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My name is David and I am a game artist looking for someone that would help me in making a small 2d game called squirrlenuts, I have a demo that I made from using game-editor but I am really no programmer...Id like to go 50/50 on it and make money...

www.dwbailey.com is my website...

to play what I have so far....


david, please check your yahoo mailbox,

i wrote to you yesterday..........

see if we can work together...............
If It's possible I think i could be of some help with programming. I have 5ish years C++ experience in game programming. Maybe we could get a team going?
I would but I have never built a graphic game. Only a text based adventure.
looks nice, what platform you want to release it on? smart phones? don't think 2d games make money anymore, unless you have a million of them on miniclips or something.

2D games make plenty of money. As long as they don't have graphics that deem them unplayable it's fine.
If you get a more experienced programmer I'd be more than happy to help. I.e maybe you should take EpicVitto he'd be helpful.
don't think 2d games make money anymore, unless you have a million of them on miniclips or something.

Cave Story
Is Fez really 2D? I mean the characters are 2D but the world is 3D isn't it?
I suppose it's debatable.

I'd consider it 2D for the same reason that I consider games like Link to the Past to be 2D (even though there is somewhat of a 3rd added in the form of multiple Z layers). Of course Fez is certainly trickier/trippier about it... but it still plays like a 2D game.
never heard of any of those, I guess I live in the 3d world. :) hoho
Watch Indie Game The Movie, it talks to the creator of Fez and the creators of Super Meat Boy during their production and attempt to bring them to the xbox 360. Though, last I read, the Fez creator flat out said Fez 2 won't be on Xbox One as it is planned to be less indie developer friendly while the PS4 is going to be and made it sound like Fez 2 may be a PS4 possible release.
XBox One sounds like it's going to be a disaster. Everybody I know is abandoning XBox and switching to PS4. I have no idea how MS screwed that up as badly as they did.
Yeah, I abandoned Xbox after the first one. Not for the reasons people are leaving over Xbox One though. I left over the way they had the XBL set up. I remember when the 360 came out everyone said it was a better deal than the PS3 (I wasn't one of them). I always pointed out that the 360 made you pay way more than the PS3 cost because 360 you bought the system, peripherals (kinect, extra controllers), games, XBL cards you have to buy while the PS3 was the system, extra controllers (up to 7), eye toy(optional), and game.

I'm not sure if I plan to get a PS4 yet though. I know it is planned to be cheap, but I don't have a job so that kind of money is hard to come by for me right now.
Doesn't the ps3 have 4 controllers?
Nope, you can have up to 7 controllers on the PS3. The first four will have a red LED light under 1, 2, 3, or 4...for players 5,6, and 7 it will have two lights one under 4 and one under 1, 2, or 3 to represent 5, 6, and 7.
I meant 8*

My ps3 remote(not controller) was on setting 8.
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