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C++ full-time programmer positions in Serbia and Australia

We have one or more full-time C++ programmer positions opening in our Serbian and Australian offices.

The primary position being sought is a senior programmer/software architect.

* 5-10+ years of professional C++ experience.
* Able to work efficiently in a team.
* Experience in designing APIs, gaming/simulation engines or engine integration.

* Experience in either the simulation or gaming industry.
* Experience in javascript.
* Experience in OpenGL.
* Experience in GIS.
* Experience in networking, in particular for massively multiplayer games.

This particular role is available in Serbia, however we will consider an Australian applicant who can work from home in hours suitable for communication with our Serbian team.

In addition, we will be expanding capacity soon and will consider other C++ programming applicants in Serbia or Australia with any experience in simulation or gaming, for upcoming positions.

Please send c.v.s to info(at)titan(dot)im
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