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Assist and help with C/C++ homework or assignment's for students.

Basically i am an experienced and easy to work professional who assist and help with C/C++ homework or assignment's for students. I have many years of experience in C/C++ programming and have already helped a lot of students with C/C++ homework assignments.

My rates are reasonable, my dedication to the work is passionate and my commitment is paramount.

My expertise:

C/C++ platforms:

I can work on assignments for UNIX, LINUX (using G++ and GCC) or MS Windows platforms and we can use a variety of compilers.

Visual C++
VisualC++.NET (2002-2005)
Miracle C
Bloodshed DEV C++
Borland C++
Borland C++ Builder

Fields of experience:

STL programming
Data structures
Abstract Data Types using Arrays
Sorting Arrays
Single Link Lists
Double Link Lists
Abstract Data Types using Link Lists
Sorting Link Lists and Binary Search
Hash Tables and Binary Heaps
Binary Search Trees
AVL Trees
Graph Algorithms
Simulation Techniques
Infix/Postfix expressions
Windows programming
Windows graphics programming
Database programming. DAO/ADO
Interface Design

Please feel free to contact me for more information .

Email id: savemeram@gmail.com


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