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Cryptic Studios Looking for Fulltime Programers!

If interested Please email me @ Jnascone@crypticstudios.com


We are currently looking for full-time Programmers. We are seeking sharp, motivated people to join our team and work on Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games.

Located in Northern California in Los Gatos, we offer the fun, focused, and casual atmosphere of a small developer. We actively balance our work with the personal lives of our employees. At Cryptic, we look for people who have passion for what they do and work well in teams to create and operate fun and challenging online games.

Every day you could be:

Collaborating with other talented programmers, artists, and design teams.
Developing the engine that drives our games, including AI, graphics, physics, animation, and audio.
Putting the “massive” in MMO by working on databases, networking, transactions, chat, and other systems that scale to handle tens of thousands of users.
Fashioning user interfaces, tuning controls, and designing unique game play systems that give each game its own feel.
Creating the development tools to handle the ever-changing demands of producing online games.

MMO development is challenging and rewarding because of the range of skills required to deliver a quality experience to the players. While game play is certainly a big piece of what we do, talented programmers need not have game industry experience to find a home at Cryptic.

What we need to see:

The ability to communicate clearly and concisely
Extremely proficient in C programming and debugging
A passion for delivering great work

What we’d like to see:

In-depth knowledge of and experience with games
4-year degree is recommended
We have four current open positions for Programmers, again just shoot me an email @ Jnascone@crypticstudios.com
Is there work available through the internet? Since I think alot of users here, might not live in California. For example, if the project is on a server and is hosted and managed using version source control software then theoretically anyone could work on it.
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This job posting is for US citizens only, sorry.
I live in the US just not California.
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