need to create a master server

I have created a client and server program using a TCP connection. The client displays the server's ip address in a listbox.

But the client needs to be able to connect with servers from anywhere and so i need to create a master server.

The servers would connect to this master server. The master server will store the addresses of any servers that connect to it.
The client will then connnect to the master server, get the list, and display the list in the listbox.
The user will then select a server and get connected to this server

please message me if you are interested and i will send you the code i have so far. The client and server are already done so its just the master server that i need
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just get a web hoster to host your "master server" or if you have a static IP (and are not planning on getting much traffic) you can host by yourself. Also about the master server program: it should be relatively simple, have a program that acts like a server (probably similar to the one you have) and when it makes a connection with a "server" it gets the details and adds them to its list; when it makes a connection with a "client" program it should send the list to the client. You should also have it periodically "ping" the "servers" to check that they are alive and if not remove them form the list.
since most of the work is already done then would you mind helping me with the code for when it makes a connection with a "server" it gets the details and adds them to its list, when it makes a connection with a "client" program it should send the list to the client?
I am bogged down at the moment, maybe someone else could help? or you could do it yourself, why do you need help?
*Sigh* I might do it, if you would like.
I have not problem helping (but I am very busy).

Script dude is correct. The best way is to use a web host.
I would use, make an account,
write a C/C++ CGI program that logs and outputs online servers.

Simply check the log, and all servers that are online will be listed, it's quite easy.
I have a bit of experience with this stuff, (admittedly) though I never released any products.

What APIs are used in this code?
If it's just Win32, or something, I will finish, or do whatever you would like.
@Mitch i have never used a web host before so i am not sure how to do that.
but does sound like a better solution

the server and master server are just console applications and the client is an mfc application

its just some parts that i need help in (probably not many lines of code for someone who knows about all this). do you have an email address and i can send you the code?
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Sure, contact me at this Temporary Email (one week window):

I don't write MFC programs, so if MFC is required, I will not be of much assistance.
Also, I am quite busy, so it make take a couple hours to respond to emails, and make sure to provide a lot of information.

I really hope to be of assistance.
Script dude is correct

Hey, that's "Mr. Script Dude" to you.

why cant you post that code or just some pseudo-code(atleast) here , so someone else(like me :p) could also find it useful.
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Probably because it is under the "job" section and he doesn't want everyone to know his code.
i m not asking for OP's code but mitch who's helping(thats why i asked for some pseudo-code).
Anyways, I forgot this was under "jobs" section
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