Improve Half-Life/GoldSrc NPCs

Searching for help to improve AI monsters (NPCs) in MonsterMod to triangulate around whatever is in the way to reach the enemy/enemies.
The triangulate system is already implemented by Valve (developer of Half-Life), but Monstermod cannot read the node graph generated by Half-Life.

MonsterMod is a Metamod ( module which is intended to add monsters from the Half-Life single player game into other MODs. Based on the Half-Life SDK (which means the source of them both is Very familiar).
Both MonsterMod and Half-Life SDK is a Visual C++ (6.0) project.
Direct download link to HL SDK -
Direct download link to MonsterMod -
The directories you only need to be in:
HL SDK - hlsdk-2.3-p3/singleplayer/
MonsterMod - monster_plugin/dlls/

The part where they try to triangulate is located in monsters.cpp
Half-Life SDK - line 1901
MonsterMod - line 1489

Quite easy to understand how it works when giving a few hours to read through the source code.

I've made a video with the difference how the AI monsters act in-game in Counter-Strike and Half-Life in this YouTube video:

Why they act so stupid/terrible in Counter-Strike? Is because the game (Half-Life) is building a node (a ground navigation node for ground moving NPCs) tree for the AI if there is any info_node entities in the map.
And then load the node graph when the map have been initalized.
Tried to use the same node graph file from HL to CS, the node graph loaded, but there was no difference with the AI movement. I know what the problem is but I can't do this on my own further than this.
So I'm searching for someone who has better knowledge in C#/C++ to do this.

This site is useful to read through which explains "Scheduler and Goal System" and "Sensory System Implementation".

If you have play Half-Life (1), Opposing Force, or any other modifications such as Sven Co-op is it a + on the edge (best way to get to know how it looks and feels in-game then).

This person must have faith in me to share the source code/have it open for me and not keep it to himself in anticipation of getting "paid".
I would like to pay when I see results, my offer is around $300.
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