looking for team

Im looking for people to start a team or be a member of a team.
I dont have anything in mind just want to work in a team and start developing.
Recently i finished my project about image processing.
The program was multithreaded and i worked with openMP and cilkplus.
It is not something great yet but we could work on it.

Anyone who would like to join with free time and ideas please send at

Hi, I'm just curious what type of programs you would be making? (graphics, word-processing, games, networking, etc.) What is your area of interest?
I dont really have an area. All my projects was for learning. Beside the image processing project i have not done anything serious. Im looking to be a member of a simple project of any area and work with others.
Me and another person have made a adventure type game for my final computer programming project. He has left the team but I am looking to continue. It is currently only with ASCII graphics, but I would love to be able to use actual graphics, please PM me if you are interested.
I am in..electronics engineer..Good command on c++...
If interested contact me at mnumairsiddique@yahoo.com
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