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Looking for C++ tutor w/ perl knowledge

Hey guys,

I'm trying to convert this perl script that someone else wrote into a c++ application and I need help. What I require is someone who is capable of reading and understanding someone else's code in perl or c++. Writing perl code is not required but interpreting it is.

I feel as if I have an intermediate knowledge of C++ but very little practical application of it, which is why I'm stuck at the outline stage of converting this app. What that means is I'm not expecting anyone to write code for me, but rather give me a push to get past this plateau.

$15/hour is my offer but it's negotiable. Contact me at jrevah at gmail to discuss this further.

Can you provide more details

Email id: savemeram@gmail.com
Skype; ranjitvpros

Basically i am an experienced and easy to work professional who assist and help with C/C++ homework or assignment's for students. I have many years of experience in C/C++ programming and have already helped a lot of students with C/C++ homework assignments.

I am also an ambitious and detail-oriented Python programmer highly-skilled in algorithmic analysis and extracting information from complex data sources to design secure applications and optimize application performance.

Highly experienced in Python and Pearl
RegEx, Python, Perl, and XML processing (SAX/DOM) ,Solid understanding of SQL and relational database design Python, MongoDB
Javascript and Tornado to provide a RESTful JSON API.

PHP and Pearl experience and expertise include:

- MVC / Templates
- Codeignitor
- Social APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google)
- Javascript / Javascript frameworks (JQuery)
- Knowledge of SOAP and REST APIs
- Content Management Systems (Expression Engine, Word Press, etc.)

- ColdFusion / MSSQL
- Server Administration in Unix and Linux
- ecommerce background
- google checkout

visit www.missioneducation.weebly.com if you need tutor
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