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Engineering Undergraduate- Help required!!


I just finished the 2nd year of my B. Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. I am, however, more inclined to work in the software industry.

The thing is, that there will be big software companies ( the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo) coming to my university to offer summer internships to students and I want to be prepared for that.

I have good knowledge of C++ ( upto Classes ), C ( just finished the Dennis M. Ritchie book), average knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms.

I have exactly 75 days in front of me (Summer Vacations) and I have planned to do the following things.
1. Learn Java ( Expecting to do upto Multithreading and a little more hopefully- is it enough, or is more required/worth doing in the time period I have?)
2. Study Data Structures once again, hoping to make it to an advanced level.
3. Learn C++ thoroughly (upto Virtual functions I mean)

Now, I could leave out C++ advanced and do a little web designing stuff like HTML and CSS and do Javascript after a few months. I don't know what will be useful for me right now. Please help me out.

As far as my programming skills are concerned, I just started solving problems on SPOJ, and I find out that I can tackle problems solved by 35% + users. However, after some better understanding of Graphs and other advanced algorthms, I am confident I can do better.

Thanks a lot.
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i can teach you the cpp part you want,I'm specializing in object oriented programming,exactly what you need
I took a JavaScript class this semester, with no prior HTML/CSS knowledge (my counselor let me skip that prerequisite). It was tough, as I felt I was behind the rest of the class when we "reviewed" (read: learned) HTML in the first few weeks; but already knowing some C++, when we got to JavaScript it was like C++ on easy mode. Taking a dedicated week to learn this is probably reasonable.
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