Search C++ programmer.

Hi, I create Dragon Ball OTS Game Project and I search a programmer to my project. I create my project with my brother and we are looking for programmer C++ that would be rewrite interface in my game client. We use an alternative tibia client. I'm not creating this game to earn money.
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Sounds interesting. Is it a paid work?

No, I don't create this game for money.

If someone was willing to help, please write to this email address:
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Refresh,I still looking for a programmer.
Whats an OTS
OTS is Open Tibia Server
And what exactly is that?
Exactly what is a clean engine tibia which I intend to use for my project :)
Is there source code for this Tibia thingy?
Yes, it's source to the server, I need the most help with an alternative client which is at this page:
I really do not know what this is but looks promising.

It looks cool. Does this use OpenGL?
Yes, OT Client use OpenGL and can use DirectX
Refresh, Who help my in my project?
I have to get used to the source code. Do you have ANY experience with that engine?
Yes, I have experience. I created another server on orther protocol , but now I switched to protocol 8.54
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