Looking for a C++ programmer

Hello Everyone

We are looking for a C++ programmer to join our team.

We have completed a few games not the best of games, But they are fun.

We have Embarked on a new project and have a few other projects also in the making.

Exiled Dimensions is the name of the new project we are working on if you are

interested give me a pm. Here is a link to our website.


We Have filled this position

Thank you
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How much experience does the person have to have? I can do c++ but this looks like directx...

We are looking for a few people that no C++ and any Experience is good.

Give me a pm

and we can talk.

may i join..??
Is this a paid position?

Note: If so, this looks like a scam.

The website looks like it was developed in the early 90s. Every link opens to a new tab/page on the same website. Every advert that is "sponsored" links to a product on the same website.

All of the games are listed as in development, none appear complete.

They also offer floor cleaning through the same website.
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I will do it anyways. I don't think it is paid, they would have noted it. That being said I wouldn't download any of the games on the website if I were you :)
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Hi Zaita

Not at this time like I said we are trying to put together a team, No this is no scam.

I'm sorry that you don't like the website can't please everyone, Yes we are sponsoring our own games.

We have completed 3 games Killer Raceway, Battle of the Juggernauts and Clash. The others are in development.

We have been In the Cleaning Business for over 30 years and started this on the side.

This looks pretty cool, I want to follow this.
By making the experience a social event, you can create special bonding time between you and your child while they are doing something they enjoy.

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