matching engine and would like to build a visualisation of it similar to this: ht...
[1 reply] : > a visualisation of it similar to this I have no idea what that's rep... (by ne555)
just a token question
A Boolean\Math expression is a combination of tokens(Operators, ID and others): a = b + 1 but corr...
[4 replies] Last: thank you so much for correct me... thank you... i was asking because ... (by Cambalinho)
Provable Functions at CppCon 2019
Rob and Jason are joined by Lisa Lippincott in this special episode recorded at CppCon. They first d...
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GUI Creation for C++ app
You don't have to switch IDEs. The QT libraries and headers are just libraries and headers. You can ...
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Problem capturing webcam (ESCAPI)
Hey guys, I'm using ESPCAPI - to capture my webcam, but when...
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reverse bit of a vector
Hello, If I have a vector of complex<double>s = { { {1,0}}, { {3,0}}, { {6,0}}, { {2,0}}...
[9 replies] Last: I'm still not sure if OP is trying to reverse doubles or if he has som... (by Duthomhas)
Set reference of an abstract class by initialization list
I need to call an object of a class that initializes an interface by reference, the problem is that ...
[2 replies] Last: A reference is a synonym for another object. That means the other obje... (by dhayden)
Repeating contents of a char array if size < than X
I am wondering about how one could repeat the content of a char array if the size of the array is le...
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Rand() and Quicksort
I am trying to sort the following code using quicksort by low to high. With the output in a separate...
[5 replies] Last: for this simple example, you would just code quicksort as a function, ... (by jonnin)
by ne555
Array problem
¿how big is n? ¿what time complexity would you allow?
[4 replies] Last: These kinds of problems require some mathematical knowledge. You have ... (by Duthomhas)
Need help with programming class task!
I just started this university course and there is a programming module which I am terrible at :( ...
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Need help with simple programming assignment
Greetings!!! Normally I would consider myself an ok programmer, but my professor has clearly stomped...
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