C++ coder looking for job

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I worked with DirectX,Win32,WinSock.

I charge $6 per hour.I can also tutor if needed.If you need more info,pm,or add me on skype at this address(for skype) live:gamingpioneer

or leave a message here
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$6 an hour is less than minimum wage.
Not necessarily he has been posting the $6 thing for a while and he probably lives in a different country than the united states...You should know there is more to the world that just where one person lives and anyways even if you live in the united states each state has their own minimum wage so saying it is less than minimum wage is a bad way to state it. You would have to say "That is less than the minimum wage in Arizona which is 7.65"

Anyways I believe he is still a minor so he probably doesn't even care what he makes because it is better than nothing.
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i'm asking 6 per hour,because i already worked with some people,and most of them can't afford more.

Damn it ...
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Dear Alexander,

we have a quite complex Windows CE project (VS 2005/ VS 2008) which has been rolled out to customers throughout Germany and some other countries within Europe. Our software enables our customers to drive routes with their vans and deliver goods, especially food/ beverages. Information is carried out with mobile (embedded) devices like rugged Intermec, Psion and so on and mobile printers like Datamax O'Neil or Zebra .

We are looking for a long term relationship with someone who can assist in developing and continuing this application. Do you think this is what you are looking for? I guess it will take about 3 - 4 months of work (8h per day) for you to get into the application as there exists very few documentation.

How would you describe your developing skills with native C++? How many hours per week/ month can you be available?

Best regards,
Jens Hauser
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time is not a problem,and my c++ is very close to excelent.

Also,I require payment at the end of each hour.
Can you give me an email address so we can talk?
@giblit, The federal min. wage in US is 7.25, so yea saying that's beneath minimum wage is completely valid since every state has to have their minimum wage at at least 7.25. But your other point is completely sound, OP could very well live somewhere else. Contrary to popular belief, good ol' America is not the only country in the world :)
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