can help anyone in need

I have very strong knowledge in c++ and object oriented programming. I have worked with many teams creating various things. I have helped make 2d and 3d video games before. I have worked with direct x , opengl, allegro,ogre, and irrlicht. I would be willing to help anyone out witih any problems they are having with anything for a small price. I am not asking for a lot, it would mostly depend on what you need. please if you are in need of help in any subject dealing with c++ and could pay a small price please pm me here.
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No offence, but it was a terrible idea to post that on this because its basically a forum that people help each other that need help with a problem, but for free..... you could probably find a better place to post this and then you would get more pm's!
Uhm no it's not Jay. This is the job forum. People pay for tutors. Tutors generally help more than people on these forums, because they're paid for helping, not like the forums people.
yea, i guess. but im just looking from a personal point of view, that i would just ask the forums... not trying to sh*t on this guy or anything though. good for him for trying to make some money
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